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  1. Paul Goddard comes into play at 3:40. The great Tim Wilson.
  2. This was one of my misses this weekend. Gonna check out another store in a week or two. They usually have a good selection.
  3. I have a lightweight Hamer jacket that I picked up at my local guitar store for $5.
  4. Nice. Still think this was one of my better purchases.
  5. Yep. Here's a much better video from Ish Guitars.
  6. Her work with Riki Lindhome in Garfunkel and Oates is awesome. NSFW...
  7. I think @jettster is correct about the risers coming by default w/the keyboard tray. I'm not using mine, either, but I've thought about it a couple times because the chair I'm using puts me right up against the keyboard try if I forget to lower it for keys. I can't post a pic because my personal site is http, not https.
  8. Clearly they're having a blast just playing chunks of a song every week. I like it. Especially now that Fripp is getting more vocal. That laugh at the end always gets me.
  9. I have the Output as well. It's made a world of difference for me. I have my monitors a little higher than that top shelf, on stands next to the desk. I have a 21.5" Mac (gonna have to replace that w/the 27"), and it works well for me there. It's a nice, efficient design.
  10. I have 'em, too, and frustrating? Oh yeah. I did work up one tune a while ago - "Naked Stalk", I think. Man - had to change how I looked at the music and how I thought about what I playing. Strophes has (or at least had) video of him performing the songs - I believe it was at least three cameras so they could catch all the nuances.
  11. Hedges was one of those guys who looked like playing guitar was the most natural thing in the world to do. I got to see him three times, and after the second one, I heard somebody say, "Do you think this is what it felt like after people saw Hendrix?" On that final tour, he was so on top of his game, it was almost unreal to watch.
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