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  1. This deal is available at other retailers as well. I've seen it at Zzounds and Sweetwater.
  2. It was stupid when the trading card companies did it, too - buy a card that is guaranteed to be in perfect condition, but if you take physical possession, it's instantly downgraded. If it even existed in the first place - I was never convinced the cards were actually made.
  3. RIP, sir. His album with Roger Daltrey is excellent.
  4. After Dimebag, anybody who comes on stage should be fair game.
  5. Reverend Billy C. Wirtz did a song about getting requests for Freebird. The best in-person experience I had with it was at an Opeth show. Somebody yelled out for the song, and Mikael Akkerfeldt said, "What? 'Freebird'? What's 'Freebird'?" It got a few chuckles, and he said to the guy, "Seriously, man, why did you yell 'Freebird'?" And people turned en masse to look at the guy who yelled, who suddenly started stammering and trying to explain what it was, and after about 45 seconds, Mikael said, "Dude, I know what 'Freebird' is. We're Swedish, not stupid. But wouldn't you just shit if we played it now?"
  6. No. The show you've ordered is the full shows that the RSD vinyl Steve referenced was sourced from. The shows on Santellavision's set are different. There are a ton of those shows becoming available (and have been for several years). They're usually sourced from radio broadcasts (presuming pre-broadcast tapes, but not sure). Almost all of the ones I've gotten have been very good quality, but I've seen a few reports that some are not so good. These shows can be the same shows marketed differently by different labels with different names - there are several versions of the Who's Woodstock performance available.
  7. This. My dad had prostate cancer (and recovered), which meant I got some additional scrutiny. So far, so good.
  8. Must have played "Peg".
  9. Stuff you're playing on guitar? There's a program called Transcribe that can interpret it and (IIRC) connect to notation software to create the sheet music. It's been a while, but I think I've gone through that whole process. You'll likely have to clean things up a bit, and playing clean definitely helps.
  10. Mojo sent, Rob. Hoping for the best possible outcome.
  11. So much this. I recently saw Ghost, with Mastodon and Spiritbox opening. The mix for Spiritbox was the worst I've heard in years. All subwoofer, so all you could hear was the kick drum and some of the vocals. I heard guitar twice during the set. Just awful - left you with no idea what the band sounded like. I don't get these guys who feel like they have to use every ounce of power the subwoofer has - it just kills the sound. A few years ago, I saw Megadeth. I assume Mustaine sang - his lips moved, but there was no vocal sound at all where I was. When we saw Buckcherry open for Alice Cooper earlier this year, the one guitarist stepped up to take a solo and - we didn't hear a note. At all. We were in the balcony, but there was none of his guitar in the mix. I don't get it. I saw John 5 in a small club about six years ago. We were standing on the floor behind the soundboard, which was elevated a couple feet. A guy at a table next to that came over to the sound guy about four times yelling at him to turn it up. The sound guy said, "Why would I touch it? It's perfect." One of the best-sounding shows I'd heard in a long time. Even told the sound guy after and said, "Man, I'm glad you didn't listen to him." He said, "Nothing was going to improve that sound, so why would I take a chance at screwing it up?"
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