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  1. The first time I saw Tommy, he talked about how people ask him how to fingerpick like he does, so he explained a bit about Travis picking, and he said if you wanted to play like he does, get a thumbpick and work on keeping the bass steady. He played a solid quarter-note bass line and said that was the key, just nail that solid bass line, "then move the rest of your fingers around really fast."
  2. My favorite version of this joke is... How many tough guys does it take to change a light bulb? None - tough guys aren't afraid of the dark.
  3. I assume these aren't YouTube videos that he has embedded - have you checked to see if Firefox/Chrome/other alternative browser has that function? If you're technically inclined, you can dig into the source code for the page and there's a way to download with that info, but it isn't the easiest (or clearest) thing.
  4. Mike Keneally - great musician, better human. Played with Zappa on his final tour in 1988, also in Z with Dweezil and Ahmet. He's been the touring guitarist for Dethklok, and lately he's toured with Joe Satriani on keyboards and guitar. He covers a lot of musical territory and has an incredible musical mind. At one point, he was streaming some of his recording sessions. On one, he was recording a solo and didn't like the timbre, so he said "Let me try that in a different position" and proceeded to just whip it off without have to sort out fingerings or anything. His solo Inca Roads is a thing of beauty. Another guy, also known in guitar circles but not really wider - Michael Hedges. One of the times I saw him, one of the guys near us said, "Is this what it was like to see Hendrix?" Great compositionally, and unique as a player. Also could make a cover tune completely his own.
  5. You brought up a good point. If you use Google to find tix, the first couple hits are usually resellers. It's not hard to miss the little sponsored notification.
  6. Nothing. My parents paid for everything.
  7. T-shirts at the last Bonamassa show I attended were around $35-40 - about the same as other shows. It's gotta be tough to come up with the money when you finance everything yourself, and JB carries a lot of old guitars. The last time I saw Nita Strauss, at her VIP thing, someone asked her what amps she was using that night, and she said it was all a modeler. The guy must have scoffed or something, and she said, "Hey, I know. I'd rather have a real amp behind me, but I'm paying for everything, and it costs a lot to ship amps across the country, then city to city every night." It's not cheap not getting screwed by record companies.
  8. Well, you did get me to follow a podcast for 6+ years, so there is that.
  9. Jared James Nichols. Hannah Wicklund.
  10. "Vrbana Bridge" by Jill Sobule, about two young lovers caught in the war in Sarajevo. They were attempting to cross the bridge to freedom when snipers shot them. He was killed instantly, but she wasn't, and crawled over to his body and died with him. The song gives me chills every time. She has a way with a tear-jerker - "Mexican Wrestler" and "Super 8" get me as well. "White Wine In The Sun" by Tim Minchin. I have to be careful where I listen to this, because it chokes me up every single time unless I'm sufficiently distracted. The family images just hit me harder as I get older, especially because my daughter lives away now.
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