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  1. Don't look, Ethel! But it was too late - she'd already seen the wang bar. Tuned up, right there in front of the half-stack...
  2. A lot of different stuff from when I saw them last week. We got "Need Your Love", "California Man" and "Voices", but not "Gonna Raise Hell", "I Know What I Want" or "Stop This Game".
  3. I haven't had my hearing tested in quite a while. Last time, the drop-off wasn't too severe, but it was there. I've been wearing plugs to shows for years now - they do help. I still usually take them out a few times per show for favorite songs. I used to try to balance out the perceived loss of high end by not putting them in all the way, but I've found lately that if I put them in fully (you know, like the instructions say?), that it makes the mix clearer. My current weapon of choice is Vibes. I have a pair that I take to shows, and my older pair stays in the car now in case I forget. There are a couple others that look interesting, too. I keep threatening to do the custom molded ones. One of these days.
  4. I bought this one in 1986. Because I'm not a quitter. 😜
  5. I had an 8-track player in my car later than that. I still have a working 8-track deck (non-mobile).
  6. Got tix for this in February. Saw them a couple years back w/Todd - he fits the old material very well.
  7. Maybe his in-ears were tuned to a different station?
  8. I wonder if the guy who threw the quarter at him will be at the show. And if he'll bring his girlfriend again. I wish Roth had been the opener on the two shows I saw. I got the painter at one (oddly entertaining, I must admit), and at the second, the painter wasn't there. No announcement, no early start.
  9. That's what the note from his mother said.
  10. Some nice stuff on the list, but my local only had one of the items I was interested in, and the price was more than I wanted to pay, so there was nothing today. I'll get to check a couple more stores in the next week or two.
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