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  1. I was disappointed when my newest vehicle didn't have a CD player, but it means I use my iPod Touch for playing music/podcasts when I'm not listening to satellite radio. The big advantage is any music that's on the Touch is available, and for longer trips, I make playlists. One issue is that different players can be touchy - my iPod classic doesn't always work well with the radio. As for Amazon Music, I have what I get through Prime. The big advantage is the Auto-Rip MP3s they provide with a lot (maybe most) CD purchases. When I pre-ordered the Zappa soundtrack CD in December, the MP3
  2. Fozzy's my current front-runner - rescheduled three times, and all but certain to be rescheduled again. No way they're going to have full capacity in April.
  3. Dweezil Zappa playing the Hot Rats album, first week of March. Seventh and final show of the year. I had tickets for the Outlaws three weeks later, a Todd Sucherman clinic about two weeks laters, and about ten other shows that had been announced for the rest of the year. The initial shutdown meant that Experience PRS was canceled , which meant I could go to another show my buddy had tix for, but that didn't happen either. I'm missing the live shows, but I'm not going as crazy as I'd have thought, especially since I've been getting to around 40 shows per year the last few years. Prob
  4. It's a clickbait-y headline, but the article clearly states that the $158k is based on authentic guitars, not the actual guitars they seized. But would anyone have looked if they said "$15k-worth of fakes"?
  5. A staple gun, a couple 10-penny nails, maybe some duct tape, boom - good as new! I'd get it fixed. Especially if your kid is bonding with it.
  6. I've been watching these - they're a blast. It's so off-type from Fripp's usual image, and you can tell they're just having a blast.
  7. Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense The Knack - Live At World Cafe Zappa - The Torture Never Stops Zappa - Does Humor Belong In Music Any of the live Rush DVDs To name a few.
  8. Careful - she hit a guy in the face with a hot pan for trying that.
  9. I see that...and raise you one working Realistic 8-track player.
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