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  1. I appreciate that, but I have them - couldn't pass them up. I'll have to dig through my boots. I don't know if I have the Princeton show, but I know I have at least one with Lucky Star on it.
  2. +1 on this book. Hedges was a unique guy. My buddy has long said his favorite quote was something like, "Well, there are three ways you can look at the music you play. You can look at the note you're going to play, or you can look at the note as you're playing it, or you can look at the note you just played." I had the pleasure to meet him twice - really sweet guy. The Stropes book is amazing. Stropes got Hedges to play in front of cameras and filmed his hands individually, and a wider angle to see everything he was doing. Man, I'd love to see those tapes come out some day. Stropes also has transcriptions for four or five other Hedges tunes, but they don't have the background info that this book has.
  3. alantig

    Eric Otten

    RIP, Caddie.
  4. Wow - did not realize that the doc was that old. I have it on DVD or BD - not sure which. Two things that stuck with me - the song at the end, which was from an as-yet unreleased Lemmy solo album. And when the interviewer asked him what the most valuable thing in his apartment was, and he answered, "My son, obviously." Instantly. As much as he'd talked about some of the other stuff, there was no consideration taken when answering.
  5. They didn't have one live. In the studio, however... Larry Knetchel Doug Lubahn Harvey Brooks Ray Neopolitan Lonnie Mack Jerry Scheff
  6. This can change day to day, so no particular order (okay, maybe a little...): John Entwistle Geddy Lee Bryan Beller (solo, Mike Keneally, Dethklok, Steve Vai, among others) Michael Manring (solo, Michael Hedges) Rick Barrio Dill (Vintage Trouble)
  7. Great album! some killer songs on there. There's a deluxe edition that includes an acoustic version of the album that was a radio promo - a local station used to play tracks from it. As stupid as it sounds, i always got a kick out of the vinyl sounds he used to indicate the 'sides' of the album. Stupid trivia - 'Winona' was about Ms. Ryder, and the story was that she thought it was a little creepy.
  8. Sounds like a Barbarino/Pantera mash-up tribute band.
  9. I'd try it on someone else's computer before you give up on it completely. It may be trashed, but it's worth a shot.
  10. Is the other device plugged in at the same time? It might be hiding the camera (I'm assuming Windows here). I'm not sure where the info is in Win 10 (Settings somewhere) - in earlier versions it was control panel. There was a place where you could assign a drive letter to avoid something else taking precedence over a drive letter. If the other USB device is plugged in, take it out and try again.
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