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  1. Tried a bunch of different thumbpicks a few years ago. Found one style that worked well for me - fit my fat thumb, the wrap didn't catch the strings, the pick was a good size. Problem was, there was no brand on it, and by the time I realized that it was the best fit for me, I couldn't remember where I bought it. Started carrying it with me when I went to music stores and finally found a match - it was in Picks By The Pound. Grabbed about another half-dozen and now I'm good. Never could get the hang of fingerpicks, though. Tried a bunch of different styles. Ended up getting my nails acryliced. That has worked great - until COVID-19, and now I can't get them redone, at least for the foreseeable future.
  2. I suspect you weren't watching to see if they moved! It took me about four episodes to realize they must carry her out and stand her there for the show, like they did w/Bowie on SNL. Then again, it was four or five episodes until I realized she had legs...
  3. That varies show to show. It's there about every third or fourth show. Her dresses are so tight I don't think she can move her legs. Seriously - check them out during a show.
  4. This show (the whole program, not the episode specifically) is not on DirecTV's on demand service, but the episode is scheduled to repeat on March 27 at 4 PM Eastern. I watched it when it first aired - I want to say the Afroman song was on there. Not Grandmaster Flash, though. Those programs are always a bit puzzling - they apparently generate their lists from social media polls, and some of the choices make you shake your head. They rarely, if ever, repeat an artist in the list. Very Best Of The 70s is another show that's done the same way. They did a list of the top 10 sketch comedians of the 70s, and a lot of the people you'd think would be there were - John Candy, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray. Carol Burnett - but no Tim Conway. And the number one? Dan Aykroyd. Aykrod was great - but the best of the 70s?
  5. How will you know if you do get sick?
  6. I didn't realize the first one was that limited. I have both volumes on vinyl. Zappa In New York and Joe's Garage Vol. 1 (both on cassette) were my entrance into the Zappa world. I'd heard "Dancing Fool" before that (and the flip side, "Baby Snakes"), but it didn't fully click then.
  7. Released as two separate volumes on vinyl. The first volume was released on a single CD with a cover very similar to the one above. The second volume was only released separately on vinyl (maybe cassette), but that one had a picture of Frank. It was not released as a standalone CD.
  8. Great player, entertaining show. Don't be late - he starts promptly w/no fanfare. Our show was an 8:00 start, and I think he walked out at 7:58. Can't remember the last time I saw someone start right at the advertised time.
  9. There are folks who swear the nitro makes a significant difference. I'm like you - I can't say I hear anything that I can attribute to the nitro. But you're right about the last three years - they've just hit a groove. The 594s and the Silver Sky model have been huge hits. Their newer pickups are much better (for most people, it seems) than the older stuff.
  10. Congrats! I have a 594 SC, and it just kills me.
  11. I don’t know what you guys are on about. That page looks great in Navigator.
  12. A lot of different stuff from when I saw them last week. We got "Need Your Love", "California Man" and "Voices", but not "Gonna Raise Hell", "I Know What I Want" or "Stop This Game".
  13. I haven't had my hearing tested in quite a while. Last time, the drop-off wasn't too severe, but it was there. I've been wearing plugs to shows for years now - they do help. I still usually take them out a few times per show for favorite songs. I used to try to balance out the perceived loss of high end by not putting them in all the way, but I've found lately that if I put them in fully (you know, like the instructions say?), that it makes the mix clearer. My current weapon of choice is Vibes. I have a pair that I take to shows, and my older pair stays in the car now in case I forget. There are a couple others that look interesting, too. I keep threatening to do the custom molded ones. One of these days.
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