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  1. alantig

    I May Owe Jol An Apology

    If you put an Elvis painting behind it, where are you going to put the dogs playing poker painting?
  2. Is there a rule about posting a “...No, first an Epiphone, then a Squier...” meme? Do those people get banned with imported prejudice?
  3. alantig

    Anybody good with loopers

    The RC-50 (at least) also has drum patterns. But that takes the fun out of it!!!
  4. alantig

    Anybody good with loopers

    Should have added - I have a Boss RC-50 (up to three loops). Previously used an RC-20, I think. Can’t remember the model off the top of my head.
  5. alantig

    Anybody good with loopers

    Don’t try to start the loop when you first start playing, at least until you get the timing down really good. So, if you’re playing a 4 bar pattern, play it through once and start recording at bar 5. Two advantages - you’ll have a better feel for the tempo you’re playing, and if you’re a hair off, you’ll catch a bit of the loop instead of silence. It’s not the most convenient thing for live performance, especially if you have a longer loop to record. That’s how I recorded this 4 bar loop:
  6. I remember watching that live in a friend’s apartment in WV, running two Beta machines trying to capture as much of it as I could. “Radio Ga-Ga” gave me chills when they showed the crowd shot. Side note - we were debating going to see Dire Straits in Pittsburgh a few weeks later. She came home on her lunch break while Dire Straits were on. Grabbed her purse, wrote a check and said, “Just buy the f*cking tickets.” As for the movie - we’re planning to go see it in IMAX on opening day.
  7. I love the "Absolutely No Audio Recording/Video Recording/Photograpy" sign in the middle of the shot. Especially because the Potato seems to be rather taping-friendly - I have several Keneally recordings from there.
  8. alantig

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

    What Chris said. That's why there's the periodic celebrity obit posted when they haven't died.
  9. alantig

    How did I miss this band?

    I saw them open for Seger last year. Nancy was sick, so her voice was a tad rough.
  10. alantig

    1/4" and XLR patch bays...?

    Love the Output desk. I got one last year - it made my workspace much nicer and more efficient.
  11. alantig

    Greta Van Fleet

    I don’t know - they sound like Kingdom Come to me. 🙄
  12. alantig

    Saw Uncle Ted Last Night

    This (both actually). He works much better for me with the second guitarist - it really keeps the groove behind his soloing.
  13. alantig

    Vai, Yngie, Nuno, and Zack

    Tosin Abasi is on the tour as well.