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  1. REALLY? how do you tell? the LPC is officially off the block....there were a lot of things the seller we not honest with me about that i am now learing, (not factory kahler, re-fret)....i probably paid too much for it, but its a great player and i enjoy playing it....so ill just keep it. You can tell because the frets lay over top of the binding instead of stopping at it. Looks like the seller got you on that guitar if you all this was not disclosed up front. Still looks like a nice guitar and the little changes are no big deal (knobs, strap buttons, refret, new nut), but that Kahler route
  2. Despite what's listed above the kit does not have a .05 cap it has a Luxe .015 cap that's very close to the Hamer value of .01.
  3. Sounds like fun Greg! Looking forward to some video of the show. It's fun to plays star equipment. I get to play through Ace's reunion tour rig all the time and I even break out the "shock me Mutron every now and then.
  4. Nope they are painted. Rick said they were "stickers" on the real one and are coming off. So looking at the photo in his book you can see there are parts of them missing, so we duplicated the missing parts of the letters.
  5. Well it's been a long time since we started this topic, but the guitar is done and back in it's owners hands. Here are some photos of the finished job. Thanks cmatthes for the help.
  6. The advise above is the safest way, but I like to work form the front not the inside.
  7. We frame by framed viewed the video today and found there is something on the neck from the 12th fret to the body and there are names on the bass side horn, so help a brother out with any live photos of even if you think you can remember what's on the back of the neck.
  8. Well I've been trying hard to find details on this guitar and so far here is the best I've found. It's Day Tripper live from Chicago 1981. The Beatles is upside down on the back (frame 1:39 and 1:51)
  9. That's what I thought as well. Anyone else got any live photos or any details of the guitar.
  10. It's been a nutty week, but let me see if I can find that stuff too (along with scanning some pics). You could even just scan a sheet of the letter if that's cool.
  11. It's a real 1982 (I think) Hamer Special that was messed up.
  12. Can any one loan me a sheet. I'll return them right away.
  13. It doesn't have the sweeps (or tails) like the Hamer logo.
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