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  1. Awesome guitars!!! This thread is telling me that I need to learn to take better pictures.
  2. Here are mine, Loop Dog and The Monkey
  3. Here's mine, it's a tiny little 2 watt Red Iron Lil'Mo through a Mystik 1x12 Mahogany cab. The amp may not look like much, but it really roars!!
  4. When I ordered my Monaco twins there was a credit cause I wanted dots instead of the victories on the Superpro.
  5. Happy Father's Day!! I'm the proud Dad of 2 and it's by far the most challenging and rewarding thing I've ever done.
  6. I've always loved his music a lot, but the one thing that stands out about him to me was seeing images of him sitting on that panel agains sensorship, wasn't he sitting next to Dee Snyder? The man had beliefs and didn't back down, how could you do anything but respect him?
  7. It's a Trace Elliot Velocette. I'm amp stupid. I'm thinking that it's a fixed bias amp, but I don't know.... I never had to worry about this stuff when all I had were acoustic guitars....
  8. When replacing power tubes, if you buy a matched set should you still have your amp biased?
  9. I saw The WHo in Philly back in 89 and Entwisle was nothing short of AWESOME!! I'd definately put him right up there with McCartney and John Paul Jones. Now looking at those 3, being in a rythm section with either Ringo, Keith Moon or John Bonham would make any bass player better.....
  10. Thanks for all the replies folks. I mainly play a really bad style of blues/rock. I'm a hack, and I'm ok with it. A man's got to know his limitations right? Anyway, I've been reading some reviews on multi effect units and it seems like a lot of them come with things I would probably never use, but on the other hand they're a lot cheaper than buying a handful of single pedals, and some of them have built in drum machines, which I like a lot. My amps, at the moment are a 15 watt Velocette and a 5 watt Swart Space Tone, so natural distortion from my amp is very doable. I accually wa
  11. Ok, I'm set with my guitar and bass. Now if you were in my shoes you'd have a guitar and bass and amps for each, at least for now, but that'll be another thread in the near future. . Now, which pedals would you go for first? Would you do distortion? Delay? Reverb?(my amps don't have built in reverb) Or something else? Thanks for your opinions.....
  12. I've picked up a couple of little amps in the last couple of weeks, a 1x10 Velocette in plaid and a Swart Space Tone. I'm really hoping that another couple of early presents to myself arrive before the holidays.......
  13. I don't really have anything to add, except that I was hoping to order a Telladega in the not so distant future......I hope I still can when that time comes.
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