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  1. There's one listed in black. https://reverb.com/item/3122258-valvetech-hayseed-30
  2. Interesting. The GC red FM Special at $900 is gone and Reverb has has a red FM special FS for 24 days at $1250 https://reverb.com/item/38534157-hamer-usa-special-fm-1995-red-flame-top
  3. It looks like the binding at the top of the headstock took a detour
  4. Some nice looking lumber in addition to the FM Special sitting at GC.
  5. Don't see these often. I never had a set neck Chap, don't mind red, but to me, the tuner and the neck ding are a deal killer at $1,500 + ship + tax. to me
  6. Pics of Norah Jones (left) and her half sister Anoushka Shankar. Anoushka followed more in Ravi's footsteps musically and plays the Sitar. A long-time friend of mine also knew Ravi Shankar. She used to sit in playing tablum drums at a few of his shows and I learned from her about these two talented sisters.
  7. If you don't mind red, the "Gorgeeous" FM Special at $1,000 is worth a look. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2006-Hamer-FM-Special-Plays-and-Sounds-Great-Gorgeeous-Flame-Top/363274992877?hash=item5494e07ced:g:ZiEAAOSwEelgEz3H
  8. The seller lives 2 towns over from me. IMHO, some of the sellers other guitar listings are fairly priced, but not this "Tallerdega".
  9. Same guitar/seller on CL for $2,600 https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/msd/d/kent-hamer-usa-sunburst-double-cutaway/7258499412.html
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