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  1. A pic of the Cam Jr. next to the BCR Jr.and a couple of others that I still have.
  2. I remember that one. IMHO, it plays as great as it looks and the tortoise binding blends the top edge to the sides perfectly. I'm glad that I did not see this fs ad until this morning, or it would be on its way to NY. Congrats to the new owner!
  3. Small thanks for your invaluable assistance with the sustainblock bridges.
  4. Posting HFC'er MannMade USA's pre-order link here in the FS forum for those who may not have seen it. Posted Monday at 09:11 PM Okay... here is a link for complete BRIDGES and sets of 6 SADDLES At this time it is PRE-ORDER only, but if demand is high enough, I will stock these on a regular basis. LINK to PRE-ORDER - https://store.guitarvaultusa.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=hamer&Submit= It was originally posted towards the bottom of the third page of this thread: https://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/83362-if-not-an-original-sustain-block-bridge-what/page/3/
  5. I'm in for 2 bridges and 2 sets of saddles. John, thanks so much!
  6. John Scofield is playing tonight at the Blue Note with shows at 8 and 10:30 PM: http://www.bluenotejazz.com/newyork/index.shtml Blue Note 131 W. 3rd St New York, NY 10012 212-475-8592
  7. https://longisland.craigslist.org/msg/d/miller-place-hamer-usa-les-paul/6923453910.html
  8. Not mine, but I am a fan: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-USA-P-90-Duotone/283499144489?hash=item4201dda529:g:W3cAAOSwvXZc133c
  9. Great score, congrats! Stratacus the enabler has helped me in the past, too!
  10. Not sure about the Cedar Creek cases, but if you are not in a hurry, the Eden cases go on sale with $25 off during holiday specials. Maybe they will for Easter. Otherwise, check to see if this one will fit - a checkerboard case on sale at Guitarfetish for $80: https://www.guitarfetish.com/PREMIUM-checkerboard-Les-Paul-Case-SUPER-Plush-OUR-BEST_p_11296.html
  11. Congrats on the P90 singlecut Gibson and the crate amp. I like the gibson p90's. I also have an old crate V1512 with a Weber Blue Dog. Edited to move the open box Jr at 700 and add a used Jr at $630. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Gibson/2019-Les-Paul-Junior-Double-Cutaway-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc
  12. I have a heavy ish maple medium c neck USA Daytona that I bought 15 or more years ago. So far, I have kept it because it is a better guitar than several other USA fender Strats that I have owned. I left the stock Seymour Duncan pickups in, which are fine. I do favor either the Duncan surfer II antiquities, Bill Lawrence Keystones ,or fender CS fat 50's pickups over the stock SD's. The Wilkinson bridge intonates easy and stays in tune well. I have seen pictures of corroded Wilkinson trems, but that has not occurred on either of the 3 Wilkinson trem equipped guitars that I own. I also am a big fan of the sperzel locking tuners.
  13. That was a great score and you have 30 days to decide if it's a keeper. Congrats!
  14. Nice top on that one. Here is a link to a Mirage II in red for $800: https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/MIRAGE-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc What has me jonesing is this Ultimate: and to a lesser degree this Monaco SuperPro:
  15. A couple of starter pics - several more are posted to photobucket. GLWS!
  16. My sincerest condolences to Dion's family.
  17. I still have a lower grade bolt on neck Aria Les Paul copy in sunburst from the late 1970's. It developed intermittent wiring problems that I never had repaired. Other than the electronics, I remember the guitar as decent, but it had a thin neck that i was not a fan of. If I was in the market, I would consider another Les Paul copy, but I would only look at set neck models. This one on CL looks worth looking into: A tobaccoburst set neck Aria Pro II "Leopard" model with a pair of double cream vintage DiMarzio PAF's in it for $700. The description indicates that the neck is both three piece and made of 1 piece of mahogany. Edited to fix the hyperlink https://providence.craigslist.org/msg/d/east-greenwich-aria-pro-ii-ls-600d/6829272769.html
  18. I remember those GTO's with the big rear wheel wells that fit L60 tires without a problem. My brother had a 1968 GTO convertible in close to that color with a black roof and interior. Brings back a lot of good memories. Thanks and GLWS on that nice Les Paul.
  19. Lousy pic, but I'll play. 25th loaded with Klein epic '58 PAF's. 1 of 4 red Hamers ( others = '81 Special, Mirage II, and BCRJr).
  20. That listing is by a former Hamer dealer and is longtime HFC'er Al Pep from LostArtVintage. Try Pm'ing him
  21. Congrats! I started pm'ing you about selling my newport pro custom (in my avatar pic), but couldn't do it. I think you did well.
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