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  1. Glad we kept in in the HFC family. I know it's going to a good home. Enjoy in good health!
  2. Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I've been on here, but I am the seller of the guitar. To address the first point, my ridiculous initial price. I've honestly been outside of the selling game way too long. Especially when it comes to electric guitars. I had no idea where to start or what to ask to be perfectly honest. I've gone ahead and just matched the more expensive of the two dot neck vintage Sunbursts on Reverb right now, which I'm hoping is more in line with the actual value of the guitar. If someone would be so kind as to advise me over PM to whether or not I'm in the
  3. Yep. Heavy tube amps are the only way to go. My Boogie weighs at least 60 lbs, but it's totally worth it. Fer sher.
  4. Our other guitarist plays a JM, and I really like the sounds he gets out of the thing. It's the AVRI version, and he did swap the OEM bridge for a Mustang trem, but all and all the sound compliments my P-90 Special and my '80 DiMarzio loaded Special pretty well. Then again, we are not the most "accessible" sounding band around. Still, sounds cool in my opinion.
  5. That being said, out of the 12-15 Sunbursts I've owned, my red '82 is the one I held on to. Not the best sounding compared to some of the others, but it has "it" for me. Sweet Sunburst, great year and B/C to boot! Too bad I have nothing to offer in the way of acquiring it. wandering off topic a little... ... the best Hamer, and one of the sweetest playing guitars I have laid my hands on, is my '82 Sunburst. Mind you I haven't owned a dozen of them, but it does reinforce the fact that there are Sunbursts from the early Eighties that are as good as the earlier Sunbursts. Not that anybody said
  6. Off topic, but you may want to try the SIB Varidrive. I love mine.
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