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  1. Everything is right about this guitar, except that I can't buy it... 😕 GLWS
  2. veatch

    #87 Super-C

    That fretboard is insane.
  3. veatch


    Have Mercy, Miss Percy...
  4. Newport P90 works well for me. Not as "woody" sounding as an ES, but still breaks up well when digging into it. But, hard to find. You can go with a "regular" Newport and get the bucker sized P90s as stated above, but you lose the center block and wraptail bridge. Barring that, i'd go with the Gibson ES135, but i would play as many as possible to try to find a good one. I've played some that make me smile, and others that sound like a box with strings on it.
  5. veatch


    Blue Guitars Sound Better.
  6. veatch


    That kicks all sorts of behind, right there. The reverse headstock goes well with the V.
  7. veatch


    You have good taste. That came out incredible! Good spec and well built!
  8. veatch


    0085 = "HE". Her Excellency?
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