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  1. I think I'm more bothered by the use of a capo. On a baritone guitar, no less...
  2. Moving this post - more appropriate here...
  3. Looks like someone beat me to it... Moved the post to the Hamer side. More appropriate there. Mike is in these videos, but what Mike is making now are not Hamers. They're Shishkovs! : )
  4. I think I have the DVD ripped and saved somewhere... I'll see if I can find it....
  5. Watch the Aerosmith video Jakeboy posted for a proper guitar smash. I'm not a fan of guitar smashes - they're overdone. But at least Joe got-r-dun.
  6. Please Tell me you're getting a wraptail... : ) Looks great. You have to be excited!
  7. Got a chance to watch this... good memories. This is from the same tour, actually a month or so after I saw them. (Looked it up: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Back_in_the_Saddle_Tour) I don't recall Tyler being that far out of it in Chicago, but I was young and pretty much watching Whitford and Perry. Joey's drum solo in Chicago was a lot more based on Moby Dick - not just the hands thing, but a lot of the rest of it was a clear homage to Bonzo as well. But, memories are funny things... : ) Thanks for posting this!
  8. Was this the Back in the Saddle tour? I caught them on that tour around that time (84 or 85) in Chicago (Rosemont Hirizon, if I recall...) Band was excellent, and Tyler was... ok. They didn't play Back in the Saddle when we saw them, which we thought was odd... Thanks for the link!
  9. I found the guitar sound to be lacking soul. Not a lot of heart. A little "dead", if you will.
  10. Buy the real thing and soundproof a room...
  11. Holy Jeebus.... Great chops! I was worried it might be too big. Not sure why the "tubes" couldn't be shorter... The locking posts look a lot like what Gotoh and Ibby use (which i think Gotoh makes for Ibby?) Great idea, but the bottom on them make them a lot harder to pull if needed. Many thanks for the update!
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