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  1. veatch

    Weezer cover Toto

    I like their live version *much* better than their studio version.
  2. veatch

    Gig Bag Recommendations

    ^^^ That's perfect!
  3. veatch

    Gig Bag Recommendations

    I have no idea how many gigs that bag has been to... Yeah, I like the repair idea. Though, not having a zipper has really not been too big of a deal.
  4. veatch

    Gig Bag Recommendations

    By the way - this is the bag in question. It's got style written all over it...
  5. veatch

    Gig Bag Recommendations

    Thanks, guys. BTW - not looking for something to hold the guitar - just the cables, stands, and odds and ends.
  6. OK, so I've used the same leather bag to carry my cables and stands, power adapter, whatever since about 1981. (no, seriously. Since 1981.) I think it's a bowling ball bag, one big enough for two balls. (and if you read this post for no other reason than that last comment...) The zipper is broken, and it's beat to crap, but I've really had no desire to replace it. Besides, the sax player in the band likes to make fun of it. And I didn't want to take that away from him... Anyways... I'm thinking about what to get to replace it. Maybe. What do you use? Any Gator / SKB / whatever bags worth a look?
  7. veatch

    Satchel's Pedal KO'd

    Agreed. Hard to imagine this was not the intent.
  8. Everything is right about this guitar, except that I can't buy it... 😕 GLWS
  9. veatch

    #87 Super-C

    That fretboard is insane.
  10. veatch

    A pair of 87s

    All sorts of cool, right there....
  11. veatch

    Talk to you later...

    TTYL has been our closing song for about a year now. Incredibly fun song to play. Luke is simply a monster guitarist.
  12. veatch

    Satchel's Pedal KO'd

    Not to get too far into the weeds, but I believe Mr. Cleese covers this well.
  13. Hard to go wrong with a P90 and a wraptail... GLWS!