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  1. This was from last year... Same bar, same pants. : D
  2. Resurrecting this thread. Thinking about "what to wear" for an upcoming Halloween gig, I came across this little gem...
  3. I don't think I did. That guitar had a very comfortable neck, though. I only sold it as I was thinning the herd...
  4. Another common cause of hand (and feet) cramping is statins. Lipitor, atorvastatin, red rice yeast, etc. Common side effect of these is cramping of the hands and/or feet. A good countermeasure for this is B12. But then, too much B12 can make your skin break out. Life is full of choices. : ) Normal disclaimers apply - i am not a doctor, nor have i played one on television. Consult your doctor before attempting to play a 60 Les Paul with a shaved neck without proper back support, blah blah blah... Oh, and the feet cramping only impacted a gig once. I was trying to adjust the spe
  5. I don't know too many (any for that matter) small business owners that would feel "bugged" by a request for a quote... Mike and Trish are good people and make an outrageously great product. Please do contact them.
  6. veatch


    You have good taste. That came out incredible! Good spec and well built!
  7. ^^^ Yeah - i could be wrong, but i would think single cuts would not balance well, unless the body is *very* heavy, or the scale is *very* short. Neither are something i'd care for. I got to hang out with someone who built custom basses - he overextended the upper cutaway about 4 inches past where he designed it. He mounts the pups, bridge, and machine heads (not screwed in), finds the center of gravity, and lops the remainder off. Takes the hardware back off to continue shaping the body. I will say, it was very balanced when he's done.
  8. Graphite necks sounded great on the two 5 strings I had. I think that would be a challenging direction to go, though.
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