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  1. Apologies if any of these are from members of if they have been noted here before: Hamer Californian Elite | eBay Hamer USA Artist Guitar, Seth Lover, '59 Burst, TKL case. Excellent condition. | eBay Hamer USA Studio guitar, Seymour Duncan, Quilted Maple, Case VGC | eBay No affiliation.
  2. I have tried to 'drill out' screws and it is practically impossible. One thing I have heard of (for removing broken screws from pickup rings) is to heat the broken off screw with the end of a soldering iron - which I guess will expand the screw and and maybe burn the surrounding wood to make it easier to 'unscrew' (once you have some way of doing that - pliers or groove cut in top). Good luck.
  3. Didn't notice this before - Dot Sunburst at 2:00
  4. Try Victory amps Victory Amps - Victory Amps
  5. '78 - 8 0253 - bullseye Grovers and 'big dots'. Right here with me in the UK.
  6. No affiliation https://www.andertons.co.uk/second-hand/second-hand-hamer-artist-custom-honey-2007-with-hardcase-t:tt
  7. @Hamer Dave - photos - no nothing clever, you can just attach them to a reply (but they have to be below a certain size). Cheers, T.
  8. @Brentrocks - great. I was going to ask you the 'big dots' question but yours has crowns! I thought I remembered on a search of the forum a while ago finding someone who had 8 0252, the one below mine (or it may have been 8 0254 above?). For some reason I think it went to Australia (??) but I could never find the post again. Cheers, T.
  9. Folks, Having been bumped by @RichRS6 I finally got it together to do some (half-)decent pictures of my '78 Sunburst and (with the new Message Board utility) to post them. So, this is my '78 Sunburst (S/N 8 0253) with shimmed bridge, long headstock, bull's eye Gotohs and DiMarzio PAFs. I've had this since '84 and it's all pretty much original. A couple of the original black speed knobs shattered so I replaced them and, 'cleverly', I rewired it to 1 volume & 2 tones as the bridge pick-up is quite bright (but it would revert to standard wiring easily enough). As Andrew suggested, it does seem to have 'big dots'. Alltogether it's in pretty good shape. The top is pretty good, the curly maple figuring depends a bit on the light. I guess the colour is quite an antique red (rather then cherry red). The neck is quite rounded, frets are OK. A few dings in the back & sides as it's seen some action but is now enjoying its semi-retirement. Still sounding good. Cheers, T.
  10. Blimey O'Riley - yep, big dots - I had never noticed until you mentioned it....but I've only had it since 1984. FWIW - Mine always had black speed knobs. Cheers, T.
  11. Hey @RichRS6, I remember that one - Angel Music (through a doorway and upstairs) was it? Loved it - I have SN 8 0253 - looks pretty much the same. Enjoy. Cheers, Tom.
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