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  1. Hi Everyone, I haven't posted in awhile but I check to see what's happening regularly. Can you All recommend a trustworthy Apartment finding service? I'm looking to find a place in Bolingbrook Illinois (it's southwest of Chicago by @ 40 miles). I know of the Roomies App, people posting on Facebook, etc. Any advice & suggestions would be appreciated. Sincerely, Ted
  2. Shishkov Guitars are the HOTTEST thing in Guitars period!
  3. Draw Drop! I literally started playing the lotto to somehow come up with the cash to order a slew of Shishkov's!!!!
  4. She's a Beauty! And, She is a Rocker! A combo made in heaven!!!
  5. Agree with all of the great comments above! Such a hot Guit!!!
  6. Love his voice and his playing. We lost a great one way too early.
  7. I think you missed my New Guitar Day announcement. My trepidation about the color was no longer an issue after it arrived. It looks great, plays great and sounds great. Just an awesome guitar all around. Great to hear!
  8. Nathan, I really think your going to love her. Plus, Austin only acquires excellent gear!
  9. Wow once again to the magic that is Murkat's Craftmenship!
  10. Thanks for doing this Ranger! Making people feel happy and joyful is always a good thing.
  11. I know of a friend to a friend who had sex with Pink. The bastard. she was smoking in the Lady Marmalade video. I like Pink a lot too. Can Rock very well, seems to be a good person as well.
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