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  1. Hi Everyone, I haven't posted in awhile but I check to see what's happening regularly. Can you All recommend a trustworthy Apartment finding service? I'm looking to find a place in Bolingbrook Illinois (it's southwest of Chicago by @ 40 miles). I know of the Roomies App, people posting on Facebook, etc. Any advice & suggestions would be appreciated. Sincerely, Ted
  2. Shishkov Guitars are the HOTTEST thing in Guitars period!
  3. Draw Drop! I literally started playing the lotto to somehow come up with the cash to order a slew of Shishkov's!!!!
  4. She's a Beauty! And, She is a Rocker! A combo made in heaven!!!
  5. Agree with all of the great comments above! Such a hot Guit!!!
  6. Love his voice and his playing. We lost a great one way too early.
  7. I think you missed my New Guitar Day announcement. My trepidation about the color was no longer an issue after it arrived. It looks great, plays great and sounds great. Just an awesome guitar all around. Great to hear!
  8. Nathan, I really think your going to love her. Plus, Austin only acquires excellent gear!
  9. Wow once again to the magic that is Murkat's Craftmenship!
  10. Thanks for doing this Ranger! Making people feel happy and joyful is always a good thing.
  11. I know of a friend to a friend who had sex with Pink. The bastard. she was smoking in the Lady Marmalade video. I like Pink a lot too. Can Rock very well, seems to be a good person as well.
  12. Love when HFCers post this video. They do a great job with the song, and yes, there are some very nice visuals going on!
  13. Here is a clip of Raining Jane from Taylors NAMM '13 booth. This is the only song I've heard from them, but I like it. ~Ted http://youtu.be/biMJxbW0uPs
  14. Karen Peris of the innocence mission & I believe the same Patty Griffin that ToadRoller mentioned in his post. Her album Flaming Red was my first listen.
  15. I have a very special place in my heart for Mrs. Wheeler.
  16. A Very Happy Birthday to one of the Pillars of The HFC====Sir Greg! Sto Lat!!!
  17. It's sad that FMIC didn't at least give a final gasp and say something like "no more orders after Dec 31," to let dealers/buyers get in under the closing gate. So now Fender has nailed the coffin lids on the two brands that I owned the most of over the years...Hamer and SUNN. It's a sad day but I guess better than FMIC having turned all Hamers into non-US made crap and slapping a Fender-ish logo on them to put them in Walmarts and Best Buys. We can only hope they simply mothball the brand and keep all the builders busy building Guilds, etc. until the economy recovers and then bring Hamer out o
  18. So good to hear from you Pete! You and Mike are the ones who made me aware of the best Guitars in the world-Thanks, and Oh, How I miss Fllynn Guitars!
  19. Greg, Are you going to go full force with COs with Dean?
  20. This is exactly how I felt when I read the OP by Greg. Plus, after feeling this I actually felt sick to my stomach. Very sad.
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