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  1. I picked up a Korina Special on here recently, and somebody said the skeleton backplate was something some HFC members had gotten made. What was the story there?
  2. I've owned a few of the mid-90s Studios, always with wraptails, progressively looking for nicer examples. I've fitted two of those with the Tonepros VTNA smooth Aluminium wraparounds. These seem to ring a little brighter than the compensated Wilkinsons, but otherwise be just as lively. I've seen them marketed as having more overtones, which could be what it is, as the strings must move more against the metal as they vibrate. Intonation seems good enough, though the high bass strings can be difficult to get right. I mean at some point to try one of the fully adjustable wraparounds, probably the Tonepros AVT2G, which I had on a Giffin guitar at one stage. It was a darker sounding guitar (all P90/BLackLimba growliness), so I'm not sure what contribution the bridge made. (Semi-relatedly, the other usual upgrade is BKPs, either Mules or BlueNote humbuckers sized 90s. They sound astounding in these guitars. Being in the UK, they'll happily make the Mules in Hamer-correct zebra-and-double-cream colour scheme. This photo is with some jazzy sounding Lollars: ... .)
  3. It can be revealed that I did, now the irrational fear of jinxing the delivery has passed... It's an absolutely fascinating guitar. Spanky and snappy because of the Korina and the aluminium wraptail, and, as might befit an originally custom order (if that's what the skeleton graphic on the control plate means), it's far and away the lightest Hamer I've ever handled, out of maybe a dozen. Easily under 7lb without even having an armrest, belly-cut or chambering. Being a Special presumably explains why the neck angle differs from a Korina Jr, with the effect that the pickups are equally deeply set and the bottom of the wraptail is almost flush with the body. The condition was pretty much NOS; it's had 8 gauge strings on, which may explain the very low fret wear. I'm normally not a fan of the SD JB/59 pickups, but they really work well here. Things are well.
  4. Just picked up something nice on Reverb and couldn't help noticing the unusually good selection there atm, at least for my preferences ... this 2008 gold-top Monaco Elite ... this 1995 gold-top Studio with P90s ... (only 200 numbers along from my 1995 studio) this 2006 Korina Junior ... (from the UK; seller says 2008, but then also spells it Karina) Good prices, IMO, and extra discounts. I think there was a lefty indigo blue Monaco too among a bundle of the more often seen USA Hamers. No affiliation with any of these.
  5. This place knows the best stuff. I'm not optimistic, but I'll take long a shot and see if he ships internationally...
  6. Does anyone know what causes GC to offer to ship some guitars inernationally but not others, if there's any consistent pattern?
  7. I'd assume also possible CITES hassles on that nice rosewood board.
  8. No affils... looks to be in good shape. Near Wollongong in NSW. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Hamer-USA-Studio-Electric-Guitar-W-Hard-Case/333184204392 Now I just need somebody to post a Korina Jr in that price range...
  9. I realised when I saw this earlier in the year that it's what I've been trying to make my board do for quite a while now... all except the power amp.
  10. On Facebook in Sydney Australia, if you're able to view it. Converted from left to right-hand-drive. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1136091469900324/
  11. It's... THE GOLD STANDARD! Hwahhhhhh! Hwaaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Ow, I think I've got a stitch.
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