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  1. How reliably good are the Hamer teles? I see one for sale in Western Australia... and the price keeps dropping...
  2. Guitar resellers here in AUS have said it's busier than ever. Plenty of professionals working from home, saving money on travel or eating out, and having all the spare time in the world. Guitars have been flying off the racks. Pushbikes too. Some businesses are killing it, and worried about having stock left for Christmas. Others, not so well, of course.
  3. As Monacos go, it's was lightweight too, at 8.3 lb. My old one was 9+. Turned me off greatsoundingbutheavy guitars for life.
  4. I did espy a vendor fair. https://kcvintageguitars.com/collections/vendors?q=hamer
  5. In my usual no-amp setup it's the Jan Ray by a million miles for presence and feel. - Jan Ray - Kingsley Harlot Tube OD - Walrus Monument Harmonic Tremolo - TRex Roommate stereo tube reverb - Neunaber Iconoclast stereo speaker sim
  6. This seems like a good situation for setting up an eBay search with a price range and a region (within 50 miles?) and just letting it run.
  7. I keep thinking if I were Dave, and I kept putting Guitar Brand X up at price $y, and they kept selling almost immediately, I just might try some higher prices. It's a bit weird. In a good way. But still weird.
  8. I see a bunch turn up in a shop and I think... Estate sale. 😐 But I don't say it. But you did ask.
  9. Aaaaaaaaand landed. 9,786 miles later. Thanks for the heads up, HFC.
  10. ^^ Agreeing with the TRex love. The Roommate has kicked everything else -- HOF, Flint, etc -- off the board over time. Mine's the tube version, but it's the stereo out that seems to do the real magic. Plus TRex are reliably musical, so I'd expect the Jr is similar, as well as a lot cheaper. (Just found a rare-as-anything TRex Squeezer tube compressor to go with it, when I get back to my regular gear after the current lockdown.)
  11. No affiliation. https://reverb.com/item/22206604 (Red) https://reverb.com/item/35142730 (Trans Black Flame)
  12. Woohoo... It's on it's way to Australia with DHL. Collected yesterday.
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