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  1. Woohoo... It's on it's way to Australia with DHL. Collected yesterday.
  2. Quite a few people on here will have swapped out the old USA Seymour Duncan pickups for something more upmarket, so you could maybe grab a set of those on the cheap with a WTB (It's BKP Mules and Blue Notes, for me...) That would be the quickest and easiest of all upgrades, and wouldn't leave you with pickups worth more than the guitar. But see if you're actually unhappy with the sound you have first, for how you want to use it. It's possible to over-optimise.
  3. Grooving. I think Lost in Germany is my favourite riff and sound of all time. Need to try it on a korina-bodied guitar...
  4. Also, Guitar Point in Germany seems to have a steady supply from somewhere. https://shop.guitarpoint.de/en/Hamer
  5. If I was in the UK, with my penchant for Korina Juniors, I would be looking no further than this... https://reverb.com/item/28367957-2004-hamer-korina-special-jr-certificate-original-hard-case
  6. No affils. 1) A red Monaco III in country Victoria ($2,999 neg): * https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mount-beauty/guitars-amps/hamer-usa-monaco-iii-semi-hollow-body-electric-guitar/1240734540 2) A butterscotch T51 in WA ($2500, It's not mentioned in the ad, but I spoke to the seller and this one is on the heavy end at something like 8.5lb): * https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Hamer-T51-USA-made/254663733095 (Also, while I'm stuck in Melbourne, i.e. away from home, for lockdown, I'm in the market for something cool.) Nigel
  7. And no export-challenged woods. Sent a message to see if the seller would ship overseas... But guessing probably not since FB is mostly for local.
  8. This may be out of left field, but I'll throw it into the mix . . . I've never felt the need for a practice amp since adding a Neunaber Iconoclast at the end of my (small) board. A noise gate, a stereo speaker sim that's pretty much an EQ, and a headphone out, all in a micro package. If you'll be using your board anyway, it could be an option. Although i will say a board with tube pedals (I have a Kingsley Harlot and a TRex Roommate as the mainstays) seems to never get brittle in the way full-digital can when there's no tube amp at the end.
  9. Just need a Monaco Subtone to pop in the middle there...
  10. If you're partial to blue and purple, I can tell you that the Indigo Blue finish gives you one on each side. Let's see now, I've had a Monaco Elite and a Studio in Indigo Blue, plus two other Blue or Blue/Green studios. The Monaco Elite has the best finish, but those things typically weigh 9lb, and anyway, it's a single-cut. I bought at least two of these via the HFC boards here. I still have the blue/green wraptail; it looks a lot more subdued when it's not in direct sunlight.
  11. https://reverb.com/au/item/34105038-hamer-1985-steve-stevens-i-factory-hamer-logo-finish-w-ohsc
  12. Eight at one stage; I was surprised to discover. Now down to two. Could quite contentedly drop to one now, since I picked up a Korina Special on here last year. With an always-on RC Boost set up to add a little bit of top end, it just does everything.
  13. I'M OFFENDED that this has not sold at this price. If I were in the US I'd be inquiring about the weight just about now... And pricing some Lollar P90 size gold foils. ("Sorry, what? They're HOW much?")
  14. Makes you want to order some Chinese food and check if your hair's perfect.
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