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  1. What the fuck is in the water these days...
  2. Ya I know, probably done....but I'm in a leppard mood. Such a cool album, one of my faves.
  3. Maybe I'll try the .52 cent scrunchie first.
  4. I read a lot of the coolest shit ever on this board! Amazing how a (now defunct 😪) guitar builder can unite a world after all these years. Love this forum!
  5. A beer, a burger, and a buddy with nothing to do on a Friday night...
  6. Gonna start a post in the outer circle about gout to stop this train derailment. Gimmie a min or two. Also what happened to jem, nocturne guitars? His sites gone too. (Back on track...oh yeah.....)😎
  7. Lol...living in the great white north, we cryo treated our gear all the time! Touring in the winter in -30 celcius (-22 farenheit) in a van (that could hardly defrost the windshield) for 6-12 hours at a time and then leaving it parked outside the venue overnight only to haul it in the next day to setup into a overheated, humid, smokepissvomit smelling club .....shit survived. Looking back have no idea how! 🤔 Divine intervention? Divine stupidity more likely!
  8. This looks like it's still available. It's up north here, and in canadian dollars. https://www.tundramusic.com/dean-cadi-40th-anniversary-flip-blue-purple/ I'm too far away to assist, otherwise I would.
  9. You're hot every day Caddie, but I got tired of reading about Nova Scotia and lobsters so I tried to get the train back on track. It worked ....now to go digging in my vault.
  10. cspot


  11. For 6 grand I can buy a hell of a lot more roadstars, which to me are much more killer guitars. My 2cents that's all...
  12. I was gonna say something I thought was eloquently phrased and cool and funny; ...until I remembered I'm a bit intoxicated at the moment. (DONT JUDGE ME!!!) Waking up tomorrow and seeing what I thought would have been ever so hilarious, I deleted...and posted this instead. Warm welcome to everyone who joins this forum and stays as cool as (most) everyone else for the past umpteen years! Cheers!! I need another beer... (where's the barf smiley...?)
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