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  1. MonkeyBoy


  2. Any idea what year it was made? Sorry I know nothing about this run, jus hoping the neck profile isn't too chunky. My fav's are early-mid 90's, which are pretty thin. Thanks for any info! To be honest I'm not 100% sure when it was made. I think around '03? The neck is on the thicker side. Its not huge, but is definitely bigger than a 60's slim taper.
  3. Found the amp I was lookin for, this things gotta go. Someone make an offer...
  4. ..or what? If you keep it, you'll still have a wicked axe... Only reason I sold my BCRjr was to afford a real '59. I'm only trying to move this to fund some other stuff as well. If it doesn't sell at this price it will just hang around a bit. I've had some cool trade offers, but nothing that has panned out.
  5. Good point, I didn't even think of that. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. I bought this a little over a year ago and played the crap out of it for a while. Killer sound, and I'm sure a few of you have seen it here already, as it was previously owned by another forum member. Although I did play it a lot, it has never been abused and the current condition shows that. This was made in a custom order of 12 guitars, and from what I know this was handed picked as the best of the group. Killer TV yellow finish, solid mahogany construction, tone pros hardware, overwound P90, and an authentic 50's tortoise shell pickguard. It has a 50's style neck and is extremely comfortable to play. Comes with a sweet custom case as well. I'm asking $1500 plus shipping but am also interested in trades. Let me know what you have, never know what may spark my interest. E-mail me at gcthemachetes@aim.com for more info, or for specific pics. *sorry that my first post is a sale thread. I have been a member for a while on here, but spend much more time on the mylespaul forum. Just not as experienced with the Hamer stuff. I do have several transactions on that forum, as well as 100% ebay feedback. My e-bay name is s10minitrucker if you would like to check it out.
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