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  1. The best new band in the past decade IMO is Parabelle.
  2. You're getting it big and hard and liking it! 😂
  3. hi   you own the marble virtuoso? i was looking for this a while. i own the celestial virt and the ice pearl snakeskin virt which was the catalogue one.  brgds gerry


  4. Re: Pigtronix Rototron
    Hi, send me the eBay link please. Thanks!

  5. To simplify my life I have a dehumidifier that drains into my perimeter drain system so I never have to empty it for summer months. For winter, I have a humidifier that is tapped into a water line that is self feeding do I never have to fill it. Between the two, I'm between 45-55% always. Remembering to fill or empty those was a PIA and impossible when away from home.
  6. Far cry from his original $3,000 listing. Told him then it was an 1985 and he told me I don't know what I'm talking about.
  7. Original SS I: 24.75" scale length, ssh, equal horns, 22 frets Second generation SS I: Same as above but 24 frets SS II: 25.5" scale length, SH only, 22 frets, non-equal horns
  8. Ibanez not only provide free gear but also paid endorsers, neither of which Hamer did.
  9. Wasn't Paul long gone by the time Virts were invented? And while I was told there were 22 Virts, I believe we have confirmed there are more like 30. Either way, it certainly isn't 10 in total.
  10. You're taking something from the "sterile, digital realm" and turning it back into a "living thing" by sending it through the tubes? So you're not really opposed to the Axe FX at all. I'm opposed to people saying "the Axe FX sounds JUST LIKE a tube amp" without actually providing any real techincal proof that such a statement is accurate - again, show me the full signal waveform of both tube and Axe, side-by-side, on a quality spectrum analyzer, and we'll talk. Otherwise, I'm hearing marketing hype and that's it. Feel free to miss out, it's fine by me. The ability to sculpture each part of each song as you would in the studio is awesome. Your loss.
  11. That day passed with the Axe II. I dunno - tube output and dynamics is another variable to the 'dark-art' equation that I'm not sure the sterile, digitial realm can bring to the table. To me, a tube amp is a 'living-thing' that offers different expressions dependent upon careful tube selection and bias adjustments - a single computer algorithm has captured all-that? I doubt it. It's good enough for many international acts including Metallica and U2.Fair enough, but it is obviously not good enough for the majority of recording artists.... yet. Since there are a million such artists I believe you are correct. However maybe you've hesrd of s few that have: http://www.fractalaudio.com/artists.php
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