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  1. Headstock reminds me of this guy: And something else.
  2. They are trying to catch lightening in a bottle, its highly unlikely, but if they did nothing we'd complain they are sitting on their laurels.
  3. Buy used, the resale on partscasters is terrible.
  4. Reminds me of that old joke: Gynecologist comes home from work, his wife is naked sprawled across the couch. He took one glance, "I been looking at those all day, what's for dinner?"
  5. Free time at work is not the same as free time at home!
  6. Imagine to have the free time to be so bored to undertake such a project.
  7. Things made to be collectable tend to depreciate 90% after purchase.
  8. Mike Fuller is bi-polar, if you don't like the reply you receive wait an hour and resend your inquiry.
  9. Every genre starts with innovation, then the copycats turn it into a parody of itself until implosion.
  10. However, since you are convinced, by all means purchase.
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