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  1. If you see any old Marshall factory photos you will see it's a bunch of women setup like a sweatshop soldering all day.
  2. Over the long term there will an increase in supply as we retire and die, with a simultaneous decrease in demand as playing an instrument is not part of most kids lives anymore.
  3. Building an amp is low skilled labor. You show someone a dozen times, watch them do it dozen more and they are trained. Don’t confuse amp assembly with amplifier design and engineering.
  4. As always, in the market for are and unique Steve Stevens models. Have cash, ready to buy immediately. Will pay finder's fee for setting up successful transaction outside the HFC if you know of a rare gem out in the wild.
  5. You have to be at minimum 56 to be a boomer, I’m 8% younger.
  6. I’m not old enough to remember that boomer.
  7. But he is a famous musician and you can be sure it was heavily vetted for authenticity. There was a time when every 59 went for 250k.
  8. You’d think it would be worth more given Geddy’s ownership.
  9. Music is a hobby, I assume it will never generate a profit.
  10. Who did that skit where he said the wife couldn't have sex because she had a gynecologist visit the next day and wanted to be fresh for her appointment. He replied, "going to dentist too?"
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