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  1. https://adequateman.deadspin.com/what-did-we-get-stuck-in-our-rectums-last-year-1821393493 Make sure you are always wearing pants!
  2. I'm confused. You were downsizing just a month ago. It does not have a reverse head stock, so we know its stay will be short lived. Learn to resist the temptation.
  3. I might rabbit, I might. Pretty thin, not Ibanez 80s thin, but slender none the less. R2, 8lbs.
  4. I'm not sure who the buyers would be when 3,200,000 filed for unemployment last week, which does not take into account all of the 1099 contractors in our "gig economy". The true recently not working number has to be closer to 3.5m.
  5. When I built my studio I purchased an auto-fill humidifier that you hook up like the ice maker on your refrigerator. It has a float in it to maintain the proper water level, it has made life much easier in this regard. The white tube is the water line.
  6. Three negative comments is a landslide in your world? Better toughen up buttercup.
  7. You say that like it’s a bad thing.
  8. https://reverb.com/item/32655637?utm_medium=ad&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=DPA-All-Value-7D-1.16.20&utm_content=DiscoverMore-Overlay-Slash-Price_Logo-Blue&utm_id=5e69582f26d4432a2221f3e5&al_applink_data={"target_url"%3A"https%3A\%2F\%2Freverb.com\%2Fitem\%2F32655637-kramer-90-s-yellow-cheddar-shreder%3Futm_medium%3Dad%26utm_source%3Dfacebook%26utm_campaign%3DDPA-All-Value-7D-1.16.20%26utm_content%3DDiscoverMore-Overlay-Slash-Price_Logo-Blue%26utm_id%3D5e69582f26d4432a2221f3e5"%2C"extras"%3A[]%2C"referer_app_link"%3A{"url"%3A"fb%3A\%2F\%2F\%2F"%2C"app_name"%3A"Facebook"}}
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