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  1. Yet Gibson still stands, and Hamer doesn't, ironic?
  2. If a Chinese worker can live a nice middle class lifestyle on $10,000 a year, of course they can undercut the US makers on price. When I was in China in 1994 the average 1 BR rent in Shanghai was $40 per month.
  3. Studio Custom

    In ear monitors

    The point is normally to reduce stage volume, which would require everyone buys in.
  4. Studio Custom

    I'm trying out a Fractal AX8

    And how much time, energy and money do you extend chasing the next best pedal on earth?
  5. Studio Custom

    Northeast Guitar Expo Sunday October 14

    Is it worth while?
  6. Studio Custom

    1 Strap For All or Straps for Each Guitar

    Please elaborate..........
  7. Studio Custom

    FS: Circus Puke Prototype

    No that is SN 3
  8. Studio Custom

    FS: Circus Puke Prototype

    Serial number 1 arrives in about an hour.
  9. Studio Custom

    FS: Circus Puke Prototype

    Tricolor dayglo zulu or something like that.
  10. $3500 includes ohsc More photos here, refuses to link. https://imgur.com/a/NjMiZKi
  11. Studio Custom

    PSA Joke...

    There is an Optimists Club. A guy near my parents was their President for many years, turns out he was too optimistic on his tax returns and went to jail.