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  1. Observation: It's been a week since this thread started, and while there have been some mention of Hamers, all the photos are of other brands.
  2. It's all in the presentation I've found. If you are apologetic and non-confrontational you will have far better luck.
  3. Since he just had surgery, you have to expect a lawsuit now asking why was he allowed to leave the hospital.
  4. The fading out with these colors was very common on the Barney Rubble SS's, they did not like UV light or the sun.
  5. You talked a big battle like you were going to shoot an impressive web, turned out to be dribble that resembled oatmeal. I felt bad and had to offer you a discount for such a pitiful outcome.
  6. I did, as I explained already. Do you have a case of the stupids?
  7. Actually it was a Halloween costume with a photo taken just prior to a Halloween party, for those looking for any sense of accuracy.
  8. I see we touched a nerve, as Michael did. It's okay, we don't blame you entirely.
  9. MJ sold 205,000,000 according to the WSJ. https://blogs.wsj.com/numbers/how-many-albums-did-michael-jackson-sell-755/ Approximately double.
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