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  1. Studio Custom

    Guitar Acceleration Program -BS?

    You have been chosen = desperately seeking suckers.
  2. Studio Custom


    Most artists have Facebook and Instagram pages where you could potentially speak with them directly.
  3. Studio Custom

    Scale length/tuning/string gauge?

    He sounds so inspirational.
  4. Studio Custom

    Sold : )

    And it is SN # 1
  5. Studio Custom

    Sold : )

  6. Studio Custom

    Scale length/tuning/string gauge?

    Hamers: 24.75" 9-42 25.5" 8-38 PRS: 25" 8.5- 40 Knaggs: 24.75" 9-46
  7. Studio Custom

    Namm Paul Hamer Piece for 2017

    What business did HE close in 2015?
  8. Studio Custom

    Ozzy in the hospital

    For someone who shot up as much as Ozzy did, you'd think nothing of a flu shot.
  9. Studio Custom

    PSA: 12-string

    Normally you'd use banjo tuners for such a project. 😉
  10. So this was the beginnings of the DuoTone?
  11. My wife does not interfere with sales or purchases, but she always says she misses whatever has moved on and that I should have kept it. I promised her and myself I'd remain at the 45 my wall can handle with the pegs perpendicular to the wall so all the guitars are viewed flat. I am currently at 46. She wants me to hang four hooks over my desk, so far I have resisted.
  12. I think people spent decades arguing if Page used the Tele or Les Paul on Zepplein I.
  13. Studio Custom

    Kiss Feud

    He acted like an ass and owed every guitar shop around money. And of course this: https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2013/12/16/ace-frehley-kiss-house-burns/4038733/
  14. Studio Custom

    Kiss Feud

    Ace basically pissed off every one within a 50 mile radius of Tarrytown, NY before he headed off to the west coast.