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  1. These issues can be predetermined by where marriage and residency at death occur. In NJ you cannot write your wife out of the will, nor can you control where her share of assets go upon her death. Her will determines where her share goes. My parents have a very complicated and complete arraignment.
  2. Had only this guy done that he could of been famous.
  3. News flash: Leo Fender didn’t build your Strat, even if it is serial number one.
  4. https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/30649-The-Tale-of-the-Hamer-DuoTone-an-Innovative-Model-That-Satisfied-Zero-Demand-jol-dantzig-acoustic-electric-guitar-hybrid-Ovation-Viper-Jeff-Tweedy-Stone-Gossard-Ty-Tabor-Dweezil-Zappa
  5. You married the wrong girl. My wife just encouraged me to order Knaggs SSXF that will be the pinnacle of their output to date to ensure it’s here by Christmas.
  6. 24-36” firewood sized. Our 120’ oak they took out in 20’+ pieces.
  7. We had 20+ ash trees removed from our back yard, wish I knew they might be worth something.
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