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  1. When he did it they were just used guitars, not collectible yet.
  2. SSI: 24.75 SSII & SSIII: 25.5
  3. Zillow, realtors, maybe CL if you can verify the person you are dealing with is the property owner.
  4. No, that is exactly why you do vote with your wallet. By your logic, if Hitler made wonderful cookies you’d be all in, hell maybe he even had the ovens warmed already!
  5. Who’s running against Mike Fuller at the ballot box?
  6. He routinely avoided his fans, so I doubt he’d want drunks puking and pissing in a square bearing his name.
  7. We all vote with our purchases. Many people do not want to support those they disagree with. Example: I have not purchased Exxon gasoline since the Valdez, or BP since their debacle.
  8. A guitar is a tool to create music, you find one that is close to your ideal and work on it until you find your nirvana.
  9. In a polarized political system it wise to keep your views private, especially if stating them will alienate half of your customer base. Since musical people tend to be more liberally minded, he may have alienated 80%.
  10. I remember when mid 70s Fenders were considered junk, now that the boutique market has vastly improved overall quality, they are worse comparatively. Pass.
  11. He’s the type of person Covid is most deadly to, his odds have gotten much worse with it.
  12. I know what is on US eBay and Reverb, looking for items personally held or outside those venues please.
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