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  1. Here are photos of the 5 String Chaparral Bass that I have. 

    http://s47.photobucket.com/user/Steve_Haynie/library/5 String Chaparral Bass

    The front is shiny and good looking.  There are no nicks on the neck.  Jay/murkat buffed this one out, and you see a little dust left on it.  That finish is smooth and nice.  Buckle marks are on the back.  The headstock has a couple of nicks. 

    This is the only negative-- That G string machine head button will hit the D string machine head button.  Either that machine head on the end got bent or someone at the Hamer shop drilled the screw hole slightly off enough to change the angle.  This has never been a problem for me because I have never had the tuners end up totally flat in line with each other.  Jay might remember this bass.  You can ask him about it. 

    I am going to Roanoke, VA the second weekend of October.  It would be easy to drop this off along the way. 

    I have no idea how much I want for it yet. 

  2. The one with three single coils, or the one with dual humbuckers? Which one is more versatile/has better tone options?
  3. Bump...also open to a T-51 with a rosewood board and some color that you can see the woodgrain through (especially trans orange!).
  4. Bumpo...will consider other colors as long as they are in really nice shape.
  5. Just checking to see if anyone else out there might have a nice Diablo or Centaura for sale...
  6. I did, thanks. A little high for me, but I'm definately thinking about it. Bump!
  7. I'm going to keep an eye on that one just to see how things go, but I'm still looking as well in case anyone has another one for sale. Also, I know they made at least two amber Centauras, because I foolishly sold one about 4 years ago.
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