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  1. The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between.” – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  2. Looks like a real beauty! Hope you like it as much as I liked mine, just don't be stupid and sell it. It'll haunt ya…
  3. Got your The Fret Shack shirt in the mail today. Looks great. I was looking for the thread that has a pic as this one is already in the washer. Can't wait to use it, man. Be Proud! That was quick shipping…
  4. 😆 Thanks! It skewers two of my wife's favorites. So of course I'll share.
  5. I'm glad no prices were listed on his page. That I saw. My heart couldn't take it. 😁
  6. He looks like a talented painter. Is he asking the owners what they'd like, or is he doing it by how he "sees" their personalities?
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