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    Studio Custom LTD Redwood #29, Slammer SB4F Bass
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    Marshall 2266C, Behringer Ultrabass BXL450A Bass Workstation
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    Behringer Virtualizer Pro Model DSP2024P, TASCAM PortaStud

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    Santa Maria, CA USA
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    I have a lifelong love of computers and an interest in guitar playing that started while I was in the service at age 20. I was very impressed with the skills of a fellow stationed with me in Japan who played a Gibson Les Paul. He sold me my first guitar which was a Gibson SG Junior. Over the years I have owned two Gibson Les Pauls, but times change and now I have discovered Hamer. My ability to predict what I will buy is very poor (ask my sister). Lightning Joe told me people that buy Hamer guitars often buy more Hamers. I can see why that is. I will probably be one of those. I have been trying to find the right sound for a long time, and am closer now than ever before. I just want guitars that don't get in my way, so the Hamer, the Martin, and the Fender are working well for me now. I don't expect the instruments to do the work for me. I just don't want them to make it harder than it has to be. I don't have the strongest fingers, so I wouldn't buy a Guild.
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