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  1. Can anyone say what is different model-wise with this Newport Pro at BCR? My Newport Pro is similar but has a single volume knob and the selector switch closer to the tail. If there's anything I could change on mine it would be to have separate volume controls for each pickup, and the switch to be located where this one is. Also, I thought the Phat Cats were spec'd on the regular Newport, but the Pro has Seth L humbuckers. This one has factory Phat Cats. Is this a custom model? Hamer Newport Pro 2005 Natural Very Clean 100% Flawless Operation Hamer USA Case Free Shippi https://reverb.com/item/21400231-hamer-newport-pro-2005-natural-very-clean-100-flawless-operation-hamer-usa-case-free-shippi?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=share
  2. soli'd

    #87 Super-C

    Who knew? The HFC: Impeccable taste in guitars... and socks. 🤣
  3. When I first got out of sound school in 2002 I interned at several studios in ATL and the focus around here at that time was transitioning quickly away from rock to hip hop in studio work. That 40Hz tone on a side chain insert triggered by the kick drum was really popular in that context as well.
  4. Take a moment for yourself. 😁
  5. Impeccable service from one of the best winders around. I had these hard-mounted in that Special so never used the foam/springs/screws Josh sent. I'm sure they're sitting under something somewhere. 😂 Josh, I'll be in touch at some point to talk about what we're going for with 0091.
  6. Hey guys- anyone need a set of black soapbar Gravelin P90s? Josh made these for me last year for a korina Special- they replaced a set of WCR P90s that I had in there, and when I sold the guitar, the buyer wanted the WCRs so I pulled them. They are in great shape, only caveat being that I cannot find the set of springs and screws that Josh included with them (easily replaceable). Vintagey, chimey, growly, 7.8K neck and 9.0 bridge, AlNiCo 2 magnets. I no longer have a P90 guitar to use these in or they wouldn't be up for sale. The upcoming Shishkov in progress will have a similar set anyway so these are just sitting on the bench. How about $110 shipped CONUS. These are sold, thanks!
  7. soli'd


    thanks for the clarification. The resomax appears very similar in design to the schaller signum bridge, one main difference being the graphtech is made of "harmonic boosting lightweight alloy" as opposed to the schaller's cast zinc. I'll defer to Mike. 😎
  8. soli'd


    Is that the schaller wraptail? I noodled around for a minute on @polara's Anderson one day, which I think has the same bridge, and I've considered that hardware for the next Shishkov. I'm guessing you haven't had a chance to restring it yet, but do you know whether it's less frustrating than the tonepros or pigtail types? I love the feel of that intonatable style of wraptail under my hand, but I hate restringing those things.
  9. The wait is both arduous and totally worth it. Y'all think it's bad now, wait till the new thing that Mike has come up with for 0091 shows up on these pages!
  10. Let's Active was a big part of my early high school music memories in Georgia. I was also a big fan of Dex's work with Flat Duo Jets. Back when indie rock was preceded by "college music"- REM, Pylon, Swimming Pool Q's, Kilkenny Cats, Love Tractor. All jangling rickenbackers, wet drums and prominent bass lines. Rest easy, Sara, and thanks for the music.
  11. Do you have a need for or an interest in MIDI control? If not something like the ES series from Boss is likely overkill. The MS-3 is a good option that's a hybrid of multi-FX and three TB loops. You can't change the order of the physical loops on the MS-3 like you can with the ES-5 & 8, but you can route them around, before/after the built in FX, including drives, delays. etc... and save those configs per patch which is useful. If you stick to a single order of FX, and they are all in front of your amp, a simple TB strip would work fine, and can decrease the amount of cable between your guitar and amp in most instances (unless everything is on, of course). Ironically, you'll actually use more cabling when integrating the pedals into the switch, as you will use a send and return line for each pedal, so if you're using fancy cable or plugs it can add up, compared to just running your pedals in series with a single patch between one.
  12. Man, Rick is everywhere on YT these days. I met him a couple years ago at his house and found him to be a really interesting guy. That studio where all of these vids are shot is in his basement. Also, I appreciate all of your music postings, Ting. It's great to not only hear a lot of bands I don't listen to regularly, but also to hear how and why they move others.
  13. soli'd


    You're right, Tim is a better album in every way.
  14. I've bought and sold a bunch of stuff in the TGP emporium with very few if any problems over the years. Learned a lot, gotten in some arguments. Mostly good folks with some very noticeable assholery mixed in; pretty much like any local bar I've ever frequented. @JGravelin, hope its okay that I've sung your praises over there (and Mike as well, for sure). 😎
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