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  1. Got some shots of Polara & Mrs. Polara's band, I Am A Rocketship playing at Porchfest a couple weeks ago. It was great meeting a bona fide HFC'er in real life; shouldn't have taken this long. Rick, I enjoyed y'all's set and look forward to meeting up again.
  2. soli'd

    Guitar skills implants

    (today) I'd choose a Mick Taylor foundation, enhanced with Tom Verlaine's rhythmic ingenuity, embellished with Jimmy Herring's outside sensibilities. Or just Shawn Lane.
  3. I will be there friend. The stage where you're playing is all of .5 mi. from my house. 😎
  4. soli'd

    Saw PiL Last Night

    Not to mention a very young Jonas Hellborg on bass.
  5. soli'd

    Saw PiL Last Night

    I don't know if it's me or ATL, but I miss more shows that I had no idea were happening here than anywhere else I've lived. Where did they play? Would have loved to see PiL again, as I caught them a couple times in the late 80s but not since. Weird to think they weren't that old of a band back then. The first time was actually here in ATL, they opened for INXS on the Kick! tour at the Omni, and they blew INXS off the stage, there was no hope following them. The second time I saw them was one of my favorite live music memories, Sugarcubes, PiL and New Order at Red Rocks in Colorado. EDIT: saw the setlist that they were at Variety... salt in the wound, I love that venue. The renovations there a couple years ago were a huge improvement and the room sounds better than ever.
  6. I've got a Xotic XW-1 wah that I'm not using much if you're looking for a GREAT wah with a smaller footprint.
  7. soli'd


    As much as I love the guitars have, and the ability to choose on a whim, none are better than 0033. I may sing a different tune if/when I ever get the second Shishkov that is planned.
  8. Maybe it's the angle of the photo, but the wonky alignment of the G tuner in that shot of the back of the headstock is making me twitch.
  9. soli'd

    I need a little help

    Another vote for Lollar Blondes. My absolute fave single coils are the old Bill Lawrence L280S or 290S. Especially 280S in the neck and middle, 290s in bridge. They are a lot harder to find since BL died a while back, but if you see them available somewhere, they're worth buying without having a guitar to put them in. Bill's wife Becky and his kids have been keeping the company going (Wilde pickups), but I haven't tried a set since Bill hasn't been winding them. They are inexpensive and noise free, without sounding sterile like some other noiseless SCs I've tried.
  10. This is worth every penny, and a few more. I've got too many Himmelstrutz pedals, which is just enough.
  11. Congrats, that's my kind of Cali. 😎
  12. soli'd

    Sweetness in Sweden - #0077 lands!

    Beautiful guitar 😍 Anyone have any experience with that Schaller bridge, and how it compares to other intonatable wrap tail options out there? Looks like a steeper break angle over the saddles than the tonepros product at least, which I would think is a good thing.
  13. I wish I understood what is being said here, but I like the video nonetheless. Good concept and editing. I guess this is some type of ad for a music store?