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  1. No breaks? Maybe a reflection or something at the headstock in that rear shot?
  2. @bubs_42 Love the way #70 turned out. You chose... wisely. My dilemma is either full natural/clear vs. fully opaque. I've got a natural newport pro so that would be rendundant, but a matching set, one HB, the other P90 and offset could be winning, too. These are the things I choose to wring my hands over during these trying times. 🙃
  3. two f-holes. seeing that spruce top is seriously giving me fits with my plan of painting it. ETA: I really dig the switch placement on 0089...👌
  4. They're definitely one of those how-would-you-know-if-nobody-told-you kind of bands, they were ahead of their time when this album was released and a lot of people my age didn't hear about them until later bands cited them as an influence. I think I got turned onto them in the 90s from Steve Malkmus (Pavement) listing Tom Verlaine (Television) as one of the people who made him want to start playing guitar.
  5. Subscribed to this thread to watch you play Guinea pig/lab rat with the Zoia. 😁 A buddy of mine is a really creative, out of the box style player, he does crazy stuff with an echosystem, but is considering a Zoia. Looking forward to your impressions.
  6. I want in on this sharing of nuts.
  7. A buddy of mine bought a very similar one a while back (same year)- his first Hamer, knowing nothing of the brand, but trusting my recommendation. Same price, and now his favorite guitar.
  8. soli'd


    Man I love it. As beautiful and unique as the guitar is in its own right, the fact that your son designed the expertly stylized inlays brings heirloom status to the instrument. You must be busting with pride. Many congratulations to everyone involved. You da man, Mike.
  9. I've been trying to convince the guys in my band that we should call ourselves The Fathers of Convention... I don't think anyone gets it.
  10. No affiliation- I'm a sucker for natural and this one has a beautiful top. https://reverb.com/item/31769536-hamer-usa-artist-custom-2001-natural
  11. I didn't see the price on this before Ben picked it up- what's considered a ridiculous deal on these?
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