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  1. Some weeks the wait doesn't seem quite as desperate. This last week was not one of them. 😅
  2. Yeah seeing that never gets old. 😍 Also makes me wonder if I've ever seen the back of the DC model... hadn't noticed the separate circular cavity for the selector switch just over the control cavity.
  3. DEEP DISH! man what a beautiful top carve. The random figuring is going to look crazy under a finish, can't wait to see that.
  4. The Neil thing was likely in violation of their "no musician bashing" rule which I've never really understood; I'm guessing it's because they don't want to run pros off the site who happen to have found their way on there. The mods do seem to give an inordinate amount of weight to those complaints. Anyway, that premise is certainly flawed in my mind- not all music (or artists, or bands) is great, and there are going to be inevitable opinions expressed there. If I don't know what I hate, how can I know what I love?
  5. The signal to noise ratio has certainly become more skewed over the years as the membership has grown. Most of the value I have perceived over there pertains to the contributions of builders, artists and industry folks who contribute a lot of insight I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. It does require more effort lately to separate wheat from chaff, but as far as inter-personal relations go, my experience has been that the mods' position is based in golden rule, don't-be-a-dick kinda stuff. Never had a problem with Mike, and he's somehow a Dawgs fan, which matters.
  6. don't waste your rage. you may really need it one day.
  7. does that warning you quoted equal a one week ban? If so it doesn't seem like much of a warning... says you got some kind of demerits but your account is not otherwise restricted? I've been posting there since the mid 2000s, I can remember being warned by a mod once when I was admittedly out of line over some bullshit but have never been given any kind of suspension or anything.
  8. thumbnail fret markers... Shishkov-style. 😍 That ebony tho!
  9. The live album from Chicago entitled Kicking Television is a good intro to their post-YHF sound, just after the addition of Nels. Granted, it's almost 15 years old now, but a fantastic setlist. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kicking_Television:_Live_in_Chicago My favorite studio album remains Summerteeth.
  10. I'm in the minority that find's Nel's playing a bit overzealous, specifically just for that song. Other times, his sorta frenetic style really fits in one of their mellower songs. This is one of my faves for that.
  11. Aha. 💡 couldn't see that on my phone. It's my phone's fault, that's the ticket.
  12. No affiliation, but this looks pretty clean, never saw a white one. https://reverb.com/item/26881851-hamer-usa-californian-snow-white-1991 Not sure whether the seller's first language is English: "It seems to be the secret of sound making that cannot be followed by the stable setup of the German Schaller Bridge (Hamer) and the setup that is completely.I include an original hard case and an attachment." And what's with the serial number "12"?
  13. I think those vids were shot at an amp show I attended back around 2006 or 2007 just outside Charlotte. Definitely Greg Germino playing, I remember him demoing Bob's amps while Bob spoke, and being impressed both by Greg's playing, and that two builders of similar products competing in the same market would be cool like that.
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