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  1. I don't have any 3 Monkeys amps, but keeping with the perfect combination for me theme... this pair is killing it. Amp is 4x6V6 with Ben's Blackbird circuit on ch1 and VOS circuit on ch2. I've had it for 14 years, can't be dethroned.
  2. Funny how that happens, right? Congratulations man, 0094 is a class act all the way.
  3. legend has it that the reason that program was never aired at the time it was made was because the Who blew the Stones off the stage that night. I used to watch that VHS constantly till it wore out. The Dirty Mac doing Yr Blues is also incredible. Edited to add the aforementioned Dirty Mac clip- because Lennon's Casino is totally applicable to the thread. Also, dig Clapton's sweater.
  4. Hmm I could reserve 910 to go with 091 and it would have the distinction of being the one after 909.
  5. networked marantz nr1200 here running highest quality spotify direct, all issues sorted. controlled thru phone app but signal never sees phone, wireless, or bluetooth, etc... It's feeding yamaha ceiling speakers in the main living area; there's no prescribed focal point or "listening spot" so not really clinical in measuring quality, but it sounds really great and the convenience can't be beat. Expanding to other spaces would involve Denon's HEOS system, and introduce wireless into the equation, but not headed there presently.
  6. soli'd


    This guitar gets a little better everyday.
  7. Performance art. Notice how three distinct personae of Mr. Shatner are revealed with each verse. Shatner Down the Lazy River? 😆
  8. Looks killer. Has me craving avocado toast.
  9. Unfortunately that's what's being reported by Nashville police today, probable overdose, nothing amiss in his home. Police made a wellness check after a friend or family member called on Sunday saying they hadn't heard from him since Thursday. So bummed out to hear it.
  10. Same here, family stuff- will tune in next week!
  11. As Bill noted, I'll be there. Warms my heart to be referred to as a special guest.
  12. Dangerous Dan says "These Guns Don't Have Safeties"... Nice Chuck Leavell solo as well.
  13. Yeah that's sad to hear. I spent a LOT of time watching and listening to the man drum. Instantly recognizable, and the drivetrain for the whole unique Panic sound.
  14. It was weird that even tho it was still on a screen it felt a lot more like meeting in real life than just jawing at each other on the board. Cool to put some faces and voices with some names. Getting some more sounds of these instruments into the convo would be a good thing, I'd like to find a way to get my interface gtr signal to feed direct, may give a better idea of what the guitar sounds like in the room. Maybe just a matter of adding a mic into the interface instead of the laptop's onboard mic and setting the interface as the audio input to the chat.
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