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  1. soli'd


    Looks like we've officially entered the weird part of the wait. I remember getting weird. 😄
  2. I'm backpacking this weekend but should be free over the next few weeks. Vax#2 is 4/20 for me. Good on ya.
  3. One that comes to mind was Motley Crue in Atlanta, must've been 15 years ago. Maybe two songs in, I think it may have been Live Wire, Vince Neil performed a particularly unathletic leap from a speaker cabinet and crumpled on the stage. The band just kept playing while he was rolling around and stage hands rushed out to help him. After about 5 min. of the guys standing around on stage the crowd started getting restless, yelling, throwing things at the stage, then finally Nikki Sixx came out and said "well Vince is getting picked up by a fuckin' ambulance to go to Grady hospital for a shatter
  4. It's right down the road, let's get it in your hands. I'm sure you've got something new I want to play. 🤘 still got that Vigier?
  5. I've always bought used guitars for years with the exception of my first electric, an '89 MIJ 62RI strat that I bought off the wall in 1990 at ProSound Music in Denver, CO. I think it was $600 and may still be the least I've paid for an electric guitar. The only other two guitars I've bought new were my Shishkovs, and as reasonable as Mike's guitars are, the most recent is as much as I've paid. I'm still really grateful to Mike for making both of mine happen for me.
  6. This is bringing back bad memories of a transaction from 15 years ago when I sold a G12H-30, the label said Ipswich, England, and I sold it as UK made. The buyer received it, saw the 70th Anniversary label and said that version is all Chinese made and that I had bait & switched him on the deal by referring to the speaker as being a UK version. He filed a claim and won. There wasn't anything on the speaker that said Made in China, but nothing that said made in UK either. I just looked up the current G12H-30 being sold on Sweetwater; it does not say Ipswich; it says Celestion
  7. No extra overdrives right now, but if you want to send me your broken pedal I'll try to fix it and send it back; Probably just a dirty switch or off-board solder point if you didn't kill it with extra voltage or something.
  8. Man I've been getting that itch lately too. Maybe time to jump in the queue for a super-c.
  9. Eh, you get what you pay for, and In the end the universe tends to unfold as it should.
  10. For me it's a much about a band sounding like nothing that has come before it as it is nothing sounding like it since. That gives way to a sound that is instantly recognizable when it's heard. In that vein, I agree that Zappa leads the charge here, there literally was nothing like Zappa Music before it or since. A modern band that falls into that category for me is White Denim out of Austin. If you ever get a chance to see them play it's worth the effort.
  11. I owned a glory custom from around this same era, it was an amazing playing instrument and the first time I had owned a guitar of that build quality. It was pretty blingy, (moreso than this one) with gold hardware and it felt a little like wearing a really nice suit that didn't fit quite right, so I moved it along. Used those funds for a goldtop DGT that I loved the looks but didn't like the way it sounded, sold it and bought my first Hamer. Everything has fit since.
  12. Check out the TrueTone CS-6, totally noise-free, low profile (fits under a metro), 6 taps and all the DC you could ever use with 4-5 pedals. ETA: bubs these gator psus look to be a great option, I've never used one but having the adjustable DC voltage sag AND a 12V AC tap is something i haven't seen offered in a box this small. Don't need it but want it, will holla if my resolve breaks down further.
  13. Didn't mean to single your post out, was just the theme of a thread I was reading while listening to the Who. 😉 Re: the standard, thanks! It's actually a Shishkov (#33) and it's oxblood on top but looks black in most pics.
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