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  1. soli'd


    @Dana_V Is that one of the recent MannMade sustain block bridges?
  2. ^^^ Can't wait to see it! 0091 can't be far behind...🤘
  3. I don't use compressors much, but I do have this Mr. Nutcracker pedal from Himmelstrutz Elektro Art, that I use as general front end for judicious optical compression, boosting, EQ. It's great for adapting different pickups to different amps, somewhat of a fixer pedal. HEA is one guy named Joakim Hedeby in Sweden. I love just about everything he puts out.
  4. These are more offset pyramids anyway. Still, the other hallmarks are uncanny, no? Coincidence?
  5. Tell me about Rand Havener and the Rand guitars from 87-89. I read an interview from a few years back that recounted his connection to Tom Anderson guitars and his association with Viv Campbell, etc... it didn't mention anything about Hamer, but this design is somewhat proto-Cali, specifically the setneck variety- 27 fret slant board, scalloped cutaways, slanted single in the neck, floyd, single volume knob, even boomer-looking inlays. Think this came a year or two before the first Calis, and most were variations of the overlayed colors look, not unlike some Hamers of the period. What gives?
  6. anyone know who conjured this sorcery? @cmatthes?
  7. Ever since I got used to the C looking like a U it hasn't hung me up too much. ? On this board I ran it from the buffered tuner out of the volume pedal and didn't even wire the output of the tuner. I turn it off in between tuning just so it isn't going crazy reading every note change, but signal always passes out the board and I just heel-down on the VP if I need to tune quietly.
  8. I love wiring pedal boards- building cables, routing systems, power distro, all of it. I found these boards made by a dude named Sean Paden out of Nashville under the name Roadiemade. Love the design, the lightweight, and build quality. I have made several iterations of these, usually playing one or the other, but sometimes both for lots of options.:
  9. Yeah he was playing at a really high level in this era. He's got the clenched jaw to prove it, too! ?
  10. all neck pickup from both guitarists. That Southbound at at ~27m has some great looks at Dickie's goldtop. And what about those outside lines Dangerous Dan Toler is pulling out!? Not to mention a blazing keytar solo from Mike Lawler. ?
  11. Not much talk of the ABB in the 80s, but damn, how sweet is this! I'm not much of a UF fan, but no one ever said a good time wasn't had in Gainesville.
  12. FWIW, Bubs was recently selling a '82 Prototype that had a brown case. neither here nor there, but there is a precedent.
  13. Another vote for semi-hollow spruce top. I think it was @bubs_42 who was ground zero for this outbreak.
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