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  1. No affiliation. https://www.themusiczoo.com/products/hamer-standard-cherry-sunburst-bound-and-crowned-1982?goal=0_63363c100e-6353e01531-141101549&mc_cid=6353e01531&mc_eid=c9bc47ae04
  2. Ooooohhhhh.....I may have to jump on this for some in-progress Exp builds!
  3. Love that SC. I wish PRS sold those TOM bridges. I’d love to use them in some of my builds. GLWTS.
  4. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?? This is really fucking cool, Mike. So happy for you. What a thrill.
  5. Oh, man.... This is killing me. He’s even selling off all his album awards, too. Painful. I just feel so bad he has to sell almost everything. The fact he put his SONG RIGHTS up as collateral for that stupid golf course blows my mind. Those are worth ~$200k in income PER YEAR. He was clearly foolish with his investments/decisions. But it’s sad to see someone have to get rid of so much after such a long career.
  6. Please PM me before you post it. I’m serious. Can you PM me pics just to tease me now?
  7. No fucking way!!!!!!! I can’t believe he’s getting rid of more. Wow. My tax bracket wouldn’t be able to afford, so I’m not kidding myself in bidding.
  8. They will all be new builds, unfinished, but I will take the needed precautions.
  9. Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. I have that bit already, so that’s what I’ll try.
  10. I think you’re misunderstanding my issue. It’s not the cavity I need to know how to do. It’s the wiring channel.
  11. I never knew you could bid on guitars on Goodwill. Learn something new every day!
  12. That’s what I was just about to say. I wouldn’t place the blame on Schaller. Blame someone in DC...
  13. Ahhhhhh......that makes sense! I was thinking of something cleaner. But, really, who’s gonna see that and complain? Jeff, that’s exactly what I was thinking before, albeit a much trickier way to do it. If the drill bit goes off line, you’re screwed. But that was my first idea. I know how to make the cavity for the switch. It’s the route for the wiring that is the problem. Thanks, guys!
  14. This is for the builders. I plan on building a couple of very similar Explorer-type guitars with some nice Limba I scored recently. I absolutely LOVE the look without the pickguards. On the one here, what’s the trick to drilling for the switch position in the lower horn (not the switch itself, that’s easy, but the route for the wiring)? It’s simple if you’re doing a pickguard, As it’s just part of the routing, or if you go with a figured top. But for solid body, I’m a little perplexed. Would you go diagonally from the bridge pickup route? Thanks!
  15. I got some massive Limba (aka Korina) blanks this weekend from my secret supplier. Big enough for single-body Explorers. Here’s some pr0n for ya.
  16. I haven’t met a millennial cork sniffer yet.
  17. Yep. All gone already. Although, the prices were much less than I expected to be honest. Oh well. I have enough debt as it is. Probably a good thing I missed the sale.
  18. They haven’t had a hit since 1988. So, I disagree.
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