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  1. Wishful thinking. Recently watched a Hamer shop documentary again and was reminded of the painstaking detail they put in crafting their guitars. Amazing. That you couldn't replicate. Gone.
  2. Classic. Bring back the USA Californian on a production line as close to old specs as possible and sell at $3,000 a pop. Like Fender is doing with Chavel and Jackson USA models.
  3. To me Frampton is the Miles Davis of Guitarist.
  4. Committing ALL your free time to mastering one craft has to be exponentially harder today than pre digital age. I'm glad Eddie/Jimi weren't tempted with smartphones and X-Box's or even Pro-Tools!
  5. Just put the hamer down (per say) and bought a 2009 Highway One Stratocaster. A long sold 74 ash strat was my first guitar as a teen and I went decades in between. Had forgotten what I was missing. The tone is home.
  6. It looks identical to the Floyd Rose systems on 1992 Hamer USA models like the Diablo. Not saying this guitar is a USA equivalent but it shares more parts than later Slammer Series imo. Looks like it has a Centaura body and a Chaparral neck. I bought so will know soon! Appreciate the input.
  7. Here's a USA Centaura I just found with a licensed under Floyd Rose engraved..... Very similar. I think it's the same Tremolo system as the USA. If I hadn't already bought a guitar today....... Maybe tomorrow. For $229 someone will be happy!
  8. You're right. My MIk Californian has a licensed by Floyd and isn't Hamer engraved.
  9. Just ran across this 92 MIK Centaura for sale on the cheap cheap. Is that a genuine Floyd Rose? Has Hamer on the tuners and tremolo. Head stock wood quality looks more like a USA than Slammer Series,imo. I am wondering if this is an early iteration Hamer import with USA parts, just assembled in Korea. Any insight appreciated. Good deal regardless!.
  10. I really like the USA Specials that came out around 2010. Maple fret neck, alder body with 70s headstock. Reminds me of my first, a 1974.
  11. Someone on a youtube thread called the intro a "rif"......it's not a riff, whole lotta love is a riff. It has so many variable that I equate it to hacking a 20 character password, like 12345678910-, 1123456789- and so on and so on for the rest of your life. Let's say Taurus had a computer on tour with Zep, and they gave the computer to Page, and it had a 20 character password to log on. Page was able to log on, what are the chances that he was told the password as compared to randomly figuring it out?
  12. Wow, and she didn't know the story. I wonder if some people might be a little based towards Zep This biggest rip off all time is the Partridge family usurping the Cowsills, over exposing them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9sXoUhXobE&html5=1
  13. It is strange that you can make a million different sounding songs with 5 chords, using different rhythms and picking. What I look for in these cases is how important the part in question is too the song. If it's a bridge or something, no big deal, but if it is the theme of the song? It's no different than someone trying to patent something that has already been patented, he may not have known, but someone already owns it. Ice Ice Baby is a perfect example of a stolen piece being the most important element in the song. Ice tried to down play the significances, but that bass beat is what was appealing to people with those huge car sub woofers back in the day. In that song, he changed the stolen verse bass line and made a into a intro bridge or something. But the song was shallow if you took that out.
  14. They just picked the wrong Zep song! Plant: "Jimmy, we are going to have to change it up a little more" Page: "The Song Remains the Same!"
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