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  1. Someone on a youtube thread called the intro a "rif"......it's not a riff, whole lotta love is a riff. It has so many variable that I equate it to hacking a 20 character password, like 12345678910-, 1123456789- and so on and so on for the rest of your life. Let's say Taurus had a computer on tour with Zep, and they gave the computer to Page, and it had a 20 character password to log on. Page was able to log on, what are the chances that he was told the password as compared to randomly figuring it out?
  2. Wow, and she didn't know the story. I wonder if some people might be a little based towards Zep This biggest rip off all time is the Partridge family usurping the Cowsills, over exposing them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9sXoUhXobE&html5=1
  3. It is strange that you can make a million different sounding songs with 5 chords, using different rhythms and picking. What I look for in these cases is how important the part in question is too the song. If it's a bridge or something, no big deal, but if it is the theme of the song? It's no different than someone trying to patent something that has already been patented, he may not have known, but someone already owns it. Ice Ice Baby is a perfect example of a stolen piece being the most important element in the song. Ice tried to down play the significances, but that bass beat is what was appealing to people with those huge car sub woofers back in the day. In that song, he changed the stolen verse bass line and made a into a intro bridge or something. But the song was shallow if you took that out.
  4. They just picked the wrong Zep song! Plant: "Jimmy, we are going to have to change it up a little more" Page: "The Song Remains the Same!"
  5. There is probably some struggling musician on here with one guitar and one amp that can smoke the lot of us Anyway, the question was "What is the value of the most expensive guitar you own". I hope no one answer's "Someone's life, I just had to have that guitar!"
  6. The Beatnix were so ahead of their time that they woke up in 1990 and looked like a tribute band.
  7. In a 3 piece basic rock band, I find the bass easier to play when singing, but adding another guitarist takes a huge load off and you can pepper around or just stick to the main chords. The bass has been severely dumb down that pass few decades. As with other types of music, the bass used to play scales or modes, like John Paul Jones, but at some point it became an extension of the bass drum. No way I could sing and play bass to a Rush, Led Zep or The Who song. But I can very easily to a lot of American metal, rock and country. Steve Harris from Maiden is the exception these days. Have never seen a 3 piece Rush tribute band, which says a lot about Geddy Lee.
  8. My three favorite bands of all time had a bass playing lead singing, so I must like melodies and songs that evolve around the bass with melody and sync to the vocals. Rush The Church Type O Negative I love my metal, but too many of my favorites had short life spans.
  9. Geddy Lee Roger Waters Lemmy Sting Peter Steele - Type O Negative Steve Kilbey - The Church Aimee Mann - With til tuesday These are my favorites.
  10. Keeping the Bakersfield sound alive, and I very much like Dwight. Anyone else think he did a great job in Sledgehammer? Sure Billy Bob coached him a little, but he nailed the obnoxious country boy southerner, with that sly, passive aggressive, sarcastic disposition. The kid in the movie used to live down the road from me and still does character acting in a couple of movies a year. Just to keep it rolling, my mother dated Hank Williams Jr for 4 years in the late 70's. He and Merle Kilgore would take me and Merle's son fishing, too many times to remember. Hank wrote a son "Angels are hard to find" for my mother on his Bosephus" album. He fell off the mountain, and we never saw him again.
  11. I was drunk the other night and looked at six guitars. I looked again with one eye, and then slump to the couch yearning for the three no longer there.
  12. It would seem that more companies would provide the neck spec's, I think Washburn does. There is more than one hand variable for neck comfort for sure. You can have big hands with long slender finger's( IWISH), that can play smaller width guitars without a problem. Maybe it's the thickness of your fingers that steers people towards wider necks, hand strength, health and type of music are variables. I have an average sized hand, can palm a basketball for a second, and I am fine with anything once I get used to it. The most comfortable neck I ever played was on an Ibanez Jem, but that was about all I liked for the price. More important to me is low action and somewhat slim, and all the Hamer Strat bodied guitars seem to have that if set up properly.
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