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  1. I've got a Godin GT P90 with a GraphTech ResoMax NW1 wrapper and I love it. Super comfy, intonates easily, and stays on the posts when changing strings - https://graphtech.com/collections/resomax-bridges-wraparound/products/copy-of-resomax-nw1-wraparound-bridge-chrome
  2. Use nothing but flatwounds on my bass and love the smoother sound they produce. Never used them on guitars though........
  3. I would venture two things - 12th fret dots closer together and lower bout has been expanded.......
  4. Great price on a great "grab-n-go" amp! If I didn't already have one......... GLWTS
  5. +1 - That is a BEAST! I have its smaller brethren, an SX-980. If it broke, I wouldn't hesitate to fix it. Love the sound, and real wood, of these old 70's receivers . Fix the Marantz!!
  6. The only single cuts I've owned: Peavey Generation Series 3, with Bill Lawrence pickups (sold): Peavey Odyssey (sold): Current favorite, Godin Core CT P90. I love the simplicity, quality, price and tonal flexibility of this guitar! :
  7. bondedbybrick


  8. I posted my 78 Sunburst in this thread back in 2007 but wanted to keep this thread alive!! Let's keep showing off our vintage Sunbursts....
  9. Glad you found another Black Sunburst, even it it wasn't a '78..... Nice to see it has the crème toggle switch!! Enjoy.
  10. FedEx says "OUT FOR DELIVERY" Yippeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Now, I have to figure out how to get Steve to sign my copy.
  11. 1978 Sunburst....purchased in 1983-84?? Can't remember exactly.... Sill have it... Restored by BCR in 2003......
  12. I love the information Andrew provides regarding the bigger dots, creme binding, and speed knobs. A question I've always had is when did Hamer transition to the shorter headstock? The reason I ask is because my "supposed" 1978 Sunburst has no serial#(probably due to a repaint) and all the characteristics of a 78 model but has the shorter headstock....
  13. Willie, You are SO correct - Peavey basses are workhorses and under appreciated, witness the current values on used Peavey instruments. I've owned a '94 Peavey Forum Plus bass for years and it was the perfect base (no pun intended) instrument in which I could learn to play the bass. Nice wood, great ergonomics, and nice active pups..... Plus, a price far below the HFC-approved purchase price!! I will be selling it soon because I've moved on to a 2TEK Cruisebass, even though I did try to find a 2TEK-equipped Peavey Axcellerator. No luck..... As much as I love Hamer guitars and basses, I have always identified with Hartley's philosophy and I will never get rid of my Peavey Odyssey. I'll always have a Peavey in da' HOUSE! Derek
  14. I provide historic preservation consulting services thru my business - Jackson Preservation Services; specializing in historic masonry: brick stone, and mortar...
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