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  1. The only single cuts I've owned: Peavey Generation Series 3, with Bill Lawrence pickups (sold): Peavey Odyssey (sold): Current favorite, Godin Core CT P90. I love the simplicity, quality, price and tonal flexibility of this guitar! :
  2. Great price on a great amp, made even better! GLWTS
  3. Neck isn’t baseball-bat thick and it isn’t what I would call skinny; although it is bigger than my old ‘78 Hamer Sunburst. Super comfy, nice string spacing for my fat old fingers! Prob ably like a Gibson 60’s neck profile.
  4. Nice buy 'Bubs. I've always like the Specials, especially with P90's and a wrapper. Simplicity at its finest! Couldn't find one I could afford so I bought a semi-lookalike :2015 Godin Core CT for A LOT LESS!
  5. Concerning wrappers, I'm partial to the Graphtech Resomax myself - http://www.graphtech.com/products/brands/resomax/resomax-wraparound-bridges But, I haven't tried the Hipshot Baby Grand yet. I do like their bass bridges tho'..
  6. Godin guitars, like Hamer, are under appreciated and under valued. I think you'll be very happy with your North American made guitar! I like it!!
  7. SWEET!! Looks exactly like my '96 2TEK (smaller bridge = lighter!). Enjoy!
  8. Len - I think it is KARMA....... 5 years later... Glad the old Sunburst went to an HFC'er, and local at that! Hope you enjoy it and hoping there will be another gathering of the Mid-Atlantic HFC contingency sometime soon. All the best!
  9. THE SUNBURST HAS BEEN SOLD; However, the Bill Lawrence L100's pup's are still for sale for $75+shipping https://imgur.com/tlKoWu6 Financial situations change(retirement) and it is now time to sell off some gear. Of most interest to this Board is my 1978 black Hamer Sunburst, serial number unknown. I bought this well used Hamer Sunburst back in 1983/84 in College Park, Md.. It was modified from stock: BillLawrence L100 pickups, tulip heads on the Grover's (not bullseyes), Schecter saddles, a probable re-paint (no serial #, no headstock logo), a modified headstock (open-book dimple sanded down) and a Gibson-style input jack plate. See the BEFORE pictures: https://imgur.com/a/3uiDx Nevertheless, it is by all indications a late 1978 Sunburst(#350--#450): phenolic/plastic backplate, 12th fret marker spacing, Fender-style brass bridge (Schecter USA instead of Mighty-Mite) on a rosewood shim, shorter, narrow headstock (late 1978), and the ever popular Hamer option – an engraved truss rod cover (JNT). It sports what I feel is a skinny neck: 1 5/8” wide by 3/4” deep at the 1st fret and 2” wide by 7/8” deep at the 12th fret. The guitar was a regular player based on the wear and tear (no breaks) and was never a closet queen; although, that’s where it ended up during the first 20 years of my ownership. After discovering the HFC, I sent it to Greg Platzer in 2005 for a refurbishment. He replaced the L100’s and pots with a correct Dimarzio pickup/electronics assembly from an 81 Special, replaced the saddles with Hamerhead’s finest, refitted the proper Grover tuner keys, L/C/P’ed the frets, performed his signature setup, replaced assorted screws, and sent the guitar to the Hamer factory to have a new “Hamer USA” logo placed on the headstock. See AFTER pictures. https://imgur.com/a/bQL4v Interesting to note the height of the bridge shim. Most early Sunburst bridge shims that I've seen are not very tall and the saddles sometimes look like scud missile launchers. This one appears to be rosewood, is taller, has rounded corners to match the shape of the bridge, and is stained on all sides to blend with the black paint. The action is very low on my Sunburst and the saddles are almost resting on the bridge. In the group shot, that is my Sunburst next to “tommy p's” checkerboard Special at Serial Steve's book signing event at Rocketeria back in 2013. As mentioned, the guitar sports a probable repaint; although, I have no idea or confirmation if it was originally black. If it is, it is one of 17 black Sunbursts with dots made in 1978. It reveals orange peel and some cloudiness on the front in certain lighting, but looks OK to good + , depending on the angle and how much you've had to drink. The front has a few small dings and pick scratches but nothing through to the wood. Sides and headstock have some chipped paint to the wood and the back has buckle rash that doesn't go through to the wood. The back of the neck has some wear to the wood between the 8th and 12th frets on the high E side. The previous owner must have been an aggressive player who wore some serious rings! The paint is lifting at the neck/body joint. If you look closely at the picture of the truss rod cavity, you will see what appears to be Ford Blue paint. This is interesting..... Primer color (the most likely explanation)?? Another prior re-paint? The binding is perfect, pickup rings and switch knob have aged to an antique crème white. This Sunburst is 7lbs 11oz of old wood and is acoustically LOUD. It's a player, not a museum piece, and the lack of a serial # more than ever makes it so… It belongs with someone on this Board who will play it on a regular basis. Why is the serial # missing? I have no idea… Hamer used yellow paint for serial#'s on black guitars and they are known to fade. I tried the blacklight trick and nuthin'. Hoping it was painted over, I slowly and laboriously sanded the back of the headstock with super-fine abrasives and never found a serial number. I will include the hard shell case that came with the guitar, a very nice 1970’s Gibson Les Paul case (Barney purple interior and key!) that fits well. If you want, you could sell the case for a couple hundred $$'s to a Gibson collector or remove the Gibson logo and continue to use the case since it is period to the guitar. In addition, the vintage Bill Lawrence L100's(get your Aerosmith on!!), and Schecter saddles that were installed on the guitar when I bought it come with the sale. I've seen at least one vintage Sunburst in an HFC post years ago that had Bill Lawrence pickups installed. They are period pickups and might be original to this Sunburst. Not sure if Serial's factory logs reflect this information. Nevertheless, I am including all the above parts in case the next owner wants to put them back in.... Or, sell them on Fleabay, as there is a market for them. I'm looking to sell all of this for $1,000 plus actual shipping costs (UPS, FedEx, or USPS), PayPal'ed, Continental US only. My apologies to the many worldwide HFC'ers....... Not looking for trades. If you think the price is too high, shoot me an offer. Just not tree-fiddy!! If you don't want the Gibson hardshell case, reduce the above amount by $100, and I will ship it well packed with a TKL gig bag. Don't want the Bill Lawrence pickups, reduce the price by $75. Since PM isn’t always reliable, please email me at derekaj@verizon.net
  10. True... However, as I mentioned in a previous post, the Core and Summit lines are chambered, not hollow, and are quality-built North American guitars. I have a Core Ct and it covers all genres thanks to individual Vol/Tone controls for the Seymour Duncan P90's. I love the simplicity of a P90 and wraptail.......
  11. Don't overlook the Godin Core CT P90, or Godin Summit Classic P90. No longer produced, but extremely well made chambered P90 guitars. And North American made - Canadian. You can find them under $1K every day. See this review of the Core CT P90: https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/guitars/godin-core-ct-p90-628325
  12. bondedbybrick


  13. I posted my 78 Sunburst in this thread back in 2007 but wanted to keep this thread alive!! Let's keep showing off our vintage Sunbursts....
  14. Glad you found another Black Sunburst, even it it wasn't a '78..... Nice to see it has the crème toggle switch!! Enjoy.
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