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  1. I'm in the "just don't get it" camp. If JCM played a show in my front yard - I wouldn't even open the curtains.
  2. I'd try the talking approach first. You say it's your favorite store and you go there a lot. If it were me, I'd tell them I didn't think I was responsible for it, but I'd rather pay for something I didn't break than to lose a good music store. Those are rare. And since friends are involved, too, I'd definitely offer to pay if they felt like it was my fault. And if I was the store owner - I'd refuse your payment. It doesn't sound like it was your fault, but your offer to pay will make for an even better relationship with the store. We recently lost the best music store in Mobile largely because
  3. We've done "Message in a Bottle" for years and it always goes over well.
  4. I have both, also. I just would not take the digital stuff to a gig. I use it at home for practicing through headphones. I've got a POD v2, a Vamp2, and Amplitude and Ampkit on my iPhone. I've never liked any of them as much as I do my tube amp and pedalboard. I use a small combo amp and let the PA give me the volume I need, so I'm not carrying a ton of gear. I work at a software company during the day, so I am comfortable with the technology and would never rule out digital, but it's just not there for me right now. I would definitely have to have a powered speaker for a digital rig. I tried
  5. Then add a power amp and speakers, or a powered speaker set if you're looking to play live. Yep! Until I start making a lot more at my gigs, I'll just keep hauling my present rig. It does the job and sounds good to my ears. The pedal board makes it versatile enough for the stuff we do and it's been holding up well for the 5 or six years I've been gigging with this present combination.
  6. I just checked the price on the AxeFXII on their website. $2600.00 for the unit plus another $750 for the foot controller? No thanks. Makes my asshole pucker just thinking about it.
  7. I haven't tried the AxeFx, but I've used a few other modelers and never liked them. My current rig with a '66 Deluxe Reverb and pedal board is just what I need for now. I wouldn't rule out modelers foever, but so far, I don't like them.
  8. The solo starts out sounding like he's playing the old Guess Who song - "No Time left For You".
  9. I think Garth Webber is still using one of those Concert 112's. I have one, too. You're right, it is heavy, and too loud for most small club gigs.
  10. The Bitter End is a cool club. It's tiny, but the cool factor is through the roof.
  11. Yeah. It was a good recovery. IMO it wasn't worth recovering from - but she did.
  12. First video has been removed. The second one is still there. I skipped ahead to the busted ass part. I couldn't stand to listen to the whole thing. You know that's going to leave a mark.
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