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  1. Paul is a good guy, he repaired my Timmy no charge.
  2. So I tried to find comparable sales on Reverb, not much luck. Got it out, 2 year old strings, Wolfetone Meaner installed. Some little dings that show when guitar rotated in the light. No fret wear to speak of. Pignose looking tunable wraparound bridge New strings maybe today and then a decision to make. Arghh will be hard but I mostly play seated and larger body guitars just work for me.. and I should downsize.
  3. I should probably sell mine. I need to downsize.
  4. Nice. Did some 93’s come with a pick guard ? Mine doesn't have one.
  5. This is helpful, I've toyed with selling my mint 93 with Wolfetones. I guess I'd ask $2k judging by this.
  6. https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/msg/d/mount-laurel-hamer-fm-special-1996/7258429492.html Wolfetone pick ups .. Aztec Gold? Go for it before I lose my self control.
  7. Wishing you the best Tom. You have the right attitude for sure. Best of luck.
  8. Nice rosewood board. I say that a lot about Hamer boards.. not surprisingly. Good luck with it. Considering what else is out there at this price it’s kind of astonishing.
  9. Imagine what Leo would say. Pretty cool to look at for a second. How much did Clapton even use this one? As a museum piece I get that is relevant.
  10. Buying used from GC is pretty low risk. Non vintage (less than 25 yrs old) comes with 45 day return policy. Last I checked anyhow. Congrats!
  11. I like how the top matches the fingerboard. And it looks like a dark back which I love. A lot of guitar for the money ..goes without saying.
  12. A lot of guitar for the price for sure. Actually I think I bought an Orange one from the OP .. a good seller.
  13. I just posted about my 2001 Studio and compared its carve to Gibbie’s 50s carve. Mine must be the vintage carve too. It is perfect. Just my Hamers: 93 P90 Special with Wolfetone Mean and Meaner pups. 2001 Studio Aztec Gold with Duncan 59s Newport Pro orange non sparkle I forget the year Seth Lover in bridge position Phat Kat in neck position. Korina Jr with a Wolfetone Meaner forget that year too.
  14. I don't want to go public on this but I used Paul/Unk  for years, gave up on him probably 6 years ago after some issues. Gave him another shot about two years ago, a simple nut replacement. The first one was really bad, buzzing on all open strings. He took it back (wasn't too happy either) and did another one. The edges were sticking out and the G string was cut lower than the B so the G was buzzing and the strings were buried deep in a too high nut. I just took it home. Never again. Another guy just posted on TGP about problems with Unk too. His turn around is fast though FWIW. It's sucks too because he is like 10 minutes from me. He was really good back in the day. He rants and raves too but that would not bother me if his work was good. Billy Penn is near Unk, I'd go to him first, I hear good things.

    1. Hfan


      Oh and David Petillo is a master and super nice guy, Ocean Twp.

  15. Ultimate beach / guitar picture there^^. Watch the damn sand. This is a great story in general..happy for all you new owners and happy for Mr Shiskov. Any word on other possible body styles to come? Maybe I can extract myself from the low rent, but very satisfying CL rut I've been in.
  16. The tuners have "Deluxe" and a small S on them..Schallers I assume? Not the clearest shot..all I've got.
  17. Good info, thanks. No paperwork of any kind came with the guitar..guitar and case, that's it. Do you have your bridge backed out some with the set screws towards the bottom of the guitar? Without engaging the set screws I wouldn't be able to intonate it.
  18. How can you tell? Congrats Pete. Great score and super deal. So you now approve of the headstock? After you made fun of it I almost abandoned my pursuit. You've been spending too much time with the Heritage guys me thinks Thanks Mike.
  19. I'd be interested in any history on the guitar. The seller only had it a few months. I'll pm you with the sn if you'd like to have a look.. Will do. In the for sale thread you had asked how I would rate if for jazz applications, I never got back to you. I'm no jazz player but I noodle a little. I guess any guitar can be used for jazz but with that said, this would not be my first choice, This thing is great if you want to dig in for whatever application. The action is not super low, but even played acoustically, I can dig in and it just rings out buzz free. Hope that's some help. Thanks again for all the kind words, it is in the HFC fold now FWIW.
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