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  1. Now that's a cool venue. Great shots of the guitar!
  2. All this time I thought the "A" in B12A stood for Jeff "A"ment.
  3. I'll be there. I'm expecting a greatest hits show. I hope they ditch the goofy stage props for this tour. They've been there, done that.
  4. Grissom's solo during the finale was the best of the night. Doyle III was disappointing as was Gary Clark Jr.
  5. That's not Watson - it's Joel Hoekstra Yeah, I should have been more precise. Needs Jeff Watson. Needs him playing a Watson.
  6. Did you somehow miss the hundreds of posts about Shishkov guitars? The WMG is alive and well.
  7. Put in my name for the Ultimate run. Crossing fingers.
  8. I agree with this other than that I was a huge fan when I was in my teens. Not so much anymore. I think there was a time where I just found speed impressive and didn't know enough to know that what he was doing was far more about endurance than creativity. Honestly, I think the solo on "Sweet Jesus" is my favorite thing he ever did, but his singing is... an acquired taste. It's not hard, it just sounds pleasant. http://youtu.be/DHBkLY-0UKo?t=2m22s Nowadays, I would have to say Jake E. Lee was my favorite guitarist Ozzy ever had (I know, I know, Randy). The chorus riff in "Bark at the Moon
  9. Some different ones that came to mind... Beginning of second "Comfortably Numb" solo. Skid Row "I Remember You" solo. Every Zakk Wylde song. Every Danzig song when John Christ was the guitarist. And one you guys might not know but in the Kenny Chesney song "Never Wanted Nothing More" the guitarist really pinches a good one on the first note of electric solo (around the 2:00 mark.)
  10. Great pair. The single crown inlay was a nice touch.
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