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  1. Breed in the bridge and an air classic in the neck. Actually they are very comfortable guitars to play both sitting or strapped. I have had this one for about 8 years and it has remained in my stable when a whole bunch of others have passed on to new homes.
  2. Looks like it’s had a pickup change since you had it. I’ll have to see what’s under the hood. Whatever they are they sound good damn good
  3. I’m surprised it never caught on as a custom finish option, I guess somebody forgot to tell Gibson they could charge an extra grand or two for it.
  4. Yep that’s the serial number alright. You’re one hell of a record keeper Kizanski! Thanks for the information. I had been considering a professional refinish and a better hidden neck repair or replacement but now that I know it has some history I might want to leave her as is.
  5. Was going to send a pic of the hand print but I have apparently used my allotted bytes for the day.
  6. OK, let's see if this works
  7. It keeps telling me my file is too large even for a single photo off my iPhone, like I said I’m a Luddite
  8. I'm an Old Luddite, give me a few minutes and I'll see if I can make it happen
  9. Hello all, I have a Hamer I believe might be the Pizza Day Standard. It’s a 1995 model c.s. flame top and has a bunch of fingerprints, etc. under the finish. The neck has also been repaired. Does anyone have any information that might help to positively identify her? Thanks Mitch
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