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  1. I won it and am picking it up next week!! Thanks to Dave for the photo help...
  2. Nothing there.. Called the store.. its $2,299.00 not $1,700.00
  3. Good afternoon I was lucky enough to purchase the vector that was on reverb last week and now I am going to refinish it and am in need of a new headstock logo. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get one? Thanks for the help David
  4. Happy Birthday Greg, Not sure why it doesn’t show your birthday today! Hope you have a great one! David
  5. bambino68


  6. Bambino how have you been?  I bought the T-51 from you a few years ago. Picked it up at you house in Elmhurst. If you are interested in a USA vector korina I have a  2008. Bought it new and have never played it. Also have a new 06 Jeff beck Gibson Les paul R4 in oxblood for sale. A couple standards too.  A 95 black USA standard and a 06 tv yellow USA standard if you are interested give me alert. 




    1. bambino68


      Hey Adam

      im traveling now.

      can you send me photos of the standards and the beck?


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