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  1. I won it and am picking it up next week!! Thanks to Dave for the photo help...
  2. Nothing there.. Called the store.. its $2,299.00 not $1,700.00
  3. Good afternoon I was lucky enough to purchase the vector that was on reverb last week and now I am going to refinish it and am in need of a new headstock logo. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get one? Thanks for the help David
  4. bambino68


  5. Bambino how have you been?  I bought the T-51 from you a few years ago. Picked it up at you house in Elmhurst. If you are interested in a USA vector korina I have a  2008. Bought it new and have never played it. Also have a new 06 Jeff beck Gibson Les paul R4 in oxblood for sale. A couple standards too.  A 95 black USA standard and a 06 tv yellow USA standard if you are interested give me alert. 




    1. bambino68


      Hey Adam

      im traveling now.

      can you send me photos of the standards and the beck?


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