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  1. brainkillsbeercells

    major reconstructive surgery on a Les Paul

    thanks everyone for the positive replies. Kizanski, thanks to the big fat body not neck heavy at all BoogieMKIIA, blend at neck to body was done to help with accessibility to the higher frets which I have always shied away from doing, but is a quick,simple operation and definitely helps. recommended mod to a LP you'l never sell😛 or is a beater anyways happy Sunday
  2. got asked if I could modify a Les Paul with a broken headstock. I do enjoy a challenge every once in a while. this one showed up with the previous "repair" not being very stable (to say it nicely) anyways, the owner wanted it to be transformed into a Bonabyrd. had to basically start from scratch and build a few quick jigs but turned out pretty nice in the end. have a great weekend everyone, cheers
  3. have a few FB-1 type home-grown guitars laying around. I'm on 48th ST. & Elliott, feel free to swing by anytime to check them out. cheers
  4. grossraum Muenchen, jetzt in Phoenix. werde checken ob es sinn macht cereal boxes nach Deutschland zu schicken
  5. bin uebrigens auch Bayer. seit 1994 in Arizona. cheers
  6. awesome, how much do you need for those boxes of cereal?
  7. would $30 for the tuners be acceptable?
  8. brainkillsbeercells

    Melancholy P-90 Goodness.

    awesome tune. does he use old Gibson Firebird pickups or aftermarket pickups?
  9. brainkillsbeercells

    TDC - Craig MacGregor

    awesome bass player. R.I.P
  10. brainkillsbeercells


  11. Hi:

    I'll take them.  My info is:

    Dave Rauschenberger at 465 Summerhaven Drive Suite D in DeBary Florida 32713.  Please let me know how to pay.



    1. brainkillsbeercells


      hi Dave PayPal  to G270362@aol.com. if you can send as gift. I'll try to get them out tomorrow. thanks, cheers

    2. brainkillsbeercells


      on my way to the post office, send trackingnumber later, thanks

    3. brainkillsbeercells


      9505 5103 6756 6181 0033 19

      after you install them, let me know what you think.

      all the best and thanks again

  12. Any interest in selling the "Deluxe Junior"?  Just wondered.  Thanks.  Dave Rauschenberger

    1. brainkillsbeercells


      Hi Dave,

      thanks for the interest in the guitar. it's not quite done yet :D. only has a couple of coats of truoil so far. took her out for Saturdays gig and worked pretty good. now i have to figure out if i keep her natural and add more layers of truoil or put a nitro sunburst on. as I'm constantly building guitars i might be interested in selling as I'm running out of space:P thanks and have a great day

  13. brainkillsbeercells

    Show us your new Shishkov thread!

    cool, but you guys need bigger amps already testing the strength of the neck joint at 3:10 beautiful guitar, congratulations