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  1. Hello, Mr. Terrific, (or is it Dr. Terrific?) I've been using these in my 59 Bassman RI for many years. You can order these tubes to your specifications as far as PC=plate current , and TC= Transconductance go. (directly form TAD: https://www.tubeampdoctor.com/en/ ) So, say that you need tubes that run at 60 mA and are very powerful (high transconductance), than just let the people at TAD know. Just contact them. If ordering from Germany is too much of a hassle: Once your local dealer of choice has the TAD tubes in stock:
  2. Oops, I guess I should have been more careful about my thread title. My apologies. I guess one of the 26,3 beers last night was bad. It shan't happen again. As always, good luck to all the contestants. Cheers, Tobias
  3. Happy new year, everyone! Make it a good start into 2015: https://reverb.com/item/419836-hamer-newport-series-90s-tobacco-burst No affiliation. Regards, Tobias
  4. Hi there, I'm on one of my nostalgia trips again, it seems. Emmylou Harris' Wrecking Ball. Have a good weekend, everyone! Regards, Tobias
  5. Hi everyone, Unfortunately this has happened now, I have been having the unsettling feeling that it would eventually happen for some time. Apart from the obvious (hoping that all the Hamer employees stay employed and get to do fulfilling work), I hope that the enthousiasm for Hamer guitars is going to further be conveyed by the members of the HFC and others, and that we hopefully can keep and bring Hamer guitars for sale in/into the "family". I realize that this somewhat of a pointless post, but it's all that I can contribute at the moment. Regards, Tobias
  6. While Hamers are more scarce in Europe and generally much appreciated in Germany, I didn't see that coming. No way I would have gone that high. But maybe I'm just clueless. Regards, Tobias
  7. Thanks BCR Greg, Nice to have two resident repair experts chime in ! I've decided to pass on this one, though. I prefer waiting for a nice Sunburst, FM Special or Studio that's good to go as is. Thanks again to everybody who contributed and to cmatthes for posting the pics as well. (One day I'll take the time to figure out how that works, I promise. ) Have a nice day everyone. Cheers, Tobias
  8. Thanks for the replies, everyone. The seller says the guitar fell and he didn't notice. No word about the missing serial-nr or the replaced nut. Awaiting reply from him concerning the state of the frets. Unfortunately I have no way of playing or inspecting it (before buying). I'll sleep on it and then see. Murkat, I wish I had someone with your experience here in the lowlands. I've been watching you and your work.... Regards, Tobias
  9. Hi everyone, I have my eye on this: http://www.ebay.de/i...=item2a2129113c Forgive me , I haven't figured out how to link to individual pictures directly. I would like to hear the local experts' opinion on the severity of the neck damage and get an estimate of what you guys think this one is still worth. Or if it is worth bidding on at all.... The seller says it's from the late 70s / early 80s. Tuners not original obviously. Thanks a lot in advance! Regards, Tobias
  10. With Scarabs there's definitely room for improvement. The white Blitz comes close to the looks I'd want for my ultimate metal guitar. Add a black Floyd and you are there. Too bad I don't play metal and have no use for Floyds...
  11. Thanks for sharing this good news. It's always nice to read about stuff like this, restores the faith.
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