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  1. I received the red P-90 special and I'm in a state of shock; this guitar could pass for new, it even has new strings. The truss rod is dead on but a couple of note are not ruiging out 100%, it needs the tiniest bit of leveling. I usually put tall frets on every guitar but the '92 neck makes bending easier. The owner plays out a lot but has other guitars. UPS came at noon, I can play a while and still work out at the pool.
  2. I had some frustration with UPS, maybe it was the beer and I should try again.
  3. The P-90 special has been slow to show up on UPS tracking; the store actually called to explain that it was due to a severe medical event. This guy is so decent; he offered to refund my money over a couple of little boo-boos, tiny stuff and I'm not a collector. The tracking says it will be here Friday but that's may be outdated; I'm like a kid counting the days till Christmas! The main thing is I need to know when they load it onto their delivery truck so I can be alert and sign for it. They don't sell well in Houston; I took advantage of that when I bought my Koa topped Mirage.
  4. If the neck was thin I'd be tempted, but studios are a bit heavy for my taste.
  5. You guys have been a bad influence in me; I made what I thought was a lowball offer on Reverb for that red P90 special; they took my offer right away. I haven't seen one in very good condition for condition $700 with case, $60.00 shipping. Everyone says that a 91 has the thin neck; I remember playing one back when they were new. A really good Korean guitar is $600 new so I think I did well. I am so far in debt now.
  6. OOps, I just checked and it's been there for a month; it would be nice if the seller went down.These days so many people sell guitars without a case,, but not USA Hamers from what I've seem. I'm short one Hamer case due to rats.
  7. I love slim necks and the special on Reverb is so tempting. I'd been told something about some years having thick necks, not for me. I'm so indebt or I'd grab the '91 on reverb; I don't think it will be around. One shop in Houston sold these guitars new for about $600 when they were new.
  8. I only knew that Hamers were easy to play when I bought my first one, I sought advice here and someone said this was the one. I thought it looked plain compared to the maple topped artists, but when I took it to jams it got a lot of attention for being so vivid. If I played more I'd get myself in debt here. G
  9. A 25th-anniversary guitar was my first Hamer; I thought it looked plain but was told that it really glowed when I did a jam in a dark club. I wish I'd kept mine; I sold it too cheap because I had a maple topped artist. Right now I'm craving a P-90 special.
  10. I would never buy a new one, I've seen some used ones pretty cheap, especially the LP junior.
  11. This has probably already been covered but I've been gone; where are the current imports made and are they worth messing with?
  12. Nice to get some opinions on Artstars: I used to have an Artist I wish I'd kept. So many companies make pretty guitars which play easily and it's hard to judge tone until you've taken it home.
  13. tubesrus


  14. All this reminds me of several recent doingss on ebay. I was ripped off by a guy who ran up a high feedback score by selling baseball card for about 75 cents each, he sent me a non-working item, about $125, had promised refund to anyone not satisfies, ect. I thought it was an honest foul up and applied for a refund from payapl which I eventually recieved. I thought the guy had died or something,but I caught on to the fact that he was still selling on ebay and had simply changed paypal accounts, when I notified paypal the aparently shup him down, not before he robbed some old lady of her christmas cash. I think he was expecting to be able to sell a lot more before being shut down, I read about software being marketeted that looks for these trends. The other item is I exchanged emails with a guy who sold me a couple of NOS military grade 12at7's, I was stunned to find that he had mailed the tubes before my postal money order reached him, something made him feel I was honest. He and ebay are suing a person who buys items and then claims to not have recieved them, he was basicially harassing sellers until they gave him free stuff. My take is that this guy is trying to extort you, you're allowed a couple of business days to arrange shipping, also you're entitled to make sure a paypal payment clears your bank before shipping, I stipulated that on a recent sale of vintahe hi-fi gear because I thought it might go overseas. The buyer ended up being a us resident with lots of paypal and ebay history so I sent it off, I'll know in a couple of days if it worked out. I thimk you have two choices, stand firm or call his bluff by offering a refund for everything but the shipping.
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