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  1. This is so cool. Bill would really be tickled over this.
  2. Grunge peaked -'nuff said. Grunge wanted the guitars Hamer was building at the time - Cobain didn't "shred", he wailed on a cheap, used Jaguar before anyone really wanted them. Foo Fighters didn't 'shred' - Hamer missed an opportunity to put a Standard in Dave Grohl's hands....he was already playing the crap-Gibson reissues...Green Day wanted guitars - Gibson stepped in...Ozzfest and the Warped Tour WERE ALL GUITAR BANDS......I could go on....that ain't "it"....nu-metal was taking off - Hamer knew what those players wanted, they just refused to connect with those players and build them what t
  3. Here's to Hamer and some I've own/owned, past and present:
  4. Thanks for all the mentions, guys. Being out here in the gulf, I really miss that frackin thing, along with the wife, the kid, the cars... ...but especially The Punisher.
  5. Thanks, guys. It nearly got there!!!! It would have lost to the Strat, anyway.
  6. I had a set and no matter how much I wanted to like them, I couldn't. SUPER bassy, SUPER bright/articulate, not much in the way of mids. They have no kick to them. Awesome clean tone, terrible with dirt.
  7. Man, there's all kinds of cool stuff on that site and the damn thing won't load out here at sea!
  8. I'll be the odd man out. MIJ Charvel Legend: I need some better pics. I also need a big, mean bridge pickup that's still Tele-ish. Any suggestions?
  9. I finally got the net handle. Tattooed Carrot...inked ginger kid...lol
  10. Meth was a plague in San Diego back then, and shipmates were not immune. He'd crushed his left hand some months earlier and the doctor told him he ought to try playing guitar or bass to rebuild some dexterity. He used to come over and I'd sit with him and play bass, so he knew my stuff. I guess it was just a downward spiral, from there. He only came by sporadically and then, after that night, he never showed up, again. I'm pissed, yeah, but he seemed like an ok guy. Part of me wants him to rot in Hell and the other wonders if he ever made it out alive, and if he did, if he ever thinks about st
  11. It's fantastic. I think it needs a set of 10s (these feel like 9s), but other than that, it's the bomb-diggety. It looks just like it did back in 04, like nobody's even played it, except the frets are clean. Back then, I didn't know about 0000 steel wool and they were green except on the very top where the strings rubbed. I got to jam on it last night with my uncle and some friends and it was just awesome. The neck is better than I remember. If they ever post any pics or video, I'll be sure to post it up. I just still can't believe this. BTW: the owner before Kiz, who owned it since late 04,
  12. I was just walking down Memory Lane, reliving all the stuff I did with that guitar. This is the only pic I have of it, 10 years and 60 lbs ago, on the flight deck of the John C. Stennis. It's difficult to believe that at one time, my boobs were actually pecs. Even though this sucks for just about everybody but me, you know this will all come back to you, in one way or another, right? At the very least, I've got some pickups with your name on them, and hell, I DO have a MIJ Bacchus in the same 58 style that's pretty hard to come by. I picked it up in Japan on a port call, I believe, the deploy
  13. I'm working on it, guys. Gene, the COA for this guitar isn't in that format. It's sideways (landscape?) with a decorative border thing and mostly typeface with the sn, # of 72, and signatures filled in in pen on blank lines. I hope the wife can find it. The case, though, is nothing special. It's beat up and the hardware is corroded and it's missing a latch, but there's not a lot to separate it from the other Hamer cases out there. It's more or less exactly the same as the one that came with my 08. The wife is still looking for the COA, but here's a couple quick pics she snapped off of the case
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