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  1. Having owned 7 Knaggs builds ranging from Tier ones costing over 6K to a few T3s I can honestly tell you they are all phenomenal. This is a T3 but it is every bit as good as my T1 Severn with the fancy purfling and pickguard. This guitar has it all, it's super resonant, extremely well balanced and has a deep woodsy tone pallet. The HSH config makes is Super versatile. It rings out so well acoustically you know it's going to kill when you plug it in. Joe Knaggs is not trying make copies of les pauls, tele's or strats with the Severn -It's a true original with shades of influence incorporating all three but is truly a new guitar. Obviously she's a gorgeous guitar, the curly maple top is nicely matched over alder and the finish is in a word -amazing! Knaggs is turning out some of the best guitars in the business right now! I also love the neck carve on all my Knaggs guitars. Call it a medium thick C/D shape that just feels right. The frets are super juicy and are smooth as glass. You can also see from the pictures the deep "comfort" bevel cut, this is one of the most comfortable guitars you will ever play. Action is so good it almost plays itself! Condition is mint! More pictures coming soon. Purchased used on reverb used for over $2800 https://reverb.com/item/4684375-knaggs-severn-faded-forest-green-tier-3 $2650 HFC price all in $2800 Trade value
  2. I am pretty sure he'll ship em but it not, I can certainly pick em up for you and mail em
  3. No Affiliation. I live a few miles away and can facilitate https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/csw/msg/d/schaller-guitar-machine-heads/6637868039.html
  4. beautiful pictures!
  5. Jake8773

    A "Chender" Tele?

    This kind of stuff bugs me. It's a $350 Chinese fake https://www.dhgate.com/store/product/wholesale-oem-custom-22-frets-guitar-rosewood/380729462.html Buyer beware. The no name floyd is so common at Fender CS right LOL oh, and the Made in the USA on the HS! and photo finish!!
  6. If a fake Gibson is a "Chibson"... Does this qualify as a "Chender"? http://www.rig-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=197540
  7. With Red, White and Blue Guitars! Post em' if you got em! Happy fourth gentleman!
  8. PLEASE PM with questions. Thanks! I have been moving away from Strats for a while now but held on to this one for obvious reasons. It's RIDICULOUS! My 2009 James Tyler Classic made in Hollywood, it's probably the best strat I have ever laid hands on and that is saying something as I have owned them all including masterbuilds from the best names at a company I won't name but... it rhymes with "Bender". The guitar is just about mint, EVO gold frets play like butta! The pickups are Duncan 59 and a pair of Suhr Single Coils. Ilitch SSC installed ($270) -think SSCII/Suhr. INFO here: https://www.ilitchelectronics.com/product/bpncs-james-tyler/ Guitar comes with OHSC ppwrk trem bar etc. Absolutely amazing guitar. 59' neck carve (.845-.975) Compound radius board (9.5-12") Alder body-Looks like Swamp Ash but it's not, Maple neck, Maple board, 3-tone sunburst finish, 7.5lbs, Kluson Tuners, Big Tyler HS -no extra charge for awesomeness! $3000 is what I need to clear $3250 In trade value
  9. It's taking time but it should be a done deal I will let you know though
  10. LPS+ sold... The CP-T is still available and it is a KILLER guitar. I am so sure you will love it, I will mail it to you after you have paid. But wait there's more, if you buy in the next 10 minutes I will throw in the hard shell case absolutely free! : ) Ok, seriously, If you don't love this guitar, Ship it back and I will refund you or reverse whatever trade arrangement we make. It's that good I had the opportunity to chat with Chuck (Thornton) about this build and man, he's the real deal. Loves what he does and loves to rap about it. This is my first C.P> Thornton and will not be the last! It nails vintage strat tone all-day. The neck is superb on it. The blend knob (second tone) allows you to dial in the bridge pickup or neck pickup depending in positions 1 & 5. It works great and make gives the guitar a character all it's own. I know I mentioned it already but the neck is one of the best I have felt, it's like an old girl-friend that is even better 20 years later. I think Chuck said he was granted 2-3 patents on the design -his headstock is indestructible and the neck joint is unlike any other. I do not detect any nuance to the tone but there is really no heel, so that is cool. The guitar is very light weight and sounds amazing! Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot pickups, Dunlop 6100 frets, Roasted maple neck and board. Carved Birdseye maple headstock, Alder body, 57' Chevy Bel Air Red paint over alder body, Gotoh 510 tuning machines and bridge New strings and pro set-up. Excellent condition, Comes with hard case. Do your research on CP Thornton. Chuck is a Master Luthier whose completed final set-up and fret installation at Dana Bourgeois guitars and Cooper Violins -all hand made! I have the CP for sale at $1899 on ebay but for the HFC it's yours for $1350 all-in Trade value $1500 Ok, The LP needs no real introduction...SOLD : ( Missed out on a killer LPS+ IMHO
  11. OH NO.... Don't Jump... You are loved! : )