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  1. You know what? I think I will bring him a few Carvins... see what they offer me, If it's selling for 30K maybe I can get him to pay me 10K for one LMAO!
  2. A 30K Carvin Dc127 ???? ummmm no relation! If this guitar was signed by and owned by every Carvin (guitar) endorsee ever it might be worth 30% of his asking price. What the heck??? https://www.ebay.com/itm/303102647349?ViewItem=&item=303102647349
  3. Perhaps it's the "difficulty" of having to use the shift key and fine the quotation marks that drove up the price??? "perhaps"
  4. I really must be doing life all wrong! I am going to try and list a roll of Scott Tissue "UNTOUCHED" for $600 Bucks!!! I mean, who wants TP that has been touched anyway?
  5. 10K Carvin DC400 REALLY? Although... it does say "No reasonable offer will be refused" I don't know about you... but I feel lucky just to have read his ad. I think guitars that have "never been touched" are SUPER rare! I wonder how the hell they built it -Robots??? I can die in peace now!!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/CARVIN-DC4...107032?hash=item285c0de7d8:g:lMAAAOSwRNRbD2dw
  6. I really love ESP guitars, esp... The customs : ) -You get a call from the guy's gf, no way I could say no. It was just a matter of getting it back again
  7. Note, If you know KG you know that last pic is from old -before I laid hands on this beast... I cannot dig up any pics of him using it recently : (
  8. I picked up this Custom shop ESP Eclipse with Koa TOP through a contact that worked as a tech for Queensryche. The guitar belonged to Kelly Gray. As you can see, It was beat to a pulp! I send her out to California to have it refinished by the best refin man alive Mr. Pat Wilkins. It came out PERFECT! I added Cream Bevels and covered Suhr DA pickups to round out the make over and boy did she sound killer. Huge les Paul grunt with more versatility in the mix to boot. I sold the guitar to a friend. Another amazing guitar into the hands of player! That was that, or so I thought. Years later, I get a call out of the blue. It's Kelly's G's Girlfriend asking if I still had that old beat up ESP??? my response... "I do not but I know where it is and it's not beat up ...it was mint last time I saw it". Long story short, I traded another guitar to my buddy and sold it back to Kelly G!!!! Now it's rockin' Operation Mind Crime!
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