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  1. Cool I like the explanation of Blackwood Tek at about 7:10 I think the Reverend folks are okay. I like the Eastpointe/Livonia Michigan Toledo Ohio thing. Survivors. 4. WHAT IS A BLACKWOOD TEK FINGERBOARD? Blackwood Tek is a substitute for rosewood, made from Pinus Radiata, a sustainable New Zealand softwood. This softwood is impregnated with an organic resin, then subjected to extreme heat and pressure. The result is a 100% natural wood product that exhibits the feel, look and sound of rosewood, but is more stable and better for the environment. Reverend Guitars used Black
  2. Ernie, how do you like Reverend's Bass Contour thingy? I have been thinking about a Reverend Sensei Junior (single P90).
  3. Would one of these be model you were referring to? Maybe not. These are MIMs. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fender-Fsr-Ash-Telecaster-Special-Edition-Electric-Guitar-2011/224371328110?hash=item343d92c46e:g:8pwAAOSwd1Jf-o6s https://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-Fender-Standard-FSR-Special-Edition-Natural-Ash-Telecaster-electric-guitar/184604751280?hash=item2afb4cf5b0:g:nAMAAOSwO-Jf78J3
  4. Thanks I will open a UPS account. My local bike shop (REI) is going to service the bike and pack it for shipment. You might be thinking of Bike flights although i will look up shipbikes.com. I asked about the USPS because... in December I went to the main post office in Cleveland and noticed a guitar box in the hamper. It was a Nash guitar being sent by GuitarRiot to England.
  5. I can no longer use my former place of employment to ship via UPS and FedEx. How do you hand over your shipments to UPS or FedEx? I believe the UPS stores are franchised and add more to the cost, but I stand to be corrected. I don't want to leave the guitar with the drug store guys. Should I arrange with UPS or FedEx to pick up at home? Is US post office worth considering? Should I just take the package to the UPS facility about 15 minutes away to be sure? Related question. I want to ship a bike to a bike store in Austria and I would pick it up for a road trip. Does anybody have
  6. I think you might mean trademark rather than patent? I think it is easier to defend a challenge based on an abandoned trademark, i.e. the trademark owner gave up its rights because it was no longer producing the related product. Maybe an IP lawyer on the board can clarify.
  7. I had the old Marantz 2230 serviced. I also re-did some basement space for an office. Any suggestions for decent inexpensive speakers. Thinking floor/towers would work best. Thanks in advance. t
  8. Seems like most Hamers don't last long at DGS. This is a very good price if it is an unmolested Tally in excellent condition. I have purchased 4-5 used items from Dave's and they were all as advertised. If I were looking to get in (I'm not, I have several Ts and TPros) I would not waste a minute here.
  9. Is that a Studio or a Mirage I? Although my Mirage II has a tremolo.
  10. Would Jol have allowed that as a custom order? Or was he out of the picture in 2009-2010?
  11. BUMP Price is firm and fair. You will never find another one. https://app.photobucket.com/u/Pieman_101/a/5f6d1eb0-c83e-4cb4-98cf-d1ebac4ab697
  12. Saw him summer of 1971, I think. Hewas like Jackie Gleason with a Les Paul. Leaned into a riff, and then stepped back. So powerful. I think I saw a YouTube clip from a 1970(?) festival in Cincinnati earlier this year that captured that look and feel. In a GP article, he talked about his summer rock camps. He let anybody play his rig. I thought that was classy. Will dig out "Mountain Climbing" first chance I get. RIP. We owe you.
  13. Are you saying you bought a Talladega that came without a case?
  14. I let one go where the prior owner had installed Lollars. That was at least 15 years ago. Mine did not haver a pickguard. Are those stock volume/tone knobs?
  15. My 24-year old daughter is thinking she wants to take up the ukulele. Thoughts on size, brand? She also plays piano and applies herself to most pursuits, so this could be more than a passing interest. That mini-Squire strat wasn't enough to satisfy her stringed instrument curiosity. Thanks in advance.
  16. Can I ask where all the necks went? Nice bodies. I take it you are a Lollar fan?
  17. What is the marking at the end of the neck near the neck pick up?
  18. Or buy my ultimate quilt-top tiger eye in near new condition for a couple hundred less. Sorry to high jack the thread.
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