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  1. Need to pass on. No idea on price. Michael_B going to help with value.(he's local hamerfanclub). Headstock snap repaired by BCRGreg. God bless his soul. Sustian block,trans red mahogany. USA made. War scars. Can't get pic under .98mb. Help.
  2. Carry on the best you can. Find what works. Your passion for playing the music will take you where you want to go. Learn to play all over again. Peace, Love and guitar strings.
  3. Jim Dunlap makes nylon picks that have a raised relief on the surface that might help with grip it's what I use.
  4. Me. I drop them a lot:) I have nerve damage in my shoulder that makes it difficult. I have a squeeze ball (hacky sak) that I play with and that seems to help sometimes.
  5. bamboohead


  6. A toast to the new guy!!!! another toast to the new guy!!!! lettuce tote the nu guy!!!!!!! chairs dude!!!!!!!!! (falls over)
  7. BTW... my bong goes to 11 and has no tone control. (cough,cough,cough)
  8. Well....my "81" Vector, 2 volume, one tone. Works great. Set the tone at 9.5. WTF are model are u talkin' bout? My bro has only a volume knob. Don't tone c** from the tip o you finger?
  9. It's Patrich O'Hearn or Tony Levin. Flip a P -Bass , PUP's down Tony, PUP's up O'Hearn
  10. Energy sent to mom and family. Be strong.
  11. I found it looking for info to fix the snapped headstock on my "81" Vector. Mid 90's sounds about right. Thanks BCRgreg for fixing it. I remember the flaming pop tarts. There are lots of really great folks at HFC.
  12. funny you should mention God... I have an audition in the next day or two(as soon as I learn the 3 songs I have been given to learn) for a christian rock band. Formerly known as Second stone. The singer sounds like Scott whats-his-name from Creed. They gave me the songs on mp3 and the tabs but I don't read music. So I am working on it playing by ear and I take a break and I'm looking at the tab for the song when all the sudden it hits me, the lines and numbers mean the strings and what fret you play that string on. So now I can only hope that I can do good on the audition. Thanks God for showing me WTF is happening. Buy the way you can also go to Myspace.com, search the music header for The Podunks, click on the Podunks from Colorado Springs,CO and listen to the tune called "and God said". (shameless self promo).Thank you Jesus(who helped me with a live chat when I ordered my Toneworks stomp pedal at MF) Thank you Lord. Can I get an Amen?
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