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  1. Heh. I didn't love the guitar enough to keep it, and it is not on my Regret Selling list at all. But I don't regret the expense on it. Stike kicked so much ass on it, and I feel a little pride that I contributed in bringing a classic back to life.
  2. I guess I need a new avi. I sold the Miller almost right after I got it restored. Still very happy I put the money into doing that, and Stike kicked ass on it.
  3. I sold it to srvwannab But couldn't remember, and someone found the For Sale thread I had on it *and* a thread srvwannab wrote praising the guitar (with a picture)...I didn't think of that sort of search. Anyway, I'm doing fine. I just kinda got to the point I'd said everything I wanted to say about guitars here. Plus, I've really gotten into cheap higher-end Yamahas, don't have any Hamers, don't want any Hamers, and so my tastes just feel like they don't match here as much. But I'm healthy and likely to be around for several more decades, so if y'all ever want or need anything, send me a message and I'll respond.
  4. Yeah. I want it back, now that I've gotten over my locking trem aversion.
  5. Does anyone remember who I sold the Murkat Bengal to?
  6. So I finally killed my guitar GAS by discovering I like scalloped fretboards. Now I have nearly-uncontrollable GAS for scalloped fretboards...
  7. Losing my GAS feels pretty much what I imagine losing my sex drive would feel like.
  8. With the direction of guitars set by PRS and expanded/extended by Carvin (now Kiesel), how soon are we going to start seeing guitarists killed by OB (overbling)?
  9. I can't sing when playing bass with fingers. I can when playing with a pick.
  10. Yeah, I've got the book. Had it for a few years. I've picked it up before and gotten some good progress on it, but never *learned* the songs. Definitely doable. It either sounds harder than it is, or his style of riffing fits my abilities better? Dunno, but I will have the songs learned well enough to play rhythm within about 6 months or so. The solos, tho... No promises.
  11. A man's gotta know his limitations. And then break through them if he can, but he's gotta know them first.
  12. I might have a chance to get most of the rhythms and fills down. But I'm not much of a soloist, so...
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