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  1. I don't think the switches fuck anything up. it's still a Cali. It's still solid flamed maple body. Those pickups probably sound awesome. Ok, sure, for that price you want "unmolested." But they aren't making 30 year old Calis any more. They don't come on the market often, this is the price. If you don't like the price, don't buy it. If you like, well, here's the price. If the price is unacceptable, go ahead and buy one of the other flamed maple Hamer USA Calis that are available right now. What? There are no other choices? Exactly. Don't buy this one, then you have to accept the risk they might just get more expensive in the future. Or maybe you'll get lucky and someone wants to unload one for much cheaper...but can you be sure you'll be the first to see it and grab it?
  2. i was kinda hoping other people would chime in with their least interesting celebrity name drops...
  3. Buyer did a full refresh on it, said both the bridge and the neck were OBL, but the pickups had 3 letter designations, and he didn't know what it meant, so couldn't remember to tell me.
  4. I just sold an amp to Dave Bickler's post-Survivor Reunion solo career former touring guitarist.
  5. I'm probably going to cut the strings and pull the pickup in the next few days. If I do, I'll report back here.
  6. Ugh. I should stop by here more often. As was pointed out, no, not me. If you ever see anything of mine on FB, it's a fake. I will never go to FB for any reason for the rest of my life.
  7. There aren't enough of these sold to know what the price should be. You can say the market narrows due to scalloping, but the obvious counter is: okay, go buy one of the other market-scalloped Calis...and there are none. Heck, when I checked last night, the only other Cali for sale on Reverb at all is the double-necked one. So it comes down to whether scalloping is an actual turn-off or an actual bonus. I think Diablo could sell his flamed maple one on reverb for well over $3500. It's only dropped to $2300 because he's only selling it here. The red one in my AVI sold for $3400 about 6 months ago...or maybe it was longer, time flies. The point of this rambling is: When you're talking about extremely rare items, it's hard to say with any certainty something should be cheaper or more expensive. It's just: does the seller value the money offered more than keeping the guitar, and does the buyer value the guitar more than the asking price? A sale only happens if BOTH sides think they are getting the better end of the deal. Unless desperation is involved, but still: even if the seller WANTS $2500, does he value $1800 in his pocket today more than not knowing when he'll get the $2500, if ever? I'm not to that point yet. I'd rather keep the guitar than accept, say, $2200 now, because I don't need to sell it, and I think there's a chance $2500 (or a little higher on Reverb and eBay) might be enough to get a buyer.
  8. As I feared, asking ain't getting. Since I'm about to drop the price out there to under $3k, I'll do something I wasn't originally planning on: Bump with a new price of $2500 in my pocket (you cover shipping and any fees, or friends/family it through PayPal)
  9. No idea. Seller I bought it from didn't specify. I'll replace the strings and check if you're serious about buying it.
  10. If you grip hard, yeah, you can chord it out of tune, especially in the cowboy chord area. Scalloped frets teach you to play with a lighter touch, if you have a good ear. The one that gave me the most tuning problems is the major D chord. But playing scalloped fretboards has gotten that out of my system. Playing with a lighter touch improves speed and accuracy, as well.
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