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  1. I've never tried one with a trem. I have been scarred by past experiences to never trust ANY 6-screw trem other than a PRS Mann. I've thought about getting one to check, but I haven't found one cheap enough to tempt me yet.
  2. Discovering those has been a VERY pleasant surprise. I had to stop myself from seeking out something from the Apocalypse line. The C-1 SLS Elite is just amazing. No idea how they can sell it that cheap. It seems like it competes with the $2500 and higher Suhrs. I can't explain how easy it is to play. I own several guitars with stainless steel frets, some with ebony fretboards, and some with very low action. The SLS Elite, the strings just glide. Slides are easy, I can't even feel the frets, bends are so fluid, I can be extremely precise and really *hear* the microtonal differences. I don't *think* it's just my imagination. The guitar is also perfectly balanced when I hold it. Light. Thin. I didn't think there was a guitar company that could compete with Yamaha for my regard. The Schecter SLS Elite does it.
  3. I still have too many guitars, and probably always will. I just have sentimental connections with so many, or there's a tone or playability aspect i like about each. But right now, here are my favorite guitars: 1) Schecter C-1 FR SLS Elite: https://www.schecterguitars.com/guitars/c-1-fr-sls-elite-detail Just love how it plays. The stainless steel frets, low action, ebony fretboard just make this the most effortless guitar I have. I don't really like the Fishman active pups that much, but I don't want to swap them out because when they're gone, they're gone. So still trying to find all the tones I like out of it. But it plays so well, I love it despite the tones 2) Kramer Guitars Crusader Deluxe http://garykramerguitar.com/CrusaderDeluxe.html Strangely, the opposite. I don't love the specs on it that much (would prefer ebony fretboard, black hardware), but I LOVE the tones on this guitar so much. In many ways, this is what a guitar should sound like. Love the middle position, too. Difference in tone between middle position with the switch activated or not. 3) B-Way Mercury Head Just an amazing guitar. Plays great, sounds great, looks great, rare. Why is it #3? Honestly, the top 5 are all pretty much equal. Ask me on a different day, and I'd give you a different order of my favorites. 4) Variax JTV '69 https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/JTV69SBKM--line-6-jtv-69-variax-black I bought it for the modeling, but I just love playing it through the magnetic pickups. It's that good. Use this as the main guitar for learning SRV Pride and Joy. 5) Yamaha PAC 611 The perfect gigging guitar if you don't need/want a trem. Custom Custom in the bridge, split coil push/pull knob, 3-way switch, P-90 in the neck, volume balanced between bridge and neck pups, low action, compound radius, graphite saddles and nut, locking tuners that are easiest I've worked with for changing strings, flamed maple top, comfortable neck (not too thin, not chunky). It works for every style I've tried to play, from metal to surf to funk to ballads to motown. Honrable Mention: Schecter C-6 Pro Aqua Burst https://www.schecterguitars.com/guitars/c-6-pro/c-6-pro-aqua-burst-detail Love the tone. Ebony fretboard, low action, thin neck. But the reason I bought it is it has the exact same tone (including coil taps, and the middle position quack) as the Gary Kramer Crusader Deluxe. Plus, pretty.
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking, and I very nearly pulled the trigger for the exact same reasons. But, in the end, it would be no higher than #18 or so in my stable, so it wasn't worth it to add in.
  5. Fair enough. For all the people *I've* dealt with in buying and selling guitars, he seems to be above average in sense of honor. If he weren't, the guitar would already be on its way to me. It isn't, and I appreciate that.
  6. But he did when I put in the offer. He wouldn't sell it to me until he was sure I was clear. The all-thumbs repair was from before him, so he doesn't have any personal knowledge of what was done/how/why. I just told him I decided not to take the chance, and he was very gracious. I don't know for sure, but I gotta think if someone just bought it outright without an offer, he'd still check to make sure they understood before shipping, or else cancel the sale.
  7. Talked to him. I actually put an offer in, and he didn't accept it until I confirmed I actually knew all the problems and still wanted it. He's a good guy.
  8. Thinking about getting this. On the one hand, I don't need another guitar. On the other hand, I don't mind beater guitars. The crack seems to be stable. It was there when he got it, and he's had it for years. Sub $400 for a USA Hamer seems pretty good, regardless of cosmetic appearance. Just not sure about that crack.
  9. It's possible, but I'm going to say "no" for three reasons: 1) Tommy Shaw was playing a black cherry maple-boarded Cali in that timeframe, so it is might just be the black cherry one (which only shows the black cherry sparkles when the light hits it right) 2) It was a contest guitar, and signed by Ted rather than Tommy. I doubt they would give a way a guitar that had already been through one or more concerts. Tho I could be wrong. Still, if Tommy played it, he was famous enough you'd think he would have signed it, too 3) I would probably have to cut off my left arm if I let a guitar played/owned by Tommy Shaw slip through my fingers
  10. well, if it drives you as crazy as it has me, I can take that as consolation
  11. I'm trying to find a song. I could have sworn it was Jim Stafford, but I can't find it on either of his 70s albums. I'm pretty sure it was from about the same time frame, mid-70s. It'a about a guy who likes a girl, but she's pretty rough. So he carves "I love you, ____!" in a tree, then brings her to see it. She's so moved she grabs the knife and carves "I love you, too, ____!" He then says, "It took ______ stitches to close up my chest" It just seems like a Jim Stafford style lyric. Ray Stevens was a little sillier. Mac Davis didn't have that kind of humorous song. I've googled it a dozen times with different combinations trying to find it. Has anyone heard of this song????
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