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  1. well, it optimizes the vibrational transfer, init?
  2. I actually like the usb port for music better than the old CD player. No need to change discs when I want to change bands or genres or even languages. I can set up different folders. Or even different USB sticks, since changing out takes 3 seconds, and you don't have to fumble with finding the right disc, putting it back in the CD wallet. I've found 4GB seems to be the magic amount for me. 8GB is too much. But 4GB means I can have ALL my favorite chinese songs. Or ALL my favorite 80s hair metal and hard rock. Or ALL my favorite fingerstyle and jazz guitar. or ALL my favorite cl
  3. Actually, at 50, I *am* improving. But about half my guitars have stainless steel frets, and I really do like the feel of them better. It is really difficult to get me interested in a guitar these days. That aluminum neck was just unique enough to get me to do it. This one comes close...but without stainless steel frets, it just doesn't cross the bar anymore.
  4. Okay, I thought this was amusing. For Donnie Iris' video for "Ah Leah", for the solo break, they showed him playing...the *rhythm* part. On the other hand, both Love is Like a Rock and Ah Leah have pretty heavy rhythm parts. I approve of that, at least.
  5. I think you got the symbol for "pesos" wrong.
  6. It's probably not worth changing. Looks like you'll just have to sell the Diablo to me for $400.
  7. It depends on the buyer, and it depends on the mods. I let an Aztec Gold Diablo slip away that had been refretted with stainless steel frets, and the pickups switched to Dimarzio 36th Anniv with a push-pull coil split. THAT made the guitar much more valuable to me. And to others, as well. The guy I sold it to won't sell it back to me!!
  8. That damage probably happened by removing the middle pickup.
  9. missing the trem arm is a big red flag for me on this one.
  10. I tried pandora or spotify a few years ago, but after playing 4-5 songs I liked/wanted in the genre I chose, it started veering off, and it was apparently impossible to choose the song I wanted next. I *did* go to the trouble of making a few YouTube lists, because I was already searching for new music using YouTube as it was. Of course, it is annoying when you have a playlist set up like you like it, and then 10% of the songs are removed for copyright violations every time you load it up. So at this point, I use an .mp3 downloader to get new Chinese Mandopop music from YouTube, and
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