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  1. here you go: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Luthier-Project-TELE-GUITAR-BODY-s-Vintage-Swamp-Ash-Light-Weight-Great-Projects/154285028191?hash=item23ec1ab35f:g:oCIAAOSwVURf-mad ...after thinking about it a little bit, these seem WAY too cheap to be Musikraft. But that's what it says is the manufacturer...maybe he just cloned it from someone else's Musikraft sale? Dunno. Do due diligence before you buy.
  2. Loudness: LIghtning Strikes Giant: Last of the Runaways Survivor: Hard to pick, because there are so many good songs on their first few albums, but I'll go with their first album: Survivor Night Ranger: Dawn Patrol Van Halen: Women and Children First Shino (林晓培): Shino For 刘虹嬅 (Ginny Liu): 一人跳舞 刘春如 (Stacy Lau): 一直如此 (her only album) Metallica: Master of Puppets Triumph: Thunder 7 Alice in Chains: Facelift Yngwie J. Malmsteen:
  3. Meh. 1970 quarters have better tone. I wouldn't pay more than $10.43 for a 1971, even if that is what EVH had in his.
  4. Another good source is probably Estate Sales, if your area has them. Rich old people are more likely to have a high quality multiple disc changer, and at an Estate Sale, they go cheap because no one really wants them.
  5. Aside from that, tho, it's probably a mis-aligned laser, which is probably a rare occurrence, and you just got the bad one. If the earlier one worked fine, just get another Onkyo. I've heard good things about them, and it is unlikely to have two bad ones in a row.
  6. He really does. And they all seem pretty cheap. Considering that Gary Kramer Turbulence-R.
  7. I'm by no means an expert, but my current understanding is that at some point, Hamer switched from Dimarzio to unlabeled Seymour Duncans. Early on, it was usually a Jeff Beck/59 or Jeff Beck/Jazz combo, later on, it could be Phat Cats, Seth Lovers, or anything. Again, not an expert, but I remember seeing the Parallel Axis pickups first and mostly on Californian Elites. So I think that was stock. Having this in a Diablo, since it doesn't have the Seymour Duncan name on the pickup, I'd guess that's how it came from the Hamer factory, but I could be 100% wrong. The point is, tho, th
  8. I agree the transparent green is gorgeous. The one I thought was the most beautiful, tho, had a reddish pao ferro fretboard. Something about the non-paint red contrasting with the green was just gorgeous. Which I had thought to take/keep a good picture...
  9. It's not just the look, it's the tone. They are stacked P90s, and the 502V Custom has them wired with the switch being parallel/series. Soren Anderson gets some BEAUTIFUL tones from that: But I finally decided that I love the PAC 611 HFM so much (Custom Custom in the bridge, with a coil split push/pull knob, regular Seymour Duncan P90 in the neck), that I decided to go with a cheap used PAC 611 VFM instead. If I ever get a chance to audition for a gig again, the PAC 611s are probably my gigging guitars. GREAT tones, neck & bridge volume very balanced, perfe
  10. Buy, I sure could use a spare Yamaha PAC 502V Custom anyone has sitting around doing nothing.
  11. Didn't Bobby McFerrin do some polyphonic stuff at times
  12. Okay, y'all, time to put me some f'n knowledge in here, if you don't mind. So many people have talked about "mastering in _____." I didn't do any mastering. I don't know what that is. I guess I can grasp that "mastering" is fiddling with the EQ knobs and stuff to balance parts and make sure parts aren't muddy and stuff. I did tweak the slider knobs for output on each of the parts, like deciding I wanted the drums louder, and on the doubled guitar parts, there were times one amp was "louder" than the other, so I messed with those sliders to often make the Left channel slightly quiete
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