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  1. does the trem stabilizer mean that when you bend one string, the others don't sag?
  2. But from straight on, they look normal. From what I can tell, it sure looks like factory scalloping. If not, it was very professionally done. But I think factory, because I really doubt the inlays were that thick to still have a presence after grinding down. I don't know how they did the inlays to make them follow the curve so well---I don't *think* the inlay material is that flexible to just lay it in and have it bend to fit--but whatever they did, it works.
  3. Sounds pretty good, and the action is low, so maybe I'll just keep it on this body. Hate the pickup ring, tho. And the white neck pickup cover...might try to just change the cover, if that's possible. Someone was asking how the inlays worked with the scalloping. From some angles, they look like they curve, as the remaining pictures will show.
  4. Fishman Triple Play can do it, too. There are always some transcription issues/errors, so it does often require editing after you finish playing.
  5. Yeah, the one I have is also just plain good fun. Hard to let that go. There's a number of very similar strat or soloist bodies you can check out. I actually first found the Schecter C-1 SLS Elite FR-S at my local Guitar Center. Loved how it played, but didn't like the Effluence pickups. But I saw a Blackjack SLS Aquaburst for cheaper, so returned the C-1 SLS Elite and bought the Aquaburst But the trem arm cap kept loosening. So I sold it when I saw (and bought) a purple burst blackjack SLS, again at my local Guitar Center. I had to do some research to find out that even though the purple burst Blackjack had SLS in its name, it didn't actually have stainless steel frets (which is what I'm pretty sure the SLS is supposed to indicate StainLess Steel), so I returned it to Guitar Center when I found the Banshee at the same Guitar Center a few weeks later (still within the return window). The point is that despite 3 different names, they were all almost exactly the same guitar. Minor differences of finish or trem body (the Banshee has a Floyd Rose 1500, slightly better than the 1000 the Blackjack had), body wood, or sometimes pickups. So if you see one of those for sale where you can try it out, check it out. It might be as fun.
  6. I'm strongly considering putting the scalloped neck (reverse headstock) on the salmon blush body. So at this point, not ready to consider selling. There is a picture of the salmon blush cali as my AVI photo.
  7. I finally found it: a Hamer USA with factory-scalloped frets without being a Virtuoso. And it has Boomers! So I overpaid for it, probably. But it was worth it to me to overpay to make sure I got it, so it isn't overpaying if it's the price you're willing to pay, right? Anyway, so I still have the salmon blush Californian Elite that has just become wall art, because while it plays and sounds fine, it doesn't have a scalloped fretboard. I figured I'd sell the salmon blush to get money back I put into this one. But then I thought: They are both bolt-on necks. The incoming one has a reverse headstock...can/should I swap necks? Then again, I don't mind this one being beat up. It means I wouldn't have to be as careful with it. And if I swap the necks, it messes with the serial number database, right? I guess I'll try swapping the neck and see how it plays and feels, and then decide whether to make it a permanent change or not. Thoughts?
  8. It's a Schecter Banshee Elite-6 FR-S in gloss natural. I think there should be an SLS in there because it has stainless steel frets, but Schecter is sometimes inconsistent in its nomeclature. I want to get rid of it because it has a floyd rose and isn't scalloped, but it's just too good to sell.
  9. One thing Darrel Braun missed: the strings go to the center of where the post would be on normal tuners. But on normal tuners, the nut slots are aligned with the outer edge of the post. It's only a millimeter difference, I guess, but it will NOT be a completely straight string run if you install these. That angle probably isn't enough to cause binding and tuning issues when using the trem. But it might. Also, it could potentially cause a shift in string angle for the entire string if you have some types of roller nut. Personally, the seem fugly to me. They are very close to the Firebird (banjo?) tuners that came with one warmoth partscaster I bought, and while those held in tune well and were great for precise tuning, the length of the tuning knob in back meant that the low E string ALWAYS got knocked out of tune when I hung it on the wall hanger. This would likely do the same thing. So as soon as I discovered the Hipshot Universal Mounting Plate that meant I wouldn't have to drill holes to replace it, I immediately bought a set and installed it on the guitar, and instantly improved my satisfaction with the guitar. Now, maybe Riot Tuners > Firebird/Banjo tuners. It is really hard to account for personal taste. These things apparently are constantly sold out, so a lot of people like them. I am not one of them.
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