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  1. I'd like to own those Milkman amps on the first page. I don't know what this is.
  2. Wow! Maybe I'm crazy, but if I was in the market for a Studio I'd grab that.
  3. I did not know Eric except for the posts on this board. I don't mean to cast any shade on his family or friends. I've been around and know when people pass away things sometimes disappear. I was camping with a friend this summer and I commented that I liked his sleeping bag liner. He told it was made from his dads World War II parachute. He went on to say it was the only physical thing he got from his dad because his sister went through the house and cleaned out anything of value before he got there. Secondly I would suspect staff or lurkers at the facility he was staying. I would think if someone is ignorant enough to pawn that off they will be found out as that guitar screams, look at me. I hope the guitar is returned to it's owner.
  4. https://www.npr.org/2019/09/03/757100498/elvis-guitarist-james-burton Growing up I was not an Elvis fan and I did not know who James Burton was. It wasn't until Fender released the 3 pickup James Burton Telecaster I realized who he was. It was my loss, because I really appreciate his playing now.
  5. I really like the DD pickups. I cringe when I see Tally's missing the DD pickups. I can't speak for the pickups in the Talladega Pro.
  6. I understand sales tax to the point that if I make a purchase in my state, my state gets a cut of that purchase. What I don't understand is how can my state can collect sales tax on something I purchase out of state? Wyoming does not call this Sales Tax, they use the term "Use Tax". In my mind my sales tax should go to the state where I made the purchase not my state. My state did nothing to facilitate or help commerce in the state where the sale was made. To a point I don't mind paying tax as I think roads, sidewalks, parks, police, emergency services, state radio, national weather service, and military are a good thing. However the level of government services I want is probably not to the level or same batch of things that someone else wants (Conservative vs Liberal, or Republican vs Democrat). I guess at the end of the day the governments view is tax every income, transaction, license, lodging, driving, eating, drinking, smoking, walking, talking, and dying at every possible angle. All I can say is just pay your tax, or start going to your city council, school board, and state public forum meetings and let your voice be heard.
  7. I think I watched this documentary on Netflix a while back. It's been a while but I think Alice Cooper says his hired guns have to look cool, be tolerable to live with, and be A players. I highly recommend the full documentary. In summary "It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll". She's probably only missing one requirement. I'm missing all three.
  8. I missed it. I will say; you guys are a tough crowd. I won't be surprised if you end up liking it.
  9. I need more information. What language are they singing? Is there a translation? They look pretty white to be members of any tribe. Sorry for the ignorance.
  10. I've always wanted an Echotone. I just did some searching. I wish I would have seen this last year. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/hamer-echotone-with-seth-lovers.1795459/
  11. I actually want the guitar. What's it worth. Does anyone know anything about Echotone's. I think Hamer made a few different series of these. Is this one China, Indonesia, or Korea?
  12. I like the guitar. The inlays are a bit hokey but I'd definitely trade my Talladega straight up for it. I agree 100% with Dutchman. Selling a guitar for +5000 and you're laying directly on paved surface? A truck tire or railroad track and railroad tie would not bother me as those are smooth surfaces. Asphalt, rock, or gravel should knock $1000 off of a $4000 guitar bringing the total to $3000.
  13. To Hamer's credit, I don't think the gal detracts the object being sold. The eBay items I would not want to touch in fear of contracting a STD.
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