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  1. It looks cool. However I'm more interested in the Telecaster and Strat's hanging on the wall.
  2. I actually like the guitar. If I was in need of a budget guitar I'd consider an offer of $299. I would have to change the pickups out for some A5's. I haven't yet, but I'm of the mindset that every guitar player should post a guitar for sale on Reverb or eBay in that $39,000 range. I've seen everything else inflated such as the run on GameStop stock. If the listing is honest about who played or owned the guitar, I'll be jealous and take my hat off to anyone who can sell a $300 for $38,000 and then say to myself, why didn't I do that.
  3. If I was looking for a Studio I would not hessite to pursue that. I'd recommend using the same measures with any online guitar purchase. That guitar might be a little high in price, but I think I sold a Custom Studio in the $1400 range about 4 - 5 years ago. His gold top is a looker too. For myself I used to really like the victory inlays (I have the same opinion about birds). Anymore they just cause nausea. That said I still own 3 guitars with victory inlays. Thankfully my 2 PRS guitars have dots.
  4. Whether it's the Vintage S or the T-62, I've never quite figured out the reasoning for the 6/7 body size. I could see it for a younger player. I myself think the body size of a regular Strat is just right. If the T-62 was regular size I'd own one. I think in the past there have been some nice mint green T-62's posted here on the FS board.
  5. Wow, I can't believe you have to search for an Artist. They used to be one of the most common Hamer's to pickup up used, besides the Specials.
  6. I'm pretty sure someone on this forum was looking for one of these a few months back. There does not seem to be as much appreciation for the Monaco as the Monaco III. I like them both.
  7. Wow I'm going to look into that. That definitely looks like it's the way to go. I'd also be interested in hearing comments from people using the Synergy pre amps. If my memory is correct Randall had pluggable preamps years back. It looks like Synergy has a nice selection of preamps. The T-DLX and 800 would keep me happy for a while.
  8. That's a bargain! Where were these pickups a year ago when I bought 3 new ones for my MIII. I'm thinking I paid $100 each.
  9. I'm pretty sure I sold that to the seller a year ago for a little over half of what it's listed at. I'm guessing I had it listed on HFC for $1900 - $2000. I really liked the DD pickups. I'd definitely buy it back for what I sold it for. The current seller is obviously a better photographer than me, hence the higher price. Hamer Talladega 2008 Black Transparent | Darren's Shop | Reverb
  10. I apologize, I should have never brought up the suit. This thread could have been dead 2 pages earlier.
  11. He's wearing a white suit on the Heartbeat video. The suit that comes with the Charvel is charcoal?
  12. I'm sure Gibson is using this as a marketing ploy. However it does not negate the fact that this is a great interview. If I knew anyone aspiring to make music a career I'd tell them this is a must listen to interview.
  13. I heard the news this morning. I told my wife it brings back a lot of memories. My parents had a best of Charlie Pride 8 track that was always in the mix when traveling in the car. He will be missed by many.
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