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  1. That's a fine guitar. I don't think the price is that far out of reach. One could contact the seller and play the expert. I know all about these guitars... BTW the fingerboard radius is 14"... Will you consider $2500...
  2. I really like that model. I like the chrome hardware on the 25th's apposed to the gold hardware on the Cognac's. Although I think it's over priced, I do believe Willcutt is in a good position to price their guitars high and leave room for negotiation. In addition I've notice Willcutt knows how to photograph their guitars. For the longest time Willcutt had a SuperPro posted that I Gas'd over for the longest time. I actually caved and called them with an offer to buy it. Luckily they sold it right before I called. Later I saw someone post a SuperPro for sale and they posted their pictures and the original Willcutt pictures. I realized from that sellers pictures that my SuperPro was the same color as the one Willcutt had previously sold.
  3. I wish I would have seen it. Was it listed at $3300? I've always been intrigued by the Triple Threats although I doubt I'll ever buy one. It must of been priced right because it does not come up when I click the link. I have to assume the buyer haggled a bit too.
  4. dhuber

    Les Paul Standard, Long Scale

    What is a SuperPro?
  5. dhuber

    Tally Wiring Pic, Please.

    What's that suppose to mean? Now I'm curious. I guess I'll have to take the cover off my Tally and look.
  6. dhuber

    GAS related to season?

    We have the winter season where I live. I tend to be inside and on the computer more that time of year and that's always been GAS season.
  7. I actually like this one: https://reverb.com/news/20-guitars-with-totally-unprecedented-body-shapes
  8. Jim Dunlop Dark Grey .88 MM for everything from10's on an electric to 12's on an acoustic . I would call this a medium pick. I used to use really light picks but I moved up to the .88 and this is as heavy as I can get used to.
  9. I'm not much of a vintage guitar guy. I like everything about that guitar except the nitrocellulose lacquer on the fret board. I don't think I'd like nitrocellulose lacquer on the back of the neck either for that matter. I suppose it wears off over time. The light weight, 12" fretboard radius, and A3 and A5 Pickups would be nice.
  10. I just happened to watch this video last night. Love or Hate his pickups, I thought it was an inspiring story.
  11. My offer was excepted on a Panama Conqueror 5. Although it was a used one not part of the sale. I got it cheap enough were if I don't like it I'll just sell it again. I've been kind of looking for a small class A amp. We'll see...
  12. Dr. Z, Matchless, Tone King or similar modern boutique amp. I don't own any of these amps, but I guess maybe I should try one out because this is what Reverb thinks I should be using.
  13. Some small amps such as my Roland Micro Cube use an external supply. The Micro Cube uses the same 9V as a pedal board. I use a cheap one-spot external supply with my Micro Cube. I'm sure one could easily find a 240V to 9V supply, being that's what they must use across the pond.
  14. I'm glad that Telecaster sold. It was calling my name.
  15. From this Demo I can tell you I like the pickups in the PRS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEBxrOLvVho