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  1. I think we will see a lot of musical equipment hitting the market. NPR reported this morning that Jazz musicians are going to be hit hard, because all the venues where they play are shutting down. In my mind it's not just jazz musicians, it's anyone that plays at a night club, small theater, or out door park stage. Even the churches are shutting down in my town.
  2. That Newport is Sweet. Unfortunately I can't buy anything right now. And as above I'd guess transparent red.
  3. Does anyone know how many of these were made? Are they the same fret board radius 14.5" as other Hamer's?
  4. https://somniumguitars.com I think Gibson attempted this a while back with one of their LP models. It makes sense to me. I'm a Strat guy, but I'd purchase the Tele shape and run 3 single coil pickups. I'm glad someone's doing this with their guitars. I hope they succeed.
  5. Wow, it looks like the Talladega sold on Reverb. Thank you all for all the nice comments. I'm taking the Monaco III and Monaco off the sale table. I do need to clean more house. However I plugged the MIII and Monaco in last night and decided I'm not quite ready to depart with these two instruments yet. I have some other items I can clean up and then revisit my guitars. IMO the Monaco line up and Talladega's are the pinnacle of Hamer's products. Thanks again... Jakeboy: I don't know much about the tuners on your MIII except that Hamer also used the same tuners on their Newport line up. They definitely add a touch of class to your guitar.
  6. Wow, I'm just packing a Super Pro I sold. I'm really trying hard to sell 5 electric guitars and one 12 string acoustic that are not getting played and control my purchasing. This is not helping...
  7. Here's what I found in regards to the Boss DS-1. It's probably not true, but I've often thought every Boss Overdrive / Distortion pedal is the same basic pedal with a few component changes. I wish I had all their schematics for all their pedals. I'm guessing the first line on the graph below should read 4.8KHz not 48KHz. https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/boss-ds-1-mods-1?page=2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Vz63o-wmXo
  8. My first electric guitar was a Peavey Patriot. Gone is the Classic 100 amp. I still own a KB100, Peavey Classic 30 combo, Peavey Classic 30 Head. and Peavey Classic 20 combo converted to a Head. I did not know Peavey was doing anything in the States. I guess it would make sense that there higher end guitars would continue to be manufactured in the States.
  9. I clicked on this hoping you had some good advise on a mod for the DS-1. I own a lot of Boss pedals and the BD-1 and OD-3 with the gain set at a little over 1/3 are my favorite Boss Overdrives. I had 2 DS-1's at one time thinking I'd mod the second. I sold the second one and now I'm down to one stock DS-1. For only $20 I'd recommend that you keep the DS-1, and yes mod it. If you want to sell it for $20 calculate ground shipping to 82201 and PM me the total. When I get time I'll mod it and give you a full report. Another option is list it on Reverb at the higher end of what they're going for. I've sold a few pedals on Reverb that I had priced on the high end and after a year or two someone purchased them. The only problem with this technique is they usually sell at a time when it's inconvenient to ship them. My last reverb sale I noticed the notification in my email a week after it sold. I shipped the pickup a week late and the buyer surprisingly never complained.
  10. Yes, the amber burst is more orange across the top with brown back and sides, where the 59 burst fades more to a red along the edge with a maroon back and sides. Those pictures above look like they were taken buy Willcutt Guitar's. They know how to photograph.
  11. I've never played through one. From the reviews I've seen it looks like a great unit and I'm sure it's built well. I don't see anyone complaining about it. I'd be infested in the head, but the 30 or 60W combo would probably be enough. From a user point of view I don't understand the Tone Capsule thing. I'm guessing the user can't EQ in the same tones as the individual capsules. So now the user has bought something like a DSP modeling amp and instead of turning the dial for the next amp, that person is paying $200 to access that patch. There are a lot of DSP options out there. I don't see myself pulling the trigger for any of them. If I was a touring or recording musician I'd see some value for consistency, reliability and lighter weight compared to a regular valve amp. I'm glad to see the majority of amp manufactures continue to R&D and improve this technology. I think they've all arrived with this technology, and it's only going to get better.
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