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  1. To Hamer's credit, I don't think the gal detracts the object being sold. The eBay items I would not want to touch in fear of contracting a STD.
  2. I grabbed a full size black one on a whim from MF Stupid Deal of the Day last week $69. Which was actually cheaper than used ones on Reverb. I thought if I did not like it I'd sell it but as it turns out it's a keeper. They take the Way Huge part seriously when they're building the chassis because it does seem a bit large. I haven't taken the pedal apart but it fells like an empty box when I hold it in my hand.
  3. I currently own one of these completely stock that I bought off this board. It's the only Gibson I own. I'm guessing mine is a 2015, but I was unaware of problems with the 15's. I put a completely black truss rod cover on mine because I did not like the ultra white lettering with all the other plastic on the guitar being aged white. The maple top on mine does not match up perfect with the mahogany body on the sides and it's the heaviest 10 lbs guitar I've ever owned. Other than that I think these are real nice looking and playing guitars.
  4. Are they going to make it in Trans Red. Years ago I thought a friend of mine had a Trans Red model. It played and sounded great. When he was thinning out guitars I told him that's the one I wanted however that was the one he kept. I think that brown mahogany is ugly! I might be wrong, but all I can say is let me know how that works out for you Gibson.
  5. I must own the 609 as mine does not have the selector switch. I'm sure I paid at least $99 for the 609. This video explains the difference. I've used my mic, but never to record with, so I can't even tell you what the 609 sounds like. I can say it's a handy design.
  6. dhuber

    New “NEW” Hamer Day

    That's too bad. However if Uncle Dick #2 was in your closet you'd have to finish it yourself because if you took it to someone to get finished you'd never see it again. I know nothing about how Hamer's closing went down, but I would think they would have called Rick and said, We can't finish your guitar but you can come pickup what we have so far? I know if that custom was being built for me I would have paid for what was done. I don't wish any harm to Rick. When he does pass away I'm wondering if a finished version of Uncle Dick #2 will resurface on an auction sale.
  7. dhuber

    Guitar skills implants

    I'd want to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Hey wait a minute...
  8. dhuber

    New Gibson CEO

    I actually like the denim finish if it was printed on under the top coat and not real fabric. Is that picture edited or the real deal?
  9. That's a fine guitar. I don't think the price is that far out of reach. One could contact the seller and play the expert. I know all about these guitars... BTW the fingerboard radius is 14"... Will you consider $2500...
  10. I really like that model. I like the chrome hardware on the 25th's apposed to the gold hardware on the Cognac's. Although I think it's over priced, I do believe Willcutt is in a good position to price their guitars high and leave room for negotiation. In addition I've notice Willcutt knows how to photograph their guitars. For the longest time Willcutt had a SuperPro posted that I Gas'd over for the longest time. I actually caved and called them with an offer to buy it. Luckily they sold it right before I called. Later I saw someone post a SuperPro for sale and they posted their pictures and the original Willcutt pictures. I realized from that sellers pictures that my SuperPro was the same color as the one Willcutt had previously sold.
  11. I wish I would have seen it. Was it listed at $3300? I've always been intrigued by the Triple Threats although I doubt I'll ever buy one. It must of been priced right because it does not come up when I click the link. I have to assume the buyer haggled a bit too.
  12. dhuber

    Les Paul Standard, Long Scale

    What is a SuperPro?
  13. dhuber

    Tally Wiring Pic, Please.

    What's that suppose to mean? Now I'm curious. I guess I'll have to take the cover off my Tally and look.
  14. dhuber

    GAS related to season?

    We have the winter season where I live. I tend to be inside and on the computer more that time of year and that's always been GAS season.
  15. I actually like this one: https://reverb.com/news/20-guitars-with-totally-unprecedented-body-shapes
  16. Jim Dunlop Dark Grey .88 MM for everything from10's on an electric to 12's on an acoustic . I would call this a medium pick. I used to use really light picks but I moved up to the .88 and this is as heavy as I can get used to.
  17. I'm not much of a vintage guitar guy. I like everything about that guitar except the nitrocellulose lacquer on the fret board. I don't think I'd like nitrocellulose lacquer on the back of the neck either for that matter. I suppose it wears off over time. The light weight, 12" fretboard radius, and A3 and A5 Pickups would be nice.
  18. I just happened to watch this video last night. Love or Hate his pickups, I thought it was an inspiring story.
  19. My offer was excepted on a Panama Conqueror 5. Although it was a used one not part of the sale. I got it cheap enough were if I don't like it I'll just sell it again. I've been kind of looking for a small class A amp. We'll see...
  20. Dr. Z, Matchless, Tone King or similar modern boutique amp. I don't own any of these amps, but I guess maybe I should try one out because this is what Reverb thinks I should be using.
  21. Some small amps such as my Roland Micro Cube use an external supply. The Micro Cube uses the same 9V as a pedal board. I use a cheap one-spot external supply with my Micro Cube. I'm sure one could easily find a 240V to 9V supply, being that's what they must use across the pond.
  22. I'm glad that Telecaster sold. It was calling my name.
  23. From this Demo I can tell you I like the pickups in the PRS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEBxrOLvVho
  24. Can I suggest the blue G&L Lagacy currently in the FS section. I’ve never played a G&L But these look like some fine guitars.
  25. Wow, I can’t believe it’s still here. This board amazes me.