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  1. Found this Joe Gore blog post (and video) about his like of flatwounds. https://tonefiend.com/guitar/flatwound_addiction/ They can sound good with gain (I think). Never tried a set myself though. Maybe someday..
  2. Thanks Zen, I do have an X3 Live, I first watched this on an iPhone and didn't see your link. Sorry you had to do all that typing! I've downloaded your patches but didn't have time to play through them. Tomorrow night I hope to indulge in some 80s metal and early VH. Thanks again! Regards, Jim
  3. Fantastic playing and tone Zen! Would you mind sharing your Pod X3 settings for that? (I know you also boosted with the Badgerplex) Regards, Jim
  4. I know what you mean, I've been a set neck, humbucker player forever. For harder rock, that worked best of course. But I'm older and mellower, and the band I'm in now is doing more varied stuff from the '70s and '80s, like Fleetwood Mac, Pretenders, Eurythmics, Tears for Fears. Now I need jangle, and my HB guitars just weren't doing it. Plugged in a Squier Classic Vibe Tele Thinline, and there was the jangle and cut I had been missing. Seems a shame I've got two nice Les Pauls and an Ibanez semi-hollow that just don't cut it like the Tele does. Hamer-wise, my Phantom Custom has two singles on
  5. My vote is for Driven To Tears. We did that one once at an open stage and it was well received.
  6. I agree with Brooks - I have both. I've had a Line 6 X3 Live for a couple of years, and it's great. I like taking just it and 2 guitars to a gig or open stage. However, I am then at the mercy of the sound guy and monitor system. Sometimes I can't hear myself as well as I'd like. It didn't take me too long to dial in a few good basic patches (clean, grit, crunch, metal). I never thought I was a tone guru but the other guitarist in my band (a seasoned road veteran) just got the same unit and asked me for some tips on dialing it in. Last summer I bought a Boogie Mark V combo. So far I've only use
  7. I guess you have to import one so that it plays within the application, probably to prevent lag and the need to load the iPod app into memory. If that's what it means. I'm certainly intrigued!
  8. Looks like you can't play along with the music on your phone (I think they'd consume too much memory / processor together). That kind of ruins it for me, as I'd mainly be using it to practice / learn songs.
  9. 2112 changed my life when I first heard it back in '77. I was 9, and my friend liked to play the synth intro only, and then he'd pick up the needle and stop. One day I said "let it play" and the rest was history! Rush instantly became my favourite band. Ultimately my favourite albums are the 'ES-355' ones, ie. A Farewell to Kings through Moving Pictures. But 2112 will always hold a special place in my heart. Regards, Jim
  10. I saw my Phantom Custom at a local store and it reminded me of the SS1 I had back in the day. So I tried it out, clean, through a small practice amp. The clean sounds were so good I bought it right away. It just felt right, and looked gorgeous (mine is the amberburst version). At jams it just quietly gets the job done, it is definitely my best all-arounder, the one to grab for open stages where I don't know what I'm going to be playing. It hardly ever gets noticed, but a few guitar players have taken a closer look and were surprised by the high quality and superb fit and finish. I like the fac
  11. I don't know but I consider mine to be great bang for the buck. It's the best all-rounder I have ever owned (beats my 2 LPs with Jimmy Page switching and my Ibanez AS-180). It just has a voice that seems to suit whatever you're playing. I also like that it's such a sleeper... Regards, Jim
  12. Alex Lifeson Jimmy Page Billy Gibbons Eddie Van Halen Randy Rhoads
  13. They're Duncan HS-1 pickups (I think it stands for 'Hamer Single'). I have a '98 in Amberburst with the stock pickups. I think the (bright) JB works well with the single coils. Regards, Jim
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