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  1. Not the whole song but every time I hear the sax solo from Jungleland my eyes well up and my lip starts to quiver. The song is great but that sax.
  2. I’m waiting for the brown truck already. A sibling for my Monaco Elite. Ps: I’d like to thank Killerteddybear for being my enabler.
  3. Bump for a brother BTW. I’ve heard he’d take a nice Tele in trade.
  4. Knucklehead, update your location.
    You're not in Reading anymore.


  5. The neck shape on the EVH is awful Cali fills your hand perfectly The build quality on the EVH leaves something to be desired too I was going to buy a USA EVH but was so disappointed in the build I bought a MIJ instead. Sounded like crap too My Cali was a whole different kettle of fish Played great, sounded great, don't know why I sold it, I just know I can't afford another one.
  6. I'm in Bought a Fender Japan Foto Flame strat just after the new year And have a EBMM EVH sig model arriving next week
  7. I came home from school for the summer and my younger brother had the album. I remember talking to my brother (killerteddybear) on the phone, before I'd listened to it. Me " you ever listen to this Van Halen album" KTB "yea it's ok, the guitar player seems pretty good" As spoken from a true bass player. Later that day I'm phoning my buddy, who IMHO is still the best guitar player I've ever heard, going WTF is this guy doing. This is the days before MTV. The first VH concert I went to was full of guitar players and their bored girlfriends. Next day we were all at the music shops tapping Up t
  8. Love VH I have all the CD's, most all of the Sammy and Dave solo stuff too. Loaning my buddy the VH3 CD He says, "I'll get this back to you Monday" Me, "don't bother, keep it" I remember reading an interview with Gary Cherone before the CD came out in which he said that it was all Eddie. It was like an Eddie solo album. Right away I thought, Ok, he doesn't want to be blamed for it. Then I heard the CD.
  9. I hope its not that bad. If we ever see one I kinda expect it will be, remember VH3.
  10. Don't know about on a nitro finish but what harm could Pledge do to a bullet proof Poly finish. I've used it for years and never had a problem with clouding. (Even on my Les Paul) My mother has used it forever on her antique dining room table and it still shines. Feels great on fretboards too, almost like Finger Ease. The silicone could possibly cause problems if you went to do a re-finish.
  11. My D3R Larrivee is my never sell, only guitar on the desert island guitar. Better try them first cause mine has a smallish neck
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