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  1. While this is still undoubtedly sad news and everyone who passes deserves to be remembered, is there a specific reason you bumped this obituary thread from 2016?
  2. If you're using some kind of DAW from GarageBand on up, my guess is that it will have some ability to send MIDI to the Model D too. Plus as KTB said there's almost certainly every kind of freeware sequencer you can imagine available as a plugin from 808-style to the truly bizarre. If you want hardware/dawless there's a new generation of controllers being released right now that all have pretty capable sequencers right in the box: BeatStep Pro was one of the first, but KeyStep Pro now has that plus there are several new devices from Novation (incl. the LaunchPad Pro Mk3) that include a pretty capable sequencer. The Novation Circuit that I just got will also work in that capacity as will the Empress ZOIA (which sort of falls on the truly bizarre side of things), so there's a bunch of devices on the market where you get sort of a twofer.
  3. As I skimmed over the early part of this thread on my way to the new posts, I wanted to stop and call out this particular sound/tune. I think it's one of the precursors to what got me into synths (finally). There's something terrifyingly close about the timbre of the recording that's somehow comforting and awe-inspiring at the same time. It's like if you found out that some Lovecraftian cosmic horror had arrived and instead of eating you wanted to cuddle.
  4. He does have one hell of a voice. Bein' a young whippersnapper, my first exposure to him was the Beatles cover ("With a little help from my friends") that they used for the Wonder Years theme song. Even at approximately Fred Savage's age I knew that was something special.
  5. I snagged a used Novation Circuit from reverb the other day. Should arrive tomorrow night. My principal use for it is actually as a control surface for ZOIA (my other relatively recent purchase). ZOIA is super cool, but for real-time tweaking (as most of you are clearly aware) it's always nice to have more than one knob to turn. That said, I'm psyched to make some grooves on it and also to try using it to sequence the Model D and ZOIA together too.
  6. Oh! That's WAY better. I assumed you just meant we're all assholes.
  7. That's tough but fair. 😕
  8. I love that despite the success, the budgets and the fame, band practice always looks and feels like band practice.
  9. Agreed. The way things are these days that was way less bad than I expected.
  10. I'll be honest, I've never tried his stuff, but knowing how highly Michael-f*cking*-Hedges regarded that dude's technique, I'm thinking that's not the ideal way for me to bond with a new guitar.
  11. That's super cool. Quite a pivot at the end too.
  12. I love how almost every home-studio dweller I know has seen the light about trackballs and everyone else looks at me like I've got 3 heads when I pull one out for work. Also... dude ... That's an awesome setup. (Editor's note: The author is working on experiencing joy for other people vs. being jealous or envious. It sucks and it's hard.)
  13. It was a joke. I probably should have included my buddy here:
  14. And just because it's crazy red and purple... http://www.vintagesynth.com/clavia/nord2.php The ION has fewer knobs than I remembered. Maybe I'm thinking of another synth too... 🤔
  15. So cool... http://www.vintagesynth.com/misc/ion.php
  16. So I'm thinking of doing some livestreamed improvs via twitch, but at the moment I've got very little of a setup. My space is cluttered enough that I'm not keen on featuring a wide shot of it. Assets: an audio interface, the webcam built into my mac laptop, some really crappy makeshift lighting I can hack together (garage flood lights, paper as diffusers), my cell phone (android) an ancient iPad and a really old DSLR that might be able to stream via USB. ... oh, and there's a chance there's a working gopro in the house somewhere I could theoretically relocate to the bedroom which has better light and less clutter, but it's a bit of a hassle Liabilities: Clutter Kids An untreated room My usual music space is not photogenic Help a brother out? Tips on framing, setup, etc. are all very welcome. If I have to get more gear, I'm open to hear it.
  17. P-bass? Yes. Guitar? That's a thing?
  18. The ION was already unobtanium when I started shopping for my first synth, but it was so on my radar. So. many. knobs. The NL2 was a nice compromise at the time. It's fun to play and its got a ton of sounds. In hindsight I think "bigger mod matrix, more envelopes" is something I should have prioritized in at least one of my synths. The mod options in the NL2 are "meh" as are the ones in the Minilogue XD and the Model D (although the Model D is such a classic it scratches a different itch).
  19. You're right @killerteddybear... When I was in a band with a synth player it was like he first had to decide what kind of instrument he wanted to play for the song, then he had to dial in the sound. He just had this whole other level at which he needed to work. It reminded me of the pod scene in spinal tap... He'd be finished picking his sound and the jam would end.
  20. Yeah, some of those guys like him, Junkie XL, etc. just have these absurd collections. I definitely sighed a little when the ARP 2600 reissue came out, knowing I wouldn't get one. Trying to beat guitar GAS by getting into synths was possibly the dumbest thing I've tried musically.
  21. Maybe around 2010 or so I started to get interested in synthesizers. I was never into synth related music as a kid so I'm not sure what captivated me about it then. I think it was probably the resurgence of Moog and some of the videos they shot online. I ended up opting for a used Nord Lead 2 off CL and learning the basics of subtractive synthesis on there. I got my first legit analogs last fall with the Behringer Model D and the Korg Minilogue XD. Lately, of all things I've been captivated by nostalgia and the Korg Wavestation and the Roland D50. I'm trying to resist dropping cash on another older, probably parts-rare hardware synth but I have such strong memories of the evolving pads from those old machines. The worst part is that I've already bought Omnisphere, so I've probably got a more capable plugin... But man hardware is cool.
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