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  1. I just saw this! Man... Good vibes sent and a speedy recovery to you!
  2. I can think of at least two things wrong with that name... Edit: There's bits that I dig. At 13:25 I kind of dig it. But the overall noise-rock aesthetic isn't really my bag.
  3. Super-easy, barely an inconvenience. Just google "wraptail to headless conversion" and let the hilarity ensue.
  4. Go ahead and tell him to replace the toggle switch. This is a safe space.
  5. Where would learning to sing better get him that he wasn't already? If he felt like he was giving a good show every night and people kept paying, it must have been working for everyone.
  6. It was a fucked up thing to post, but let's be honest: it's not wrong. He'd be a total legend if he'd gone out in his prime. I guess this is just another example of the old staple: Always leave them wanting more. p.s. Nicely played with the Dangerfield line.
  7. I got two this morning: 1. The less I'm playing, the more I browse reverb.com 2. If I'm shopping for a piece of gear and I can't make a decision between the alternatives, it means I don't need it that badly.
  8. @jwhitcomb3 I went a similar route to what Jeff R discussed. My Shishkov Ultimate is actually strung (from the man himself) B to B. It's been great even tuned that low. I have a Strandberg Boden 8 too and the extra tension is nice, for sure, but definitely not required for a good time. @Jeff R Keep me posted about your string developments. IIRC I went with the bottom 6 strings from a D'Addario 7-string set. I think they were .10 for the high E and I just put that one in the drawer for another guitar.
  9. I have the predecessor to this, the Hellhound 40/60, and it is a fantastic amp.
  10. Yes it is. I got interested in them maybe 5 years ago. Maybe a little longer. Long enough that I could have probably grabbed a Korg polysix or one of the Juno's for an almost reasonable price. Given that there is a renewed interest in the DX7, maybe there is hope for the rest of your soon-to-be vintage digital gear. After all, the converters had a certain something about them back then... Regarding modular, if you're just looking for something cool to look at and fiddle with, by all means do it. My problem with modular is that the music most people make is always the same... kind of like the way dumpsters all smell the same.
  11. Thanks @shankyboy for the recommendations. Sadly I was booked solid for the whole trip. 😕
  12. Thanks! Which one has the coolest staff that'll let me play stuff even knowing I'm not buying anything that day?
  13. I am going to have a fraction of a day in Austin where I might be able to get out and visit a shop or two. What are the must-visit places for a guitar geek in Austin in 2019?
  14. Hopefully your nephew is a good egg. While I'd like to say I'm more enlightened than that, I think that would take the sting off a little for me.
  15. OT, but speaking of "flown" and as a spaceflight fan, what do you think of the "other moon watch" - The Bulova Lunar Chrono? I learned about this just a few weeks back: https://wornandwound.com/review/moon-watch-bulova-lunar-pilot-chronograph-review/
  16. Do you think there's been an overall trend of reduction in quality as the quantity of alternative content has increased? That transcribers are getting squeezed out of doing a good job? Or is it more of a rise-and-fall of Kashmir's popularity that you think is contributing to this?
  17. Make it a matte black EMG or a Duncan Invader and we'll talk.
  18. It's like ... how much more black could the toilet be? And the answer is ... None. None more black.
  19. The "dust" comment got me thinking... We could all tell people that we collect atoms from the very birth of the universe and the forging of the stars in the sky. We just do a shit job of finding specific ones.
  20. Synthesizers or watches. But at this point, if some kind of macguffin struck my life and made it so that I couldn't do guitars, I'd probably go minimalist and not collect anything. Probably move elsewhere and try to "start over" a little.
  21. RIP Eric. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
  22. CDepot! Atomic is still good, but honestly I'm not sure there are any more $499 4-digit standard deals happening there. It's a blast to visit though and there's some nice stuff scattered throughout. A bit farther away is https://gpguitars.com which was a cool place to visit last time I was there. I was just looking, so I have no clue if they're a decent place to deal with, but they had a bunch of higher-end stuff. Lastly, if you end up near Towson, I've had good experiences at https://www.ryansguitarexperience.com too and they carry Suhr, Reverend, PRS and a couple other cool brands in a tidy shop. A crap-ton of forum-approved pedal brands too.
  23. This is so spot-on. Every time I find myself reading some thread and thinking "what the hell is happening?", I look down and see it's the Sound Hound Lounge. I don't even bother with the "Pub". I know the HFC likes to bash that place, but I learned a ton about different kinds of effects (e.g. the evolution of delay pedal designs, the kinds of tremolo) and amps. I tend to spend 99% of my time in one of Guitars, Effects, Amps, or Digital and Modeling. It's usually worth the visit. YMMV, of course.
  24. If you've got #1, I'm pretty sure they made it for you... Steve just helped them market it to you.
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