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  1. If you love something set it free. If it returns it was and always will be yours... Congrats.
  2. Brad's an excellent player IMO. Jeff (Watson) had the flashy 8-finger tapping stuff, but when it came to the solos I almost always preferred Brad's phrasing and tone in the Night Ranger stuff.
  3. I know what you said about ebay and reverb/wanting one from here, but the one (not mine/no affiliation) recently posted on Reverb seems to be right up a SS collector's alley (rare finish). https://reverb.com/item/34105038-hamer-1985-steve-stevens-i-factory-hamer-logo-finish-w-ohsc.
  4. Nice guitar. Where there really only 20 of these Diablo LE’s made? Not disputing the claim, I honestly am asking because it seems like I’ve seen more of this version (3-way blade switch) Diablo LE go up for sale over the past couple decades than the Cali LE’s (and there were way more than 20 of those made). As others have said good luck with the sale, it’s a very sharp looking guitar. The Birdseye neck is very nice.
  5. It's easy for me to come back to Hamer...outside of one Tyler Variax all I have are USA Hamers in my electric guitar stable ?
  6. The stock 'Cats sounded pretty good in mine, but I went outside the box a little and yanked them in favor of a Rio Grande BBQ...in the NECK, and a Rio Grande Crunchbox in the bridge. Normally this would seem like a recipe for overly dark metal sludge in a hollowbody, but I wired each pickup in parallel (vs. series) to retain the high end signal and still be hum cancelling. I'm biased though since while I appreciate the signature sound of good single coils and/or P90's, I tend to play with a fair amount of distortion out live and hate the damned 60 cycle hum that single coil pickups sometimes pick up at venues with less than ideal wiring setups. YMMV.
  7. My guess...unusual body shape/overall look, the sound of mini humbuckers aren't for everyone, and because they were probably one of if not the last used set neck Hamer models that could be had in these here parts for the infamous "$350" price. Obviously those days are long gone with all USA Hamers, but the stigma probably still remains? That said after owning one it's easy to warm up to the funky style and enjoy the extremely comfortable to play (standing or seated) ergonomics. I've owned two (still have one, probably should have kept the other one as well), and the only thing I didn't care for were the stock Duncan minibuckers. Pickup preference aside Eclipse's have every bit as much of that quality made in the USA Hamer workmanship as other Arlignton Heights Hamers from that era..well and often times the same period-correct Hameritis too, but nobody's perfect ?
  8. Very nice guitar! Between this and other Mirage FS threads it appears it’s a very good time for a HFC buyer looking to land a Mirage. I liken these guitars to a 350 Chevy or LS3 motor...very good as-is right from the factory, but it’s almost like they were designed to become amazing with some simple “bolt-on” modifications (well, add some soldering to the mix too lol)
  9. Congrats Travis! Glad you enjoy the improvement (and glad you suffered no sheared screw head trauma lol). Now you just need to get another Mann trem so your Mirage I doesn’t feel left out.
  10. I was going to go with Travis's explanation too...less metal, less strength. As for what they're made of...I honestly don't know? If I were to guess I'd guess zinc plated (cheapo) steel? So any initial impressions of the new tremolo?
  11. A decision that has no wrong answer and two right ones...a good position to be in if you ask me ? Just go easy with the screw installation...it can quickly dampen the fun when you see a screw head spin off the screw body.
  12. Man I remember going to one of these many years ago....a good time for sure. With gigs getting cancelled maybe I'll be able to make it out? At the rate things are going if things are returning to some sense of normal by May it'll be nice to hang out and scratch the itch of playing live with other people! If Stonge is going I may even feel the compulsion to bring a green and/or purple Hamer with me? ? I guess we'll see how things are as the date gets a little closer?
  13. I'll second the DR Zebra recommendation IF your primary focus is to get the feel and most of the "acoustic" sound of a piezo equipped acoustic guitar that's plugged into an amp, console, or PA. I would suggest checking out the version of the Zebras in 10's (or heavier gauge) that have a phospher bronze wound G string vs. the plain unwound steel G that some of the 10's and lighter gauge DR Zebras have. If you're more concerned with bending notes easily/overall ease of playability as an electric guitar and still want a passable acoustic sound (of a piezo equipped acoustic guitar that's plugged into an amp, console, or PA) then I think just about any brand of string you normally like to play will do just fine. Just my $0.02 anyway.
  14. One caveat I will add to 2nd gen neck sizes...the 4 string models have the slender J-bass profile, but the 5 string models have a fuller asymetrical profile (it's fuller/rounder on the bass string side and a little more oval/flatter on the treble string side). I'm a guitar player who if need be can hack his way through a gig as a mediocre at best bass player, but when I play my 2nd Gen Cruise 4 string and then my 2nd Gen Cruise 5 string back to back I quickly realize just how much more I really like the way Hamer shaped the 2nd gen 5 string Cruise neck. The 4 string neck feels more traditional, the 5 string more "boutique"...again, I'm not a real bass player though YMMV.
  15. Prior to "Coronavirus" I'd say your price for a clean Mirage 1 in 2020 isn't unreasonable at all. Now with this sh!t...who the heck knows what fair prices are going to look like for several months? Only you know how motivated you are to move the guitar or if you would rather hold until things normalize again, but considering the way the market is crapping the bed and the fact that most of us gigging musicians are currently seeing our shows being cancelled (who knows for how long?)...let's just say I think if I were selling guitars right now I'd be open to negotiating on pricing before the economy potentially gets worse. And for the record, no...I'm not the guy who sent you the offer ?
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