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  1. I remember when AdmiralB posted many years ago how he scored that for (I believe) the 'HFC approved price of old' from the used section of GC (think it may have been one in Indiana IIRC?). There was a time I sorta lusted for that guitar a little bit, but that was a long time ago and several hundred fewer dollars asking price when AdmiralB put it up for sale here. It is an unusual Hamer probably right up the alley of those who like collecting unusual Hamers. Too rich for my frugal blood.🙂
  2. I picked it up a few years ago off Reverb. Must have been a custom order...I’ll take a couple pix when the sun is out. Whoever originally ordered it checked off some very cool boxes..vintage neck, salmon blush over premium flame maple top, belly cut on the back and a bevel on the treble side “horn”...has a bit of a PRS Mira vibe.
  3. Not too far off my experience with Specials. I've had a cherry red 92' that was a pencil neck and a 92' or 93' TV yellow (can't remember for sure) that was also a pencil neck, both long gone because of the neck profile; I currently have a 93' TV yellow Special that's got a medium (but on the slender side of Hamer 'medium', just a tad slimmer than the 95' purple FM in this thread which to me is a medium C that falls in the "medium" from that era) neck; and I have a C/O 01' Special (FM) that has a stout neck profile (possibly the fullest neck profile on any Hamer I've ever owned)
  4. In honor of Eric (Caddie), here is the purple (technically transparent violet) Studio wraptail (crappy pic, great guitar) that he tried to many many times to pry away from me (I couldn't sell it...I use the guitar in regular rotation and even though it's a "Studio" it's "Special"). A little background story on this one is that Eric told me he was watching/lusting for it on ebay, forgot about the auction ending, and I swooped in and outbid him at the end. Even many years later he never forgave me...and reminded me often in our email conversations If NY ever allows bands to perform again I
  5. Wait, what..someone stole that guitar!? Man I've been away from the HFC most of last year and just found out in the past week that not only did we lose Eric last year but that his guitar was stolen too!? I remember working on Eric for years to finally get him to sell that guitar to me, only to inevitably sell it back to him a couple months later (with a pickup swap and lowered action) when he told me how much he missed it (it was a gift from his ex-wife and daughters, how could I not send it back "home"). He was that kind of guy that you just wanted to do right by, and to hear that someone
  6. Ah I remember that one well. I picked it up off ebay from a seller from the Bronx for just shy of $100 over the "used Hamer HFC approved price" many moons ago. The purple had faded to almost a grey color on the top (but was still a very dark, almost black, purple on the back and sides). In hindsight I should have just left it as-is, but since it was a rare color for the model I decided to bring it to New Hartford for a factory refinish. They gave me a great deal on the refinish for the job they did, but it still was almost as much as I paid for the guitar. I later sold it to a member on
  7. If you love something set it free. If it returns it was and always will be yours... Congrats.
  8. Brad's an excellent player IMO. Jeff (Watson) had the flashy 8-finger tapping stuff, but when it came to the solos I almost always preferred Brad's phrasing and tone in the Night Ranger stuff.
  9. I know what you said about ebay and reverb/wanting one from here, but the one (not mine/no affiliation) recently posted on Reverb seems to be right up a SS collector's alley (rare finish). https://reverb.com/item/34105038-hamer-1985-steve-stevens-i-factory-hamer-logo-finish-w-ohsc.
  10. Nice guitar. Where there really only 20 of these Diablo LE’s made? Not disputing the claim, I honestly am asking because it seems like I’ve seen more of this version (3-way blade switch) Diablo LE go up for sale over the past couple decades than the Cali LE’s (and there were way more than 20 of those made). As others have said good luck with the sale, it’s a very sharp looking guitar. The Birdseye neck is very nice.
  11. It's easy for me to come back to Hamer...outside of one Tyler Variax all I have are USA Hamers in my electric guitar stable ?
  12. The stock 'Cats sounded pretty good in mine, but I went outside the box a little and yanked them in favor of a Rio Grande BBQ...in the NECK, and a Rio Grande Crunchbox in the bridge. Normally this would seem like a recipe for overly dark metal sludge in a hollowbody, but I wired each pickup in parallel (vs. series) to retain the high end signal and still be hum cancelling. I'm biased though since while I appreciate the signature sound of good single coils and/or P90's, I tend to play with a fair amount of distortion out live and hate the damned 60 cycle hum that single coil pickups sometimes
  13. One caveat I will add to 2nd gen neck sizes...the 4 string models have the slender J-bass profile, but the 5 string models have a fuller asymetrical profile (it's fuller/rounder on the bass string side and a little more oval/flatter on the treble string side). I'm a guitar player who if need be can hack his way through a gig as a mediocre at best bass player, but when I play my 2nd Gen Cruise 4 string and then my 2nd Gen Cruise 5 string back to back I quickly realize just how much more I really like the way Hamer shaped the 2nd gen 5 string Cruise neck. The 4 string neck feels more tradition
  14. You will think me daft for suggesting this amp if you're a guy who relies on "internet reviews" when selecting gear, but if you can deal with a 60 lb. combo I highly recommend you check out a used Genz Benz El Diablo 60 combo. Very good clean sounds in the warm channel and you have the hot channel for anything from AC/DC crunch to Metallica grind depending on which gain structure you choose. Also comes with a footswitch and has lots of features that can be controlled via the footswitch. The amp can take either 6L6's or EL34's (bias pot and selector switch on back of amp), has individual ch
  15. Wow it looks alot like mine (back when I had EMG's in it) only a bit more cobbled together (tilted rear humbucker!? extra tone knob hole in the pickguard!?). Obviously I don't think it's ugly...imitation is the greatest flattery after all
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