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  1. Apparently I have been in my midlife crisis since I was about 38 !! Now 58... yngwie308
  2. Jim died on what would have been Gary Moore's 60th birthday...God Bless Jim, the world is richer for you being here!! yngwie308
  3. The guitar was ordered that way, all my OFR tremolo guitars are top mounted, no rear route, I d bought the Chap secondhand, but was happy it met the criteria I like, thanks. Obviously I had forgotten the neck thru variation, duh, yngwie308
  4. What's wrong with putting a spec'd out Chaparral against a Soloist? My 1987 Hamer Chap with top mount OFR H/S/S, ebony board, boomies and Jim O'Connor snakeskin finish, I have always called my Soloist, just that the Chap has a more playable neck to me, no binding with nibs to hang up on the hand and just a faster playing, more versatile neck though instrument to me than the Jackson. I have played a few golden era Soloists and they don't have the superb feel of my Chaparral, to me, plus the OBL pickups have superb tone, being direct mount. So I was always more attracted to a Jackson or Charvel
  5. Also Keith Urban got wiped out gear wise and he has/had some rare guitars. Hopefully Brad's Trainwrecks can be ressurected, it was strange how the Nashville thing , with loss of life, was second page news to the idiot NY bomber deal for quite some time, ect.. Prayers to all in this major area of US culture.. yngwie308
  6. Just a few clips, this always reminds me of ABB "Live at Fillmore East", due to the dynamics and tones: The first slow solo, has always been one of my favorites..Gary often jammed around this first solo during that tour and also during his last 'rock' concert tour "After The War" in '89. The second solo is a whammy bar tour de force: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrpZjgiqj5w Why not: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGDJx8VGc-4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GZSM-fTGx0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAO6GjGa7SY One of the greatest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9TqyJW2tyY...feature=relat
  7. Be sure to check out Jim Seavell, Southbay Amps, he's sharing a room with Dave Friedman of Rack Systems and next door will be Metro amps, so worth the price of admit right there.. yngwie308
  8. I consider my 1987 Hamer Chapparal painted by Jim O'Connor the ultimate 'Jackson' Soloist, ect. I understood Hamer destroyed all the tooling or whatever to build their eighties guitars. Also though well made these new Hamers do not interest me. I also lost major respect for Jol Danzig, ect., when the whole Steve Stevens 'ethnic cleansing' of him form the annals of Hamer. Steve contributed a lot to Hamers rock appeal and development of their technology. I actually asked Jol Danzig what happened with Steve Stevens at a guitar exhibition in Washington, D.C. a few years back, he basically told me
  9. Gilles Villeneuve and family. Randy California John Cippolina Gary Duncan Paco de Lucia Andreas Segovia Esteban...just jokingLOL Robert Johnson Albert Collins Allen Collins Brian May Eddie Van Halen (1977-1984 RIP) Top Topham Ariel Bender Big Jim Sullivan Mel Bay Wes Montgomery Django Reinhardt The Ventures The Beatles The Nice Blodwyn Pig Jethro Tull Jesus Christ yngwie308
  10. http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g219/davida54/2ba2abdf.jpg
  11. Let me say this as a Hamer newbee here..my Chapparal snakeskin 1987 guitar us easier to play than any Soloist I have played and I have played the real ones from the eighties. Sure the Jackson has binding and bigger frets, but the sheer awesomeness of the Hamer neck and tone from this OFR monster, plus the killer OBL pickups, it is a more versatile guitar than the Jackson, imo. I call my Chapparal, my Soloist! Let's have some respect for Chapparal's, not just Californians Sure the Suhr Moderns are awesome, but built many years later. yngwie308
  12. Check out Metro amp, Splawn amps. There are any number of boutique Marshall clone builders that can help you out. You have to really know your Marshalls not to get ripped off, ect.. PM me... yngwie308
  13. HOLY CRAP that's clean! I had one (a 1/83 neck date) with a number close to that-and yes, I know that the #s weren't sequential. Wow that's cool! Thanks Yes it's pretty much a 99.9% clean guitar, and my favorite Strat, even over my first one, a 1965 Transition logoed one in 1968. These are killer guitars, thanks for the compliment! yngwie308
  14. 1983 '57 Reissue Fullerton made ordered as a tribute to Blackie, trem tightened down: yngwie308 1993 Washurn SS80, note double adjustable truss rod, unfinished headstock: yngwie308
  15. yngwie308 here, first post. Please allow me to introduce myself, as the saying goes. I own a late eighties Chapparal rattlesnake graphics, s/s/hb, OFR, OBL's, absolutely love it. My main reason for being here is to share in my appreciation of Steve Stevens. Since Rebel Yell in 1984, I have been a fan of Steve's unique and killer guitar playing. Technically I have followed Steve through the years as well, from the Hamer days, through the brief Washburn time and presently, with his primary use of fixed bridge instruments. I was particularly impressed by BONEDADYO'S project Hamer SS. I always en
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