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  1. and the rear cavity route was made using a really old Rockwell router whilst under the influence of some really expensive scotch, so that's gotta count for something.
  2. fwiw, i do not like the stock SD p90 pick-ups - they are too hot, inarticulate, and they don't clean-up well - and changing them (maybe a coupla times) thru the f-holes is a supreme bitch.. the guitar would have had bullet holes by now instead of a rear plate. i think the MIII is a brilliant platform and maybe my favorite design by Jol - long-scale, 3 pick-ups, Bigsby, semi-hollow, spruce top, etc. but a few things got in the way of being a truly functional gigging guitar for me... so i fixed 'em and played it hard for years. that is why i bought it and i'm glad i did. i would have love
  3. Gonna make it this time....... even tho you boys scare me with your loud rock and roll musics. mike
  4. from what i've read, the solo from TBK was originally recorded using his strat in some "silo" studio in Il and later flown in to the elsewhere-recorded track.
  5. ahh. replace shouting "Elephant Talk" with shouting "Twang Bar King" (or "Big Electric Cat", etc.) at recent KC-type Belew things and we're practically twins. and fwiw (prolly nothing), those 3 80s KC discs are (to me) a Holy Triad. mike
  6. sounds like we have much in common my friend.. mike
  7. thanks... always great to hang with you Brooks. you're an awesome player and all-round good dood.. hope you have a great NYE!! i picked up a used Koll Superior Fullerton which has replaced my M3 as my main guitar. also found a VHT Deliverance 60 that is really incredible. lots of gear purging (my M/B Mark 1 is gone after 30 years ), but the recording biz has picked up and so have the gigs.. mike
  8. i'm looking forward to seeing you again B, and meeting Beth too. the SCXD is a fine amp. of course, mine has the added mojo that only comes from being on-stage with our fabulous singer/siren Ms. Margaret D (hubba-hubba). mike
  9. now that's how to use delay..... gotta take some kinda balls to be doin' that outside a mall.
  10. ya know... there are some of us for which this kind of "music/art" feels very familiar and comfortable. there are some of us that can appreciate Hendrix, Django and Derek Bailey simultaneously. though i would never nominate Bailey or H. Kaiser for the Top-Ten-Most-Awesome-Guitarist list, it's not because i don't understand and appreciate what they have to say, it's because such lists are stupid. both guitarists are thoughtful people that believe that there is something musical to be be discovered beyond the current boundaries of guitar. that's a good thing to me. (if you're interested, th
  11. wow.... great to hear from you Brooks!! and so sorry you have to deal with this. glad to hear the hand damage is not severe (but the other stuff sux). let me know if you need anything (legal, that is ). mike
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