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  1. That is cool! I bid her up to what I would pay for it. If anyone backs out on their bids or doesnt pay shoot me a PM. Thanks
  2. Yep. This guy has had a lot of hamers for sale lately too. Good luck finding a 78 or 79 sustain block.
  3. Cool thread. Highway to Hell-AC/DC Back in Black-AC/DC If you want blood Let there be rock High voltage ZZ Top greatest hits Molly Hatchet ---Greatest Bad Co --Greatest.The Paul rodgers stuff Judas priest....Greatest Hank Williams Jr--- Greatest Rick James Greatest.....
  4. ... Please keep your dealings to the emporium or PM/emails.
  5. Well said. This is why I go through so many guitars. What decides a player/keeper is how it feels and the tone must be felt in my chest as Badger Dave states.
  6. Sam She should be here today or tomorrow.
  7. A 2008 Hamer standard in 59 Burst (on floor) that sounds AWESOME .. My Hamer Standard #0192 that I waited 30 years for (center top). Now Ive gone Hamer NUTS ...4 more in the collection since the picture was taken >>>>>>>
  8. I'll take the Standard.. No joke here. I'm heart attack serious when it comes to my Hamers If this is a joke thats VERY funny to trick someone into tricking everybody.. I bet he gets a 1000 PM's
  9. Now this, I want to see! To keep this thread going, here are a few. The forked headstock sunburst.....Don't you just love it when Hamer decides to put a wicked twist on things. For the Electraglide fans. Plain and simple and kickass good looking. I honestly don't think you can make a more perfect headstock than this one-long explorer headstock that is bound, come on. Here is another fun one, made for Tommy Shaw, flip a switch and "listen carefully, aaaaaahhhhhhh, you can go grab a bite and it's still sustaining that note.....aaaahhhhhhh"). For the Sunburst fan, when you need that quic
  10. I'm up to my ears with the scuba shop for the next few weeks but that date 4th weekend may work for me too. That would be cool to see JP and old hamer bros! Dinner & Margaritas on me :D Howver I must be allowed to put my stink on Sherry Baby Of course I will also bring Standard # 0192 for friends to stink up Delta bends to my wishes for letting her be carry on
  11. It's beefier and stronger. Look at the pic. Greg do they have the tone (Angus) of a 61 or 61 reissue? I may want to try one out and do a review
  12. --> QUOTE(David B @ Mar 18 2009, 01:59 PM) ←This one is a player & I'm playing it right now. 4 digit goodness! #0521 (1981) - This one has some BALLS... very thick sound! The seller can chime in if they want to. Sorry for my poor pics. SWEET! Nice catch man. My 4 digit is my fav.
  13. You mean pretty freaking LOUD, dontcha?! BOTH.. Sorry, I'm a boat freak too.. Fast on the water is almost like sex
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