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  1. This is also listed on Reverb, with the Make an Offer option
  2. It was listed as a 91. The listing text from google cache is included below. Hamer - Studio GATC In Stock at Sam Ash San Diego View All Items At This Location $1,199.99 This is a gorgeous made in the U.S.A 1991 Hamer Studio GATC in very good condition. Heavily quilted carved maple top on a mahogany body and a pair of Seymour Duncan JB and 59 pickups, give you a big thick sound with plenty of sustain. Some light surface marks on the back of the guitar and only a very small dent on the front of the guitar. No other dings or scratches on the front. The origi
  3. Hamer USA 91 Studio Green Quilt @ Sam Ash - $1200. They also have a Mirage I without case for $750.
  4. This is now listed on eBay at $4K
  5. The following is from a listing Kim Keller had on Reverb last year: This is the rarest of the rare. In 2005, the Opry commissioned a series of guitars from Hamer. Hamer built 6-8 of the thin-body electrics in the New Hartford Shop, and designed this guitar as a lower-priced version to be built offshore. Production numbers for the imports are not obtainable, but there aren’t many of these, maybe as few as 3. They were built as proof-of-concept samples by Hamer's Chinese affiliate.
  6. stratacus

    Was This for REAL!!!

    This Daytona sold less than a month ago for $430. Seller was in Michigan. Most recent seller is in Kentucky. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hamer-California-Made-in-USA-/153106537877?nordt=true&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l10137
  7. stratacus

    WTB Centaura 2HB

    In Japan https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/d301685652
  8. stratacus

    Greta Van Fleet

    I saw Greta Van Fleet at Lollapalooza last Friday. I enjoyed their show for what it was. Not a replacement for LZ, but fun to watch and listen to.
  9. Now on Reverb... https://reverb.com/item/13507686-1996-hamer-studio
  10. These are mine; send me a PM if interested.