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  1. I am sorry, but I am taking the Korina Artist off the market. I put fresh strings on and buffed it up with a microfiber polish cloth for photos; then I plugged it in for a while. It is just worth more to me than a fair asking price; I will find something else to sell and keep this beauty. I know I would not find another like it if I tried to replace it after the sale. Thank you for the interest and comments, and sorry for pulling it off the market after posting the listing.
  2. Additional information: I purchased this guitar in 2011 or slightly before here on the board. In 2012 I had to have 2 emergency surgeries, January and July and was hospitalized for a total of 5 weeks, out of work for 6-8 months. I sold off some guitars at that point for financial reasons but I recall keeping the Flame Korina Artist at that time. That sequence of events puts the purchase in 2011 or just before.
  3. I will get more photos and a full description posted today. I purchased this 6 or 7 years ago from the brother of the original owner here on the board. The guitar, and the original owner / forum member, was well known to members at that time due to the unique figure in the Korina. It had the Ultimates already installed in the guitar when I purchased it. It has a backplate signed by Jol, and I had, and I may still have, a photo of Jol and the owner with the guitar. Condition is very good to excellent, one tiny pin point ding on the back edge as I remember. I will take fresh photos and post a full in hand description later today.
  4. I thought I would never part with this one, long time members know this guitar; a beautiful flamed Korina Artist in Jazzburst with SD ultimate pups. This was my first HFC purchase from a family member of, (I believe) the original owner. $1350 plus actual shipping charges; more photos and detailed description to follow.
  5. Even though I am downsizing , I would have hit that; Beautiful !
  6. This Monaco III is now still available.
  7. GASguy

    Incoming! Talladega

    Gorgeous Tally !!! Congratulations.
  8. Still Available Thanks for your comments and interest, and thanks for looking.
  9. Bump with a price drop. Now asking $1300 plus actual shipping costs.
  10. Deal Pending. It looks like this Beautiful Newport is staying in the HFC.
  11. I bought the Juke Warbler direct from Gary Croteau about 6 years ago, it was a trade in he received from a customer toward another amp. He went over the amp completely, re-tubed it and put in a new Weber signature speaker, and offered it at a very attractive price. I like the amp a lot and most of my guitars sound very good through it. The Monaco III has the stock Duncan P-90s that are a little bit hotter than some P-90s but in a good way I think. The combination of the Duncan P-90s, the long scale of the Monaco III and the vintage voice of the Juke, running 5881s, is very satisfying to say the least. I wish I could keep all the guitars I currently own, unfortunately I need to downsize as I will eventually be downsizing my home.
  12. CITES would be an issue. Rosewood Board.
  13. Hello, I am not the original owner, I purchased it from a member of this forum (although it was an off-forum transaction). I have some case candy, the entact registration card, truss rod wrench, but I don’t believe I have a COA for it. I can look around just to be sure I do not. Comes in Hamer branded OHSC.