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  1. sidney jake has got an interesting pair of mitts, to say the least.
  2. I really wanted the Top Hat but at my age and for $1K less it was a no brainer. Plus this way my wife has fewer reasons to kill me in my sleep.
  3. Conclusion: First gen 2000 Fender HRD with foot switch and in very good condition, $250. The Top Hat was $1,000 more. The other guitar player WILL turn down, especially in our rehearsal space. Thanks to all for your inestimable advice!!
  4. Hell, I'm not a bass player and even I like it. Could make me switch instruments.
  5. And J. Geils, Bucky Pizzarelli and Duke Robillard in concert in Princeton NJ in the 2000s. Alexander Hall? Just the three of them, each with a guitar and an amp sitting on folding chairs just playing and talking for about 2 hours. Very different type of show.
  6. Wow, I read every response and it jogged my memory. Yeah, me too.^^^^^^ But... Greatful Dead and Allman Bros at RFK in DC in the mid 70s. My brother and his friend went to the same show, left before and my friend. Gets into accident in Delaware Memorial Bridge, van impounded, etc. I leave to find him, never did. Went to visit friends in DC, got loaded on acid, went to concert. Tripping my ass off somewhat looking for my brother. Spent the day, it was 4th of July?, tremendous shows, Allman's close and it's dark. Turn around, take three steps and there's my brother. Same time period it
  7. I don't anticipate moving either of my amps. Yes, this has happened before and I won't play that game again. I'll just keep looking for an affordable used amp that's not too big and that I'll be able to resell (Unicorn). The search continues. Any ideas for a 20-30-40 watt combo that might walk the dog? Locally available used amps: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe ($300), Gibson Saturn ($465), many flavors of Peavey (in the $300-$450 range), Marshall half stack ($1800), Fender Twin ($1200), Fuchs ODS head ($1800).
  8. Some of the nicest guitars and amps I have seen in a while. I "like" each and every one.
  9. I've already explained to him that when we play out it's only with one head and one stack; we're not doing arena shows. BTW, he's a real nice guy and a hell of a player.
  10. I like this option to mic the Monkey (peter gabriel shock the monkey?). The most cost effective. Since we retired I just don't have the room for another head and cabinet.
  11. I found a Peavey USA Bandit 65 in the local pawn shop. Tried it this morning but the speaker was blown, the foot switch needed to be rewired, every pot needed to be cleaned, etc.
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