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  1. The jury is still out. My son-in-law let me try his Boss RC-30; too much loop and not enough drum. I want to be able to have drums that accompany songs that I'll play in a live setting, with a memory slot for each song (in sequence), foot controlled, not complicated and not more than $300. I don't understand midi, will not bring a laptop to a gig and unlike some pedals/machines I don't want to have to toggle between verse, pre-chorus and chorus on the foot pedal. There has to be something out there, no? Or am I just pissing up a rope?
  2. I've owned two and sold them both. Great guitars but I wasn't happy with the pickups.
  3. Wow, I totally missed this. Very tragic and very sad. I bought an amp from Ray and we spoke on the phone several times regarding it. Ray was very nice, outgoing and very friendly. Again, wow. One of my favorite novels contains this phrase: "Rats get fat and good men die".
  4. Yikes!! This is what happens when I don't check in often enough. Jamie, you have to get well soon. Who else is going to mentor me re: equipment? Feel better my friend and I'll call you in a few days. All the best.
  5. The Digitech looks interesting and the price is right. The Beat Buddy is too expensive for me. Long ago I had an Alesis SR-16 which might be a possibility. The search continues.
  6. The only midi that I understand has to do with the length of women's skirts. $400 is out of my price range.
  7. Looking for a drum machine for solo stuff. Not cheaply made but not expensive. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  8. It's a beautiful guitar. I hope that it's treating you well and visa versa.
  9. Yes, I did sell it here and I have regretted it ever since. The back story is this: I'm a lifelong Giants fan and had season tickets when I lived in Jersey. I conned my wife into going to Arizona that year to see her folks; she doesn't follow football and I told her on the plane about the Super Bowl and the Giants (it's a much longer story). Before I left I entered the office Super Bowl pool. I was so pumped about the Giants win that I forgot about the pool. I returned the office a few days later and several thousand dollars in cash was delivered to my desk from the home office. So, I went out and found a blue Talladega, bought it and named it "Big Blue" after the Giants. In a moment of insanity I sold Big Blue, the Mrs. must of put something in my beer! I'd love to have that guitar back!
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