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  1. We gotta to move these refrigerators. We gotta to move these color TVeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!!
  2. Same thinking here but haven't pulled the trigger on either one. The Fender is quite attractive to me, and I'm playing way more acoustic these days. However, you can't beat Hamer for quality.
  3. So I don't understand and I'm gonna make an ass of myself again: what's with the pre-amp on the back and on control pot on the front? Be kind.
  4. WTF? Has anyone seen or played one of these?
  5. Thanks Bubs. I didn't know that this was a Fender model/issue.
  6. I'm selling. I have too many amps. But I'm buying accessories for solo acoustic act. No guitars this year. No guitars this year. No guitars this year............
  7. I bought a used Roland DR-01S Rhythm Partner. It's just for the solo acoustic gigs and has a lot of what I need and more than I don't. Review pending arrival and tryout.
  8. Mine is great, no issues. I also use a fold-up plastic stand for solo acoustic gigs and the third one is made by Musician's Gear (meh).
  9. Oh yes I do but my wallet is not cooperating. Too bad 'cause I live right down 75=no shipping.
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