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  1. I don't know what is causing this influx of good gear in my area but it's quite unusual. Is it the economy, unemployment, Covid? If anyone needs an eyeball on this stuff let me know.
  2. No affiliation whatsoever. Local Craigslist ads today: 70's Princeton Reverb blackface combo Allen Sweet Spot combo Victoria Double Deluxe combo Valve Train Trenton combo Original Fender Super Reverb head Fuchs ODS head These are all on the Ft. Myers search list in Collier County
  3. I took a junk superstrat type body and refinished/reparted/etc. for my grandson. I'll measure the bridge and see if I can use these.
  4. Again, this is the coolest place to hang out! Thanks, @bubs_42
  5. It's a great neck I just don't like the truss rod adjustment in the heel of the neck. I received it from @currypowder, took a quick look and put it away. Didn't notice the truss rod access at that time. Now I'm going to start working on the Tele partscaster build in earnest.
  6. I have no idea what that means but don't get me wrong, I like a LOT of country music, been to Nashville twice and I'm usually non-discriminatory.
  7. More times than I can remember I have flat out refused to play that song. I always really disliked the song then I was less experienced at guitar I had to audition for a garage band. Yes, you read that correctly, an audition for a garage band. So, the jerk off lead guitar player says nothing else but "play Simple Man". It was like a F***ing pop quiz! I didn't know the song because I didn't like it and therefor had never played it. I looked at him, looked around the room and packed up my guitar and left. I hate that F***ing song!!!!
  8. Bro country? Meanwhile, back on earth............ Simple Man by Skynrd gets turned off any and every time I hear it.
  9. I've seen this before and it never ceases to amaze me whenever I watch it. Thanks for posting.
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