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  1. Go to the grave indeed. The 513 is an exceptional and versatile guitar....Mine is NOT for sale. Someone better buy this quickly!
  2. I fell off the wagon and bought a whole batch of stuff......LAST year. Just nothing much triggering even mild gas THIS year. That new-ish Swart Stereo Master sounds like fun. Even found a dealer that would take a whopping FIVE percent off. Somehow the urge just faded right away.... That new Iridium pedal is very enticing. But I know that no dealer is going to discount it.....Do not even bother asking about Strymon.....
  3. I think I will just wait until they flesh out the details of that VeryVery cool amp they will be dropping in 2020.
  4. It IS amazing how many people fell for the fake review in Rolling Stone and ended up actually rushing out to buy that record. This would be the 50th anniversary of "The Fakest Band of 1969". 😎
  5. So, with all the acts that have been inducted, how have they failed to recognize the Masked Marauders? Who has been paid off? 🙄
  6. FWIW, their combo amps (Aviator, now discontinued) and the Mach 2 are a lot of fun and very "gig ready". The "mini heads" are also very usable (and keep improving with each new iteration) but are best (IMO) with a tone shaping pedal or two.....My pedals of choice in that context are the Ethos OD and Strymon Flint. The newest mini (202) seems to get good reviews but i have not had a chance to test drive one. Maybe when the next "20% off sale" pops up...... I also like their designs on matching speaker cabinets but think they are overpriced......My rationale for doing some of my own "shop built" variations for my own personal use.
  7. Good deal. It is a good way to build a very portable pedalboard with a decently powered amp output. I THINK they have just been discontinued in favor of a more fully featured version.... https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/quilter-labs-interblock-45-45w-guitar-amp-head Naturally, it is more expensive, but might be more versatile. FWIW. there are a few dealers that do sell them (Quilter products) at 15-20% off in their periodic sales.
  8. From the demos on line, I think the Iridium paired to either a Power Block or pretty much any of the Quilters "minis" (I think the just released 202 version would be even better) would give a great all in one setup. Stick both on a small pedal board and tote along a small speaker cabinet (with ability to go direct). Gig bag on your back. "Amp" in your hand. One trip in and out. With or without going direct. FWIW, I did multiple gigs with a somewhat similar rig......Ethos OD Amp and Flint pedal and a 1 x 12. And a somewhat similar rig with an Ethos (non amp) and small Quilter head with reverb. I PREFER to use an actual tube amp, but the net result, for an audience, is pretty much undetectable. It is easy and it works.
  9. Pretty sure this is discontinued in favor of a newer and much more expensive "mini-head". But this is a pretty good value if you need something small, powerful and flexible. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid?source=3TP5DNB&dtm_em=90390f667c27aa933f79c6d600956a56
  10. Thumbs up on the Twimble, as well as the Lovepedal options. That said. my long time "go to" has been the Ethos OD. It is NOT cheap, but sometimes you get what you pay for. If you trick it out with the HRM option, it can (arguably) do some coverage of both the D and M tones. Well, close enough for my very limited needs. It has a crapload of knobs and switches, so it does take a while to tune in to your own tastes.
  11. One more vote for the TC Electronics SCF. But I think that shows my age. A 1990s thing(?) But I still like it. Pretty sure it is no longer in production, but it seemed to be THE standard for a good while.
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