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  1. D-TAR Mama Bear. Collaboration between S Duncan and R Turner. These are great, but few have ever even heard of them. https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/duncan-turner-acoustic-research-mama-bear-preamp-1
  2. Just so long as it is not IN LIEU of toilet paper! 😬 My more woke brother asks how many acrylics had to be slaughtered to produce these picks.......
  3. I am not really of a mind to be acquiring more stuff at the moment. However, if anyone is in the mood for the more expensive THICK guitar picks, both V Picks and Gravity have nice sales, 25 and 30% off everything. Recognizing the issue of Gravity splitting off from Vinnie (IIRC), the biggest value is arguably the 8 piece Gravity combo sets that can be mixed and matched. Which makes the price nearly half off the "regular" per pick price. FWIW, I am most partial to the Axis, Striker and Tripp versions with the unpolished edges and the grip holes in Big Mini and Standard sizes. But the
  4. I like Makita. They are made in multiple countries, including the USA, Japan, China and others. Often the cheapest are Chinese. The trend is to bigger and more powerful, which means heavier. If light (weight and duty) is a goal, a 12v should suffice. You may be able to get a 2 piece (Drill and impact driver) for not much more than the Ridgid. You can get something serviceable for under $30 at Harbor Freight.....Almost certainly Chinese and lesser quality, but for light infrequent use, it will likely do the job for you.
  5. Chapter 11, aka "Stiff the creditors, cut benefits, close some locations and stagger on along as best the survivors can".
  6. No......As I recall, there were exactly two made to those specs. Mobster (Greg) had that one. Mine is a natural finish. I have had good offers on it, but know I would never be able to replace it.....Even though I (also) have no practical use for it. 😉
  7. If ya seen one, ya seen 'em nboth. Or something like that.
  8. There are many options....It may take time to find one and at the right price. Good luck! An old picture.....I only have the two left.
  9. Quilter makes great gear. The last actual gig I did, I ditched my usual Blue Angel and used the plainer Quilter Aviator......It is a bit closer to a "traditional" F style openback combo. I primarily played a Hamer DuoTone (half the afternoon) in lieu of my mainstay Dolphin. I ran the magnetic pickups into the main channel, the "piezo" into the other so I could blend them on the fly. As well as go "either/or". I brought along my favorite tube amp, just in case, but never had a need to plug it in. Just my experience.......If a person has a need to mix "two guitars" and does not want to drag
  10. The Newport 12ver and the very rare DuoTone 12ver are amazing. Mine are not for sale.
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