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  1. WAY back when, at a time just before real volume became a common thing, our bandleader had a blackface Bandmaster. He dimed everything AND added a second cabinet with a pair of high frequency horns which just ripped your head off with the treble. I don't think he had a single pedal, so it was all tube distortion. He dared us to keep up. Usually at a school dance at the old high school, kids would gather around the stage to check you out. Us newbies were nervous, so we started playing as soon as we heard the crowd coming some the hall....They all stood around the far side of the gym, looking shocked. Pretty sure our deodorant was up to date, so it must have been the db level. Took them awhile for their ears to adjust and start dancing. I think my ears were still ringing the next morning.
  2. So....What is the story on the other 5 Hamers that are sitting around unfinished?
  3. Slight derail, maybe...... Quite a while ago, we lived in Los Feliz, a relative geographic triangle with PirateFlynn and Ron Thorn. I know I talked to one or both re that very guitar, because....We had a couple huge sycamores in our yard. Made me wonder if we should have taken them down before moving..... In the meantime, your picture triggered me to recall I have a nice piece of lacewood in the shop. Not sure what I was saving it for. But at 6.75" by 75" (1 inch thick), I suppose it could be resawn and bookmatched for up to 4 guitar tops. With at least 2 being very nicely figured. Maybe one of these days a build slot will open up with Mike Shishkov or David Myka. Or both.
  4. Fortunately, I grabbed them before he made the move to Fender.
  5. Nice demo. But I still need to sell off a handful more things before dragging anything else home. GLWTS.
  6. I've got a couple of limited run Artisans. They are unbeatable. Congrats!
  7. Good value there. If I did not still have a couple more PRS guitars than I can use, I would likely buy one......
  8. If you can stumble onto a Monaco Elite Goldtop, that is worth considering. My memory might be faulty, but I continue to say this one (on the left) is better than my (long gone) original '56. And without the huge price tag. (All three of these are great and none of them are going anywhere!) BTW, my old Nash goldtop (57 style, second picture, an actual Gibson that Bill Nash repurposed) was really good too. Pretty sure I sold it to someone here.......
  9. Motivated by the Scotty Moore Super 400 in the Elvis Comeback Special (1968)......Finally tracked one down several years later. Not sorry I owned it, but not sorry it is long gone. Sorta the same story with the blonde Byrdland, the other way......The way too short scale and thin and skinny neck tied my hands up in knots after 15 minutes. Like many beauties, both are best admired from afar. And your bank account will be happier.
  10. BTW, for anyone that cares, of the 275 or so projects they have released only a small percentage are tied to guitarists as leaders. But they are worth checking out if you run into them. T Bone, Grant Green, Jim Hall, Django, Johnny Smith, Tal (Hung) Far Low 🤐....And a few lesser known names. All out of print, but often available at lending libraries. FWIW, last I chatted with Michael Cuscuna, I suggested they consider a Lenny Breau project. He seemed intrigued, but I suspect his work is too scattered to try to collect it and sell enough copies to cover the costs. But it would be great if he got the recognition he deserved.
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