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  1. Well, thanks for the vote of confidence, I think.....I am about 15 years and over 1000 miles removed from when I was overseeing a "rather significant" investment portfolio.....And now quite content to be managing smaller portfolios of real estate and equity investments for a select group of folks. So take my thoughts with a grain of salt for their $.02 worth....And likely overpriced at that.....😉 There are not many people that are adept at turning investments in guitars into "investments". Whomever they are, I am certainly not one of them..... For myself, I have (DUH!) ended up acquiring a large number over the years. (I am down a lot from my prior excesses, thank goodness!) I bought what appealed to me. I (mostly) bought used, and typically ended up regretting it when I DID buy new. Now and then there were things that popped up that were no-brainer bargains that I was in the right position at the right time. I WILL admit that I (usually) think about value....As in, "How much am I willing to LOSE for the privilege of 'renting' this one for awhile?" If I break even, that is a bonus, but not all that common. In several cases, where i did get a great deal, I have passed them on to others. Often right here. (Of course, there have been some over the years where a "profit" occurred. But if I ever thought of making, or even supplementing, my living income by being either a musician or a music reseller, it was certainly a passing pipe dream). My semi-detached view on the market today? Def not a seller's market. But hard to call it a buyer's market. Seems to me a lot of really nice things (including some of mine) are not selling. But my sense is that sellers have not really dropped their asking prices....Even if I WERE looking to buy anything else, I see little that I like enough to get serious. (There is the other issue of not being able to play as much as I like any more, but that is a whole other topic). One little story about "investments", bypassing the wish to be able time travel back to the time when what are now "collector;s items" traded for a pittance.....When I seldom had enough cash to then be able to buy anyway.....Any way, round about 2008-09, there were a number of folks that had investable funds and had bought into the stock market in the belief that they had discovered the easy road to riches. As a former broker once told me (in the 70s)......"Every generation discovers the stock market, fails to understand it, throws their money at whatever is hot, gets burned, then sulks away to lick their wounds, learning nothing from the process". In a word, buy high, sell low. (And I can tell stories of how that works in real estate too). Well, to cut to the chase (to the extent I can even DO THAT)......Back about 10-12 years, there were quite a few folks that got the bright idea to take their losses and chase something else. Their brilliant idea? "Well, I am still employed and making good money. No point in repeating a failed strategy (by using cash flow to buy good stocks that were beaten down to bargain levels, something hard to evaluate by anyone listening to the "disaster will continue forever" headlines). So what to do? Simple, buy an "investment grade guitar" for $7000 or so EVERY MONTH. Shoot, what could go wrong?") I ran into a fair number of people that told me almost exactly that.......Well, first, they did NOT hold their value. Second, they missed the rocket of a stock market that followed, then being too afraid to get in after missing the turnaround. And, amazingly enough, the gains of 2016-2019 were in some ways even better. (I personally think it is time to take some money off the table, but what do I know?) I do NOT know where we go from here and would be loathe to pretend I can give advice that would fit everyone's circumstances. What I CAN say is that I picked up some pretty damn good guitars at a nice discount from folks when their "investment" strategy fell short. Most of which I still have and appreciate. But what I will say is that anyone trying to "time the market" by snagging "good deals" on guitars here in early 2020 is very likely to be quite disappointed........Buy what you like or need. Just don't think of it as an investment. Sorry for droning on........
  2. This popped up today. Seems like it would be a good value at around $850. (As would a Ceriatone at a slightly lower price point). I had a Ceriatone a while back and it was very good......Not up to a Fuchs, but very good value. Might be worth checking out if the demo whets your appetite.
  3. Good point.....The OD AMP version is a solid state amp with a 30 watt output. As they say, about the volume in practice as a Deluxe Reverb. From my own experience, I used a "small board" with the Ethos Amp, a Flint to add reverb and trem straight into a small 1 x 12. Great tone and enough volume for a typical modern gig, even without running it into a PA. I PREFERRED running into a small tube amp, but that combination was so light and portable...... The issue with Ethos is that they are pricey. Well worth it, to me. But remember to add $200 to an already pricey box if you want the amp added in. As someone (Jamie?) added, the Twimble is a great option at a more affordable price. Point being, there are ways to get some sort of "that tone" from under $100 to way into multi-thousands. When you consider all the names above (from SRV to Santana to Ford to Carlton for starters) there is not s single "tone" that fits everyone's taste. The Ethos (into the right amp, with considerable time spent tweaking) gave me all the tones (four) I needed for the gigs I did (past tense) by simply hitting a footswitch and the knobs on my guitar. I have tried others. I consider the Ethos indispensable.
  4. Tumnus is good. Tumnus Deluxe even better. I have not gotten around to comparing directly to the Aluminum Falcon, but I liked that a lot too.
  5. Disclaimer......I have never played one and do not feel the need to do that. But I do like the sounds, as referenced in the examples above. But keep in mind some of them are also well reputed for getting their great sounds from Mesa gear (start with Carlos). From Fender sprung Mesa and (arguably somewhat parallel) then came D-Tone. There ARE many ways to get there. One more example is Fuchs. When I WAS playing out, and looking for "that sound" ( as well as others) I got great mileage out of the Ethos OD pedal into a "simple" Mesa Blue Angel and no other gadgets in the mix, other than the "right guitar. Once you get the 19 or so controls on the pedal dialed in, it is great......Goes from clean to bluesy to "Santana" to Gary Moore" with a simple stomp. And, keep in mind that Ethos (Custom Tones) offers an HRM option. as referenced above, it gives some added versatility for fine tone tuning post drive. There are also much less costly ways to get into the neighborhood. See, for example, comments in the Saturday Night Special (Lovepedal) thread. Maybe start with "Zen" options......
  6. I am not in the mood for acquiring any more gear lately. And I think I more or less have the "D" tone covered by my long time favorite pedal. But this popped up this morning and it does sound like an interesting option. BTW, use your own imagination for what the "D" stands for......It could be Dynamic....It could be Deplorable......It could even be Django.....😉
  7. I had one that was a more typical sunburst. I got it from someone in Denver (IIRC).....Longer story....Not a member here. Pretty sure I sold it to someone here. I sold so many guitars over the past 4 years or so that I lose track.....Several on CL. A few on Reverb. I THINK it may have gone to So California.
  8. "I 'm beginning to wonder if what I've been told about Tally-Pro's is true? I've been told there were noticably fewer Talladega Pros made than there were Improvs - less than 20 total". I am too far away from any inside (actual!) knowledge. My GUESS from observations..... I THINK my Improv was # 21 and thought I later saw a 24 or 25. Re the Tally Pro, I also had three pass through here. It seems like I have seen enough pop up that I would think the number might be more like "under 50" rather than under 25. I know I heard "under 50" somewhere. But...... It is a shame the end came before more were made. I always thought it to be a great guitar.
  9. Finally....I DID say three....... Well, this is sort of in the LP mode, but in other ways not so. You may know how a certain blue Huber Dolphin has been my Numero Uno since 2012. And you may also be sick of hearing about it. Well, this is NOT that guitar. Rather, it is an earlier guitar that is very similar, but much more tricked out. In addition to the exceptional quilted maple top and matching headstock overlay, it has a quilted MAHOGANY body(!) When is the last time you have seen THAT? The Brazilian Rosewood board features dolphin inlays and is finished with flamed maple binding. And it has exotic wood "trim parts". And it does not come with the effects of the several years of banging about as my original...... Excellent condition. Come with the OHSC and certificate of authenticity. As stated, my number one guitar for the past EIGHT years has been a nearly identical, but less fancy, Dolphin II. I am downsizing and it makes little sense for me to have such a great guitar as this as a backup.Jeez, what was I thinking? Asking $5100, inc CONUS shipping......Add fees if necessary. I am guessing I may start having withdrawal pains if so much of my "good stuff" goes away. OTOH, time marches on, my age is increasing and I am able to spend less time with "my babies". WTH, maybe they will not sell and I can at least say, at dinner, "Well, I TRIED!" 😉
  10. Take two is from one of my favorite non-USA builders. I reckon you have heard his name. I have had more Nik Huber guitars pass through my hands than I care to recount. I think it fair to call this amongst the best of them. It also goes in the "LP" direction, with one slight difference....a 25" scale. 2014 Huber Orca 59 with insane quilted maple top in a classic faded lemon burst finish. Used but still in overall excellent condition '59 Orca guitar with virtually no signs of use, with the original case and certificate of authenticity included. The '59 Orca from Nik Huber is the German luthier's take on a late '50s-type single cut guitar. Construction includes a thick mahogany body and a supremely quilted Eastern European maple top in a lemon burst shade and with patterns that look very leopard-like. One of those guitars that is more amazing in person than in the pictures. In addition, this guitar has quilted maple binding on the neck, which features a Brasilian Rosewood fingerboard. Note also the exotic hardwood "trim parts". New, today, this would be in excess of $9,000 I do believe. Includes: Original Hardshell Case and Certificate of Authenticity It is REALLY hard to choose between this and the PRS above. This one is somewhat more flexible, having the coil split, which works so well with the Haussell 59 pickup set. More pictures to come. In the meantime. this link..... https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/msg/d/battle-ground-nik-huber-orca-59/7052456416.html H Asking the same price as for the PRS.
  11. Well, as long as I am TRYING to keep with my new resolutions, I am going to toss a few more out there for your consideration before I expand the sales effort too broadly. Apologies in advance for the guitar pron and the prices that come with it...... There are lots of opinions as to what makes the perfect "singlecut". Not trying to reignite that discussion......I will only speak about what works for me....The first two of these are clearly aimed at the "Les Paul" model. In fact the first has been referenced as the "Les Paul Killer" in PRS circles. It is part of a limited run of Private Stocks in 2014, which preceded the "594" line. It is not the first singlecut that PRS made, but it is, arguably, where they took it to a new level. And the 57/08 pickups are the ones that started PRS on the road to their best sounds ever (IMO, of course). One of the best looking tops I have run across. Note that the inlays are made of MAMMOTH ivory. PRS no longer offers them as an option. Condition: Great shape, very little use. The top had a couple of light swirl marks. Private Stock style leather hardshell case, paperwork and PS Certificate included. Top: Private Stock Curly maple top Body: African Ribbon Mahogany Neck: Mahogany Fretboard: Madagascar Rosewood fretboard, Curly Maple binding, 24.5″ scale length Headstock: Curly Maple stained with Mammoth Eagle, Santana shape Inlays: Mammoth old style birds Binding: Curly Maple binding along the fretboard Finish: McCarty Glow / High gloss Nitro finish Tuners: Phase III locking tuning pegs with Ivoroid buttons Pickups: 57/08- nickel covered pickups Electronics: 2 Volume, 2 Tone w/ 3-way toggle Bridge: 2 piece PRS Stoptail Hardware: Nickel Nut: Bone Nut Case: Private Stock style hardshell Case candy includes the original store sign with the $8500+ price tag. Note also that this does NOT have the coil split function that many PRS models do. Added pictures to come. In the meantime, this link...... https://bend.craigslist.org/msg/d/battle-ground-paul-reed-smith-private/7051269453.html (AACK! How did I get that posted in the wrong city?!) Asking $5400, including shipping CONUS only. Please add fees if necessary.
  12. He's just a poor bird from a poor family spare him his life from this fricasee
  13. Or just use a dummy plug into the side you are not using, when you want to play the other. Note how their wiring diagrams for a 4 x 12 do NOT show 8 ohm speakers and that the 4 ohm and 16 ohm are specifically wired in serial for one, parallel for the other. If my semi-educated read is right, that would present the equivalent of an 8 ohm load to either mono input (or 8 ohms to each amp if used in stereo), with either a 4 or 16 ohm load when actually used as a full 4 x 12. The goal is to avoid presenting an "unfriendly" load to a tube amp and still have the flexibility of all input options. .
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