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  1. I faced up to reality (and advancing age or something) 3-4 years ago. Did a count and stopped deluding myself. The number (guitars and basses) had slipped into 3 digits by a fair margin. Lots of duplication, justified by each being "a bit different" or "irreplaceable". And with "the band" now being 3 years in the rear view mirror...... While my wandering eye continued, I decide a 3 out for each one in would be a good guide.....The numbers are way down, though still above what they should be. Feeling a bit better about it. But, as always, reducing head count by another "8 or 10" would be a
  2. Memories of goofy C&W response songs......I believe it was Theresa Brewer (My dad's favorite) that did one to Roger Miller's "Dang Me"...... "Durn ya durn ya, they oughta take a chair and burn you......." IIRC, when asked why she did not make it "Dang ya, dang ya, they oughta take a rope and hang ya" she replied......"Because I don't believe in swearing".
  3. How many folks never got the meaning of "I Dig Rock and Roll Music" by Peter, Paul and Mary? And could this one get recorded, let alone airplay, today? Or this one...... Many years ago, some folks in Beverly Hills named Bruce (some heavy hitters in the business/social community, including Bruce Jenner before YOU KNOW WHAT happened) had a theme party based upon the cliche of being named Bruce. One (who shall otherwise remain unidentified) mentioned it ahead of time and I volunteered that I had an original 45. So, this was put on a cassette tape and was
  4. It seems stupid to even be pondering other stuff that would be "nice to have". In 2021, I still have too much that I am (slowly) moving out. I am sure there must be a guitar or two that would be hard to resist, but I can hardly even think of anything that meets that test lately. I know I have passed on some great ones posted here that I might have jumped on a few years back. Still, the recent thread about the Rivera Stage IV does start one to thinking. OTOH, the likelihood of my needing such a thing either for live playing or in a "studio" seems very remote. I have a good handful of
  5. NICE! FWIW, I had a Huber Orca with korina body and neck. It was the thinner body (not Orca 59) and had the 25" scale, but otherwise was a near-LP clone. It was a delightful guitar. Sold it to someone here. Looks like that will turn into a killer!
  6. I know someone that could make you a great deal on one identical to the attached. But I am not inclined to trust it to the likes of FedEx for a cross country jaunt. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Mark5-112WT--mesa-boogie-mark-v-90-watt-1x12-inch-tube-combo-wine-red-taurus
  7. I think a little bit of her is still on the first guitar Greg sold me......
  8. FWIW, my goldtop Elite with P90s (not Duncans) is a better guitar than the original 1956 I USED to have. (I was the second owner and only had it for 19 years). I have no intent to let it go.
  9. Prolly best I not post a link to the one about a certain member of the House, with the location and circumstances of her Jimi tattoo. Just might make some people lose their lunch. And might well also be seen as political......Funny as hell though. IMO. YMMV.
  10. https://madhousemagazine.com/dolly-parton-loretta-lynn-release-country-version-of-wap-by-cardi-b/
  11. I have my assistant handle the finer details......
  12. That head is not something I would do myself, but it is nice to be able to reimagine things and try something a bit different. Like a reimagined Thiele cabinet (Expanded to accommodate a typical head) or one aimed for wide angle stereo. Or a lunch box sized cab for easy portability. I like to TRY to think outside the "box" a bit. Some ideas work better than others......
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