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  1. Not to drop the ball, here is something for a Wednesday.....Cannot say that I can carry a tune in a bucket, but this was one of my favorites for vocals and guitar when I was playing out. Somehow I never managed to have any ladies in the audience throw a beer bottle at me.....Always got a chuckle.
  2. And updated for Tuesday....... another fun little ditty, this from from Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin......
  3. Whoa.....John Prine, now Tom Rush. Along with the long gone Mickey Newbury and John Stewart, major parts of my musical influences. Hoping for better news!
  4. PMs seemingly not working for me. FBOW, the things on my own "outplacement" list are pricier items. Thus far, for 2020, three out and one in......Better that I wait until there is a bit more physical space hereabouts. That looks like a lot of guitar for the money though!
  5. Wishing I had ROOM for one more! But I gotta stick to two out for every one in. GLWTS.
  6. Hope y'all might enjoy this one if locked away temporarily! May we all, one day, find that magical instrument......
  7. Where is Mitch when we really need him?
  8. Foolishly or otherwise, I did buy a guitar from the opposite coast. It took the best part of 3 days to move out of NYC. Then traveled 2800 miles in less than 3 days (ground shipment). Then it took over 48 hours to travel the last 90 miles. Not complaining, but best to adjust your expectations.
  9. Or, as my uncle would pronounce it, "redneck drinking fountain".
  10. Exactly.....My response is, "I don't negotiate against myself. I listed a price. Make me YOUR best counter offer. I will give you a quick yes or no". Besides, it you immediately reduce your price, there is a high probability they will try to negotiate down from that. Reminds me of the old game of playing Post Office. The rule is that the first person that moves, loses.
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