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  1. 30th Anniversary Studio Custom(?) I may have lost track of what all is still in "the vault".
  2. Worse than you think....We were probably 5-6 rows back when Buchanan was playing. He had his twin sitting off the floor on a folding metal chair. Basically aimed straight at our ears. Not only was it screaming, but he was playing (Tele, obviously) with a lot of the notes being sounded beyond the highest frets. Beyond ice picks! My wife joined many of the other women in the ladies room, stuffing their ears with toilet paper.
  3. Bandmasters are great. Way back in the dark ages (late 60s) our "band leader" had one......Black face..... FWIW, he added a separate cabinet with a pair of HORNS to the stock 2 x 12. His MO was to turn everything to 10 and dare us to try to keep up. Not unlike Roy Buchanan, though he did it with a Twin Reverb. Pete got a great sound, but it was brutal/screaming. (In those days, it was typical for all the kids to gather around the stage to check out the band before they started dancing. In our first "large room", they all stood against the far wall. That was before things got really loud). I swear my ears were still ringing the next morning. Go for the BM, keep it at a tolerable volume level and use a pedal or two to shape your sound.
  4. So long as I am 'fessin' up, a person sometimes NEEDS more blues. An earlier production example with figured mahogany, Brazilian board and flame maple binding. The jury is out on whether it supplants my long term No. 1, Ol' Blue.
  5. Sometimes you just cannot help yourself. A delightful combination of korina, cocobolo, flamed koa and ebony. Not to mention rosewood binding all around. More tone options than should be legal. David Myka's guitars fly way too far under the radar.
  6. django49

    P90's: who loves them and why?

    I have loved them ever since the first I played in an original 1956 model. Followed by an older Gibson ES-330. There are many good ones. I tend to NOT like the overly hot Duncan ones that tended to be used in Hamers over the years, but the Duncan Antiquities are great, IMO. A couple of my favorites......The Walker has 3 Lollars and is incredibly versatile, the Monaco has 3 other "boutiques" (cannot recall the brand), the Hartung (like the Huber Krautster II) has Haussels. The match up of the HOT HB in the bridge (splittable) with the P90 in the neck is a great match. The Junior style is also great, I just don't use it much. Pretty sure I posted it here a while back. Nice figure in the mahogany, BTW, as well as the Brazilian board! Many good choices out there!
  7. django49

    Show your duoTone guitars

    Yep, that custom order above really IS something special! In the meantime, I content myself with these. Ol' Silver and what I think is one of two. Yes, I do have some dibs on each, but am not cutting either loose any time soon. Since that picture was taken, the Custom was upgraded per Brooks' glowing comments re the Phat Cat neck and Rio BBQ bridge. The perfect match, IMO. So much so that, when he cut his loose, I also grabbed it. So I am still not immune to excesses......Picked it up in case I DID relent and cut loose the Custom. For now, I cannot bring myself to do that.
  8. django49

    Next Shishkov on order!

    Well, I will admit to having some very preliminary musings about specs for a second one. At the same time, at this point in my life, I get nervous about buying green bananas. The jury is still out.
  9. django49

    Satin finish thoughts?

    Neither good nor bad, just different. In this case, in particular, I like how the satin top works with the feel of the wood (Brazilian) neck. It sure sems a shame when the feel of an "exotic" neck (rosewood, cocobolo, etc) gets glopped over with a thick glossy coating.
  10. When I do my impression (as "Don O") somehow the lyrics always come out "Tiny boobies, dipped in wine.....Could be biggah, but they taste fine"
  11. As best I know, there were FOUR done in the (more or less) "ultimate" fashion, two Talladegas and two Talladega Pros. Three of the four in the "Tigers Eye" finish, the other (above) in red. I never regret any opportunity to pull out a few shots of the 3rd and 4th one.....To me, that pair WAS the "Holy Grail".
  12. django49

    Where are you...

    We could talk......😏
  13. django49

    Wooden It Be Loverly

    Just cuz I like purdy pitchers.....Even if not heading my way. I can STILL be a bad influence, as a buddy is planning to pick it up at NAMM. Talk about next level!
  14. django49


    I hear tell there has been another sighting.
  15. django49

    Wooden It Be Loverly

    Well, if I could dream of a future build, this might be a good place to start.....SOMEONE (else) is going to be very happy.