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  1. At risk of stealing the thunder of the current owner, I considered this pair to have been (my personal) "holy grail" of Hamers. For better or worse, I cut them loose to someone that could put them to better use than myself.....Trust me, the pictures barely do them justice.
  2. This one has beat out SO many others.....Korina and korina, ebony, long scale, upgraded pickups. bound f-holes. One of a kind. ETA......When not in a gold mood, sometimes silver will suffice. I tend to hesitate to post, as it always invites offers of dibs.....And I cannot bring myself to let it go.....Just something special about the setup with the Phat cat and BBQ pickup combo.
  3. Even without a stack of Marshalls, it can be damaging. Many years ago, probably mid-80s, we went to see Roy Buchanan in a fairly small theater in SoCal. For better or worse, we had seats near front center. I swear to God he had (only) a Fender Twin Reverb, but had that sucker totally dimed. It was sitting on a folding metal chair and pointed straight out towards us. My wife excused herself and emerged from the ladies room, along with a lot of others, with toilet paper hanging out for both ears. I cannot recall ever seeing anyone else do what that guy did, playing melodies at screaming feedback volume way above the high end of the fingerboard of his Tele. Yet all "under control". He was not the headliner that night, but he definitely left a mark.
  4. If you are signed up for their newsletter, you should have received an email link today for he latest of the periodic sales. Note that it has a new modified version of the Amp11, with the built in boost for $125. Assuming this follows the normal routine, there will be a rollout of many more pedals over the next few days just to keep everyone coming back for prices much better than whatever is ordinarily listed on the site. ETA.....Entire stock (supposedly 100) already shown as sold out within about 2 hours.
  5. One more thumbs up, esp for the AMP11. It features a one knob boost in addition to the OD11. It works really well to let you get the sound you like, as you mentioned, then add "just a bit more" when you need it.
  6. Over some time, I had 3 (of the thirty made) pass through here. They were all great. One had upgraded pickups (courtesy of a member here)....Dr Vintage. It was the best of the batch.
  7. I reckon my comment could be read more than one way. Usually I am more alert than that, Unfortunately..... The good news.....I have made it to spitting distance of 70 without having to deal with "heavy" medication. Last visit, my doc sez there is something you should try. Just as a precaution. Well, she knows more than me.....What could go wrong? Well, one of the less common (apparently) potential side effects is interference with muscles. Initially, upper legs. If you have ever run a very long distance, you might recall having to negotiate stairs in reverse the next day once the stiffness sets in. It goes away.....Well, that is what it felt like. Except the morning after a 2 mile walk. And not better after a day or two. Trying to walk (stiffly) ended up pulling something else. Got to the point where if I went down to one knee for something, I had to struggle to get up. NOW, that is still there but less severe. My wife has a massage therapist that has helped some. Thai massage anyone? Nuttin sexy about it! The only happy ending was reduced pain. While less of an issue now for my l;egs, the problem then started in my upper arms. Seems to loosen up AFTER I get moving and have that cup of coffee. So long as I do not try to hold the mug at arms length. But it starts to set back in as the evening rolls out. Pretty much whatever, I do, hard to sleep for more than 2 hours. I have tried a bit of everything, including some "self-medication". Still, hard to push myself over and swing outta bed. If I stretch long enough, it SLOWLY starts to loosen up. But I cannot even think of reaching above my head. Meds have stopped. Hopefully this all fades away without too much delay. All the more frustrating for someone that tends to be physically active and, before, relatively strong. Too long and boring story.....This morning, watching someone else do something nice with Goldie was about the best I could do. And, no, I do NOT do any Townshend style gymnastics when playing. My tale of woe. Hope to be back to my sassy self one of these days.....
  8. So, you wake up Sunday morning. The aches in the muscles remind you you are not as young as you were. The skies are overcast. The sun might not break through at all today. So, what else to do but pour a cup of coffee and wake up with something bright and shiny. I like this one a lot. And, NO, it is NOT me playing it. As if anyone would think that! But I reckon I will have a go after I massage away the stiffness. Welcome to June......
  9. It is Memorial Day. Fly the flag.....
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