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  1. Hi Jay,

    I'm looking to buy a Gibson Les Paul Custom in the next few months and I know that you have a lot of knowledge and experience with them. Are there any years in particular that I should be looking for? Chances are very likely that I will have the guitar refinished in some kind of metal flake, so used is definitely fine.

    Any input that you could provide is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


  2. It would be cool to have the option for some of the cool old Fender colours too.
  3. I would love a Steve Stevens with either a sustain block or TOM bridge. Dot inlays or no inlays. One volume, one switch and call it a day!
  4. Jaye, your skills are fucking S-I-C-K!!! Just unbelievable!
  5. Johnny, what is your take on 3D Plasma? Is the processor "better" on these 3D machines compared to the standard plasmas? I'm not interested in the 3D capabilities.
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