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  1. I might be persuaded to let go my Soul Food. It's in excellent condition. It was only used at home, just a few times.
  2. I don't think I'd heard there was a Monaco Elite out there in this finish. That's pretty cool. I have two pink Hamers. I certainly have no qualms about rocking with an orange one.
  3. I am open to trades. I've got GAS for an EBMM Caprice bass, or an EBMM fretless bass. Let me know if you have one you're not bonding with.
  4. 1992 Robin Medley, with Seymour Duncan stack humbuckers, and a Blues Trembucker at the bridge. Kahler Floyd-style locking trem. Sperzel non-locking tuners. Ash body, maple neck with some figuring. Rosewood fretboard. With Robin case. All latches work. One chip through the finish on the edge near the pickup selector. One scratch near the output jack. A small ding on the top horn on the side of the guitar. A light impression on the top of the guitar near the trem, probably from a strap buckle hitting it when it got set down. A very small pin head size impression on the edge at the to
  5. Thanks. Fixed. These basses featured an ebony fretboard, and Hamer put maple inserts in to make the fret lines. A cool touch.
  6. 1991 Centaura, sunburst with maple fretboard. The neck is slim. Plays and sounds like a killer hard rock guitar. With Hamer case. Some dings. I've touched up the ones that went down to the wood. No belt buckle damage. Very little fret wear. None I can feel or see. Obviously the guitar was played. The pickups are the factory S Duncan JB humbucker and SSL-1 single coils. $600. US lower 48 only.
  7. 1996 fretless Cruise bass with 2 Tek bridge. Excellent condition. I can't find a scratch or ding on it. No wear on the ebony fretboard. Very clean. With original Hamer case in great condition. The bass was used in my smoke free home studio and kept in its case. $750. US lower 48 only.
  8. Saw it this afternoon. Drool worthy. That tobacco sunburst is stunning.
  9. I grabbed a couple of PRS McCarty's when GC put them on clearance early this year. Their original price was over $3k, but I didn't pay that. One was a little over $2400, the other, purchased a couple of months after the first, just under $1900 (it pays to wait a little longer sometimes). That's still the most I've spent on a guitar. I should add, though I said "spent" in the past tense, I've been paying for these on the GC card all year, and will continue payments all through 2015. And it's hurtin' me every month. Love those guitars though!
  10. Do you mean a Fender "The Strat", made in the late 70's/early 80's? The Strat is a pretty cool, Fender USA made guitar, worth grabbing if the price on it is fair.
  11. What is the rule about instruments that arrived in 2012 but I finished paying for in 2014? Or instruments purchased in 2014 that wil not be fully paid for until 2015?
  12. Has this discussion really been going on for 5 years? A maple neck thru guitar with poplar or alder body wings is a completely different animal than a bolt on mahogany body guitar. The neck thru recipe gives you lots of sustain, harmonics, and upper mids that cut through, especially when combined with an ebony fretboard. I think Hamer struck a great balance with the Californian. As a Californian owner, I can attest to the fact that the harmonics are there, courtesy I expect of the maple neck and ebony board. But the lower midrange chunk is there courtesy of the mahogany body, making single not
  13. I think I've managed to score most of my dream Hamers. I know there's at least one other of these out there: Vintage S in salmon blush: The ebony board on this one adds a little extra edge that sounds so nice. And the finish is really cool.
  14. Purchased NOS in '94 or '95. I had been playing Treker, BC Rich NJ series, and Washburn guitars, and decided it was time to get a serious guitar. I'd had GAS for a Hamer ever since the late 70's. The store I bought this at had a few more that I should have grabbed. Stragglers that didn't sell because they didn't have boomerangs, black hardware or fancy finishes. A candy apple red Blitz with chrome hardware, a candy green Chapparal with rosewood board and TOM fixed bridge, and a candy apple red Cruise bass. At some point I'm sure they blew them out really cheap. I think I visited the store aga
  15. Nice price for this one. I love the figuring in the korina top. I paid almost this much for my Artist Korina with '59's and no figuring in the top. I love the guitar. Sunburst looks awesome on korina. Way better than natural IMO.
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