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  1. Aesthetically, I prefer the TSB. But that’s just me. Personally, I would keep the one I liked the best regardless of price. Every time I played the “lesser” one I would be reminded of the better one I let go.
  2. Um…. Yes, please. A Monaco with Antiquities + “something special” sounds like it would be damn near perfect…
  3. Looks killer! I know that the day I finally bring a Monaco home I’ll be opting for lower output PAF-ish pickups myself.
  4. Dust in your home is about 20%-50% dead human skin cells. Gotta put a little bit of yourself into your guitars. Otherwise; what’s the point…?
  5. Hate chrome! Nickel with a little bit of tarnish is the best!!!
  6. Jazzburst is also one of my all time favorite Hamer finishes. Thanks for the info and the advice. I’ve been telling myself recently not to settle. I’d like to think I’ve earned the privilege to play nice guitars.
  7. Oh, sweet Jesus…. That’s amazing. And a gold top…. 🤤🤤🤤 So, built off a super pro, it’s got a maple top instead of spruce, then? And Korina…. Oof…. I understand it’s your last one out. Which means I’ve got time to put away the funds for my dibs….
  8. I mean…. I kinda want it… I just showed my wife. wife: what’s that for? me: it’s for wearing on your upper body wire: why would you do that? me: cuz it’s kinda cool wife: it’s kinda not… Aaaaannnddddd…..
  9. Yeah, just looked them up on reverb. Saw one for $1050 and one for $1850… For close to $2k is probably go ahead and hold out for a Monaco…. 😉
  10. Ooh…. The type 3 looks pretty sweet, actually.
  11. Ok…. I’m on a Monaco kick currently. Thinking I want to add one to my stable. Post pics of yours and tell me what you like/dislike about them…
  12. That would look sick in tolex for an amp head & cab…
  13. That is still my favorite Eclipse….
  14. JUNIOR! JUNIOR! JUNIOR! I played around with an SG Junior for a little bit last year and was really impressed with how much bite and articulation it had.
  15. Who put the lala in the Shalala lala…? I bet it was the chic in the middle…
  16. Paid! (Also did the PP +3% and rounded up). Name and address in the message field because I couldn’t remember if I had pm’d it to you and I was too lazy to go back thru my messages to find out…. 😂 Thanks, Dave!
  17. Oh, man! I don’t remember seeing that single cut before. That looks absolutely beautiful… 🤤🤤🤤
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