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  1. But trombones on the other hand... the rustier the better...
  2. I seriously cannot stop staring at these pics. This outline is absolutely amazing.... I could see myself getting several “Paris customs” in different configurations. 1) thank you for creating this shape 2) damn you for creating this shape
  3. Oh, sweet Jesus, my pants just got tight... Is that particular shaping to the single cut proprietary or is that being offered as an option now? Those lines are PERFECT!
  4. Looks fantastic. Congrats! and I suspect there’s at least one member on here who is eternally grateful you’re wearing shoes...
  5. I hear you. I’ve got two projects going right now. I’m mostly waiting on parts sup0y, but they’ve definitely been taking way longer than I anticipated.
  6. Promo for some new singing competition show on Fox: “I Can See Your Voice” looks like they blacked out the logo but still...
  7. Yeah, was just continuing the movie dialogue. Club scene from Ace Ventura with cannibal corpse and the secret password... and I never liked Manhattan clam chowder as a kid. Wasn’t a fan of the tomato base. I should probably try it again sometime but New England is one of my favorites...
  8. Never had a Daytona. Wanted one cuz of Gary Hoey. Who actually got me into Hamers cuz of his sunburst on the inside cover of Animal Instinct. I just never got along with strats so I never gave the Daytona a try...
  9. Grabbed “the book” tonight. Thought to myself, “I wanna look up the page on the Mirage” because if you don’t already know, that was my first Hamer and the one that got me into this shared addiction we all have. I open it up and the page that appears immediately, without thumbing thru, was this.... the gods smiled upon me tonight.
  10. I chatted with Jamie back in July. Same thing, said he’d been very busy. Thanked me for checking in.
  11. Looks great on my iPhone. No issues yet. Thanks for all you do!
  12. Your talladega is 39 before mine. would love to know what the chambering is on that. Mine isn’t hollow behind the bridge like some of the later ones. if you want to send it to me I’ll X-ray it for you at no charge... 😜 GLWTS
  13. By that logic, since mine is #0123 then I should reserve #1234... I like the way you think...
  14. Ugh... if only it was a Shelby cobra... I love big necks and the firebird shape. Is that a 25.5” or 24.75” scale. I thought I remembered most GMP’s being 25.5”.
  15. Yup, about the same. $2,200 and slightly above for a “run of the mill” tally. Do not, under any circumstances go below $2,000 unless you’re desperate. Or unless you’re selling it to me... 😜
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