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  1. Good luck. I’ve never had a way, either. Always figured I should but never got around to it.
  2. I got exactly 1:06 minutes into that video before I had to shut it off... I weep for the future...
  3. When the room is dark enough, does it make a difference...?
  4. We’re hosting a small group. My wife, son, my mom, my brother and my nephew. It’s at my house. We’re cooking to make sure we have good food. Our bar is stocked better than most restaurants. I’m wearing sweatpants all day and football will be on the tv. A glorous day will be had by all. Travel safely, everyone...
  5. Fantastic looking guitar! Congrats on having your hard work on show in front of so many people.
  6. I also remember something along those lines.
  7. That’s gorgeous. If it was a single cut I would’ve called dibs... 😜 Congrats on the killer guitar!
  8. Too many knobs... but I love everything else about it. Congrats! Hows the neck on that thing?
  9. That’s where my brother goes. He just told me that today. Said he takes a while but does good work. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks.
  10. First thing I thought of when king tut was mentioned.
  11. I always wondered about those sellers who list their factory relics as “mint”...
  12. Installed! I asked Josh to get the single coils as close to P90's as you can get without using the larger housing and routing the guitar. Bridge is 10k and hot. Got the power of a humbucker with a bit more midrange. Neck is 8k and middle is 6.4k, positions 2 & 4 are noise cancelling. The stock blower switch is now a kill switch. We’ll see if I decide to wire it up as a blower again or not. Kinda cool to do some Randy Rhoads’ style toggling... Will need to mess with the pickup height some, but it sounds really good so far. Thanks, @JGravelin, another grand slam!
  13. They have arrived! i know what I’m doing later...
  14. Found it. Anyone in the area hear about this guy...? http://www.cremerguitarworks.com/
  15. Read a whole bunch of those yesterday. Some were so outlandish I had to think they were made up...
  16. Fantastic! Makes me miss my ‘78...
  17. I google searched amp techs in the Chicago land area not too long ago and found a place that had amazing reviews. And now for the life of me I can’t remember which place it was... i need to get my 5150 block letter head serviced and I want to make sure I take it to a reputable place. Does anyone in the area happen to know where is the place to go in Chicagoland? I’m in the West suburbs but I don’t mind driving to place that knows what they’re doing. Thanks in advance
  18. YO! Welcome back! You say you have tons of stuff to unload. Pics or it didn’t happen... 😜
  19. Yeah, I’m 6’1” and about 225 right now. I was a national level strongman competitor years ago (at a slightly heavier bodyweight: 240-260). I still train recreationally so I’ve kept a good deal of the strength I built over the years. Alas, I inherited my mom’s stubby fingers so my reach on the fretboard is somewhat limited by my anatomy. But I can bend the shit out of some heavy gauge strings, for sure. Dont know what it is about the V-profile of my Talladega but it is my absolute favorite neck. Just felt “right” the first time I had it in my hands.
  20. Nobody? No partscasters being slapped together currently?
  21. How many bass players does it take to change a light bulb? none. The keyboard player can do it with his left hand...
  22. You and me both, brother. My Talladega V-neck is my favorite of all time. I wonder if our hand size has anything to do with us both preferring 10-52 gauge strings tuned to E-flat...
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