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  1. Because you buy into the marketing. If I recall, Jeff Healey payed Strats and sounded great...
  2. Eh…. Maybe in some circles. A patient of mine is a Metallica Superfan. Has more Metallica tattoos than I can count. Has seen them live somewhere in the double digits, including a pop up show in Chicago that he just walked out of work to go see. Showed me pictures of Greenie from the front row (also caught one of Lars’ drumsticks at the show). Anyway… he’s not a guitar player but he’s the kind of guy to buy something associated with the band. There are more of those types out there than there are Greenie replicas…
  3. And if I stay at a Holiday Inn Express, I’ll be smart enough not to buy the damn thing…
  4. So, I can just pay for the guitar, pick it up at the garage and forgo experiencing the rest of the stuff…?
  5. Congrats on the reunion! Big headstock or shrimp fork, don’t matter much to me. Which ones had the bigger necks…?
  6. Repost here for those of us not on Facebook…?
  7. Is that Mobster’s Watson…? I think that was the first Watson I ever saw how ever many years ago…
  8. It kills. That’s what it does. it’s more than just a fuzz, tho. Think of a combo fuzz/treble booster with an extra touch of indescribable magic. Crank up the drive for some gnarly early Sabbath sounds or back down a touch and roll off the guitar volume for instant Jimi glassiness. Plus a whole lot more in between. I considered getting another one as a backup…
  9. LOVE that Studio! I had an old Special FM in Aztec Gold that was the flat top twin to your new Studio and it was a monster guitar. At one point I had that exact Rio Grande set in mine as well. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about the extra tuner holes, as long as the tuning is stable. I prefer locking tuners myself so I might throw a set in there, perhaps ones that would fit in at least one of the existing holes. Fill the holes if you want. How’s the neck on it? Couldn’t quite make out the serial number so if it’s a mid 90’s then it probably has the standard “medium” round back shape that was so common at the time, very comfy. Full tone report when you’ve had some time with it.
  10. I was supposed to see them at Soldier Field a couple of weeks ago. Had tickets left over from 2 years ago when Covid cancelled everything. Then my wife got tickets to see the Lumineers at Wrigley on the same night and couldn’t get a friend to go with her. So I went to that cuz I’ve seen Rammstein 3 times before. They put on a good show and the pyro is intense.
  11. Yup, Sammy Hagar. I had that album when it was first released, was just called “Sammy Hagar” Later it was released as “I Never Said Goodbye.” Eddie played bass on it. It’s got some killer tracks if you’re not familiar with it.
  12. First thing I thought of when I saw the original post!
  13. Very cool. Anxious to read the full report when it arrives.
  14. Still down at 5am CST…
  15. I second the motion for a custom wind by @JGravelin The only single coils I use anymore are his. He wound a 10k bridge pickup for my Mirage (along with an 8k neck and 6k middle) that sounds absolutely fantastic. Fat and powerful. I’ve also got a pair of 6+k singles in the neck and mid of my Charvel and they’re every bit as fantastic. You won’t go wrong with a Gravelin.
  16. I’ve had a couple of Japanese made Ibanez 7-stringers over the years. Both were rock solid players and sounded great. I just didn’t get along with the neck profile. Feel free to post the JS1200. I care. 😉
  17. I can’t imagine any scenario where that guitar wouldn’t fit right in. Good on you.
  18. Only other person I’ve seen nail Eddie’s swing and feel is that Jacob Deraps kid on YouTube. Tons of videos of him doing VH covers as a teenager. Mad respect for Wolf, not only for being able to replicate his dad’s playing but for finding his own voice and going in a different direction
  19. I’d love to A/B them back to back to see and hear the differences. From aesthetics alone, seems I would prefer the MIJ…. 😬
  20. I remember seeing an interview where he said that. Ed would be like, “it goes like this…” and play some ridiculously difficult passage completely effortlessly and not know how to dumb it down for a beginner.
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